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  1. I had stomach and bowel issues with Truvada. I quite taking it and decided to just be extra vigilant about being covered at the appropriate times. I have not tried Descovy, but have friends who said they had similar stomach and bowel issues.
  2. Bwana_LB

    Bangkok Travel Warning!

    It took me years to get over that Rolex I purchased at the corner of Soi 4 and Soi 6.
  3. Bwana_LB

    Grand Hyatt Erawan

    That's the place. Not surprised it's gone. I think the hotel was a bit bothered to learn that they were hosting a club full of working girls.
  4. Bwana_LB

    Grand Hyatt Erawan

    It's been a long time since I stayed there. I liked the hotel itself. Good rooms and facilities. When I stayed there they had a dance club that attracted freelancers (all gg as far as I could tell), and they all asked premium prices.
  5. Bwana_LB

    Aloft Soi 11

    I have invited afternoon treats to the pool. About 25% have taken me up on the offer. But... CanadaVisitor's first two points are on target. The girls have mainly stayed in the shade, under a pool umbrella. And most will get in the pool but not get their hair wet. Some just sit with their feet dangling in the water. At least half tell me they don't know how to swim. But a few have jumped in and taken full advantage of the pool. Mostly we just sit, talk, and have something to drink.
  6. Bwana_LB

    Blowjobs & Mouth Ulcers

    Yes, let them heal. The ulcers are a pathway for infections of many sorts (not just HIV) to enter your system. Also, the ulcers themselves MAY reflect an active case of HPV. Most HPV cases will clear on their own and are not dangerous, but some types of HPV are precancerous.
  7. Bwana_LB

    Bangkok best hotel

    The lower rates at the Mercure didn't last long. The room I paid $78US a night for in late January has gone up to $102US. Better than the $125 they had been asking, but rates seem pretty fluid these days, thanks to dynamic pricing systems.
  8. Bwana_LB

    Bangkok best hotel

    Patience. Rates very frequently drop about two months out. I was looking to book a room at the Mercure Soi 11 for late January arrival. In early Nov. the advertised rate was about $125. In mid-Nov. the rate dropped to $78, and I booked. Not sure what you're looking to pay, but I see that the rates at the Mercure Soi 11 are as low as $73 in March. Citrus Suites is asking $88 for their executive suite, which is a huge room.
  9. I have been unable to locate the topic where a few of us were discussing the high prices in BKK for hotels this high season. The discussion included how high the asking prices were at the Mercure on Soi 11, among other regular haunts. Oliver and I both suggested that BMs wait a bit to book places, as prices would often drop for bookings closer to one's travel dates. Drop they did. I was tracking the prices at the Mercure, and for my trip dates (arriving late January) the rate for the room I wanted had been in the neighborhood of $120/night. Well, on Friday they dropped to $77. That rate includes a 5% discount for Accor Live Limitless members (free to join) and a discount for a stay of 7 nights or longer. Given the advantages of this hotel (nice rooms, good pool, and location!), I grabbed it. Life is always sweeter when that next return trip has been booked.
  10. Bwana_LB

    Leks Last Stand

    It is literally steps away from Soi 11 on Sukhumvit. BIG sign! I'm not sure what the attraction is. Beer is cheap but food is lousy.
  11. Bwana_LB

    citrus suits SOI 13 two guests

    No problem doing so at Citrus Soi 6.
  12. Bwana_LB

    Best hotel in Bangkok if money is no issue.

    If money is literally no issue (nor is location), my neighbors (a very, very wealthy Thai couple) INSIST that the only choice is the Capella Bangkok, located on the river. Most of the truly exceptional 5-star hotels are on the riverfront (the Mandarin Oriental, the Peninsula, the Siam). My neighbors put me up at the Capella when I came out for their youngest daughter's wedding. It was spectacular, but a miserable location for bringing back LBs. I think even the most brazen of us would feel uncomfortable bring a LB in through their lobby. I've stayed at the JW Marriott many times (used to have a great govt. rate). It's fine, and the location is great, but the rooms are nothing special. I think the rooms at the Hyatt Regency are actually nicer. I'm perfectly comfortable with "lesser" accommodations now, and my go-to place is the Mercure Soi 11.
  13. Bwana_LB

    Bangkok best hotel

    I'll be interested in your review. Soi 11 is a great location. There's plenty of excellent food on Soi 11, a lively freelancer scene at night, and--depending on your mood--you're steps away from the LBs and Cindy's and the GGs at Lusty Lady. That's why Mercure has become my BKK base.
  14. Bwana_LB

    Mercure Soi 11 Review

    Going through the parking garage is not an option. In the evenings the lobby is rarely very busy (most of the action is in the bar/restaurant to the right of the lobby). The elevators are located BEFORE you reach the check-in area. If you go to the check-in desks they will ask, and if a girl arrives unaccompanied she will have to leave her ID before they will send her up in the elevator, but if you come in and walk straight to the elevators, they might not even see you. I skip the desk when I'm with a girl I know well from one of the bars. If with a freelancer I use the desk.
  15. Bwana_LB

    Immigration queues BKK?

    I came in on a Tuesday (late January) on Thai from NRT, arriving at about 10:30p. Cleared immigration in 5 minutes, but luggage took 30 minutes to start arriving.