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    • Whatever the numbers or % are. Just wear the party hat When you get used to condom. It's no big deal. You will come as easily as without. You have to just find your size and what style fits your knob. Really try and test many size. When you find good brand and fit you know. If you live in Thailand, order them from where ever. Lots of discussion about this topic in the forum. personally i think wearing the condom and maybe prep is safest thing to do if really mongering. Never done prep but i thinking it good idea. As it is easy to get and should be no side effects. And risk of getting hiv in blowjob is something like same as winning the lottery or lighting strike. Of course don't be stupid. If you have anything wrong in your mouth like ulcer or bleeding gums better to heal first. Or make the partner wear the party hat I hope the Thai government will educate more about STD for coming generations. Lot of nasty things beside Hiv out there.
    • Plenty of transsexuals in Western society, both female and male, just more acceptable here, so they come out.That's my theory. Who looks twice at a ladyboy or Tom. Having said that you present as female, you'd better make a good job of it, or you're gonna be a joke, Toms seem to have more leeway, I'm jealous, how do these fat guys/girls get such sexy women. Like guys are killing themselves to get ripped, in the hope this is gonna attract females,  and the only people they attract are other guys.  In Westen society I've personally met (i.e, spoke to as opposed to read about in the media) three, here they're everywhere. No doubt a lot of the guys are secretly trying out their wives' underwear. As for HIV - anal sex is conducive to spreading the disease, combine that with a p4p culture, and a reluctance to use condoms; well, the results are pretty predictable. Life's a joke.  
    • At 66 I've thought about it, but I read somewhere that it suppresses your natural production, so if you're on it for any length of time it can become a lifelong committment. I must say though, everyone seems to agree it improves your qualty of life. Maybe I'll give it a try when viagra doesn't work anymore. At the moment twice a day is sufficient for me, not like I do that much anymore, but when opportunity presents I'm "up" for it. My six times a day 16 year old self is long gone, and I can't say I'm all that sad, talk about. being tormented by demons. And even the viagra I use sparingly, like when I'm blind drunk, cos it appears to have the same problem, overuse destroys your natural ability. i'm a great believer in going with the flow, with a little chemical enhancement here and there.
    • I assume he’s a nurse? I have worked in several countries (I consult and teach as well) and wherever I go, nurses, logistical employees etc are always squeezed like a grapefruit. During covid they work in super hot protective clothing and hard to breathe masks. Sometimes they work double or triple shifts. It’s absolutely shameful they get squeezed like this. They are the backbone of healthcare. 1.5% is very little imho. In my hospital most doctors pitched in to divide our bonus among them.
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