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  1. Sebastien

    Mercure Soi 11 Review

    Thanks for the review. I think lighting might often be one of the most overlooked and strangely set up situations in Thai hotels in general. The switches are either everywhere or in one place and it's often not intuitive. Dimming or mood-lighting is not a thing. They're often either bright or nothing. I think that's the worst thing about ST hotels to me is I feel like I'm doing the deed in a dental office (and that's not my thing.) Any hotel that has this figured out usually is better at all the finer points. Dream and Galleria 10 both seem to understand this.
  2. Sebastien

    Was the Grand Swiss

    It's been in dire need of an update. Stayed there 1 night and loved the location but the room was very oldschool, and not in a cool way.
  3. Sebastien

    Miami Hotel Soi 13

    How did this place work out for you Knobby? I'm thinking of switching to it from Galleria 10. Price looks good!
  4. Sebastien

    Flight Credit. Anybody got a refund?

    A friend of mine cancelled a flight to Japan back in March. Just got a refund this week.
  5. Oh man, I missed this thread. Will have to check out Bully's. 1. Krua Khun Puk on Soi 11/1 - Very good cheap Thai food, nice atmosphere, lots of Thai girls and LB's go to eat here. 2. Balcony Bar, 2nd floor of Nana Plaza - Decent prized and nice view of NEP show 3. Hooters on Soi 4 - Watching the spectacle, and the wings Honourable mentions for Hillary 2 for after hours partying and picking up FL's, and the bar out Tilac on Soi Cowboy for people watching.
  6. Sebastien

    Dream Hotel

    People check out at 12 and then they need time to prepare the room. This is pretty standard. Just drop your bags there and go for a meal or a massage.
  7. Sebastien

    Dream Hotel

    I believe it's closed, but it wouldn't hurt to send them an email to check! Night time swim would be fun.
  8. Some members of the sister forum have commented they cannot seem to log in to this forum. Seems like when they try to reset their password they don't get the email. Any known issues right now?
  9. I wandered through here on my way out last night, as you can use it to exit Soi 10 onto Sukhumvit. It's got a nice relaxed vibe. Could be a good date spot. Fairly dark and busy so you wouldn't stand out that much regardless of how tall your LB is. Feels a bit out of place on Sukhumvit, mind you, this might be the direction for Sukhumvit. They have live performers playing the usual gooey love songs. Thais just seem to never get enough of that stuff.
  10. Sebastien

    Changing my Display Name

    Thank you Kendo!
  11. Sebastien

    Changing my Display Name

    I see what you did there. Just keeping it simple. ;-) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Sebastien

    Changing my Display Name

    Just bumping this again. I've messaged the Mods but have not heard back. If this can be changed to just "Sebastien." I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
  13. Sebastien

    Dream Hotel

    Thanks for the info here. I’ll be staying there in two weeks so this helps a lot. Especially that tip about the canal. Where do you stay these days? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Sebastien

    Dream Hotel

    I ended up emailing and confirming. If anyone else is wondering: "Dear Mr Seb, Thank you for your email, Please be informed that there would be no extra charges if you bring an overnight guest to your room, no matter if it is a ladyboy. However, as per policy that guest will have to leave the ID card/Passport at the Front Desk. Best regards, SIMON CAZEAU Duty Manager 10 Soi Sukhumvit 15, Sukhumvit Road, Klongtoey Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110 T: +66 (0)2 254 8500 Ext. 7116 F: +66 (0)2 254 8534 www.dreamhotels.com"
  15. Sebastien

    Dream Hotel

    Has anyone stayed here in the last year or so and brought back an LB? Thinking about booking it for my next trip.