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  1. American Eagle

    Air China

    I flew Air China from LA to Beijing, Beijing to Chengdu, Chengdu to Beijing, and then Beijing to LA and had no issues at all. That was in 2012, so quality could have definitely slipped.
  2. American Eagle

    New and Curious

    just start reading the forum and you'll get all your questions answered.
  3. American Eagle

    Headphones Recommendations

    I haven't actually tried these headphones, only their ear buds, but check them out https://rayconglobal.com/collections/headphones
  4. American Eagle

    Carry on Only Tips

    This is a method I've used when needing a lot of changes of clothing. I've since switched to minimal clothes opting for quick dry clothing that I can easily wash in a sink, hang up, and dry in the morning.
  5. American Eagle

    Small Bluetooth Speaker

  6. Happy Memorial Day!

  7. American Eagle

    COVID-19 Health Issues

  8. American Eagle

    COVID-19 Health Issues

  9. I never use Safari. But just tried it and all the photos appear. Scroll down within the frame is a pain in the ass. The link makes things easier. Just like if you didn't embed everything, things would be easier as well. Maybe the frames work just fine when using a phone, but on a computer it's not worth it.
  10. I never view this forum on my phone, this is my Mac desktop, running Firefox. I do see the dog image, and some of the images of the girls do show up, but typically all I see is numbers. When a person quotes you, then the numbers turn into links which I can click and then see.
  11. American Eagle

    Tommy Emmanuel

    I met Tommy in Los Angeles when I lived there. Very nice guy, and incredible guitarist.
  12. American Eagle

    Medical Tourism

    I remember reading a great article about Medical Tourism in Time Magazine a few years ago. A few things that stuck in my head about Thailand in the article were: Rooms are like hotels The doctor gives you personal attention, unlike in the USA People felt they were better taken care of there than any hospital in the USA.
  13. American Eagle

    Silicone injections

    I agree about small asses, I LOVE them. I also agree with Cheyenne. On a facebook group page, one LB posted: "would like to do butt surgery...where is good place to go? injection or inplant" after someone replied she said "i need girls opinion ...guys go awake.." then after more replies she said "man man man. why you all hard to understand !! i wish you born to be our!!" and "what you guys know best is finding hole to fuck!!!!" I replied: "Alice, you say men just know best what hole to screw, but what is it that they determine to want to choose the hole? They look at the looks and one thing is what the ass looks like. You obviously want to have a nice looking ass or you wouldn't be looking to alter what you have. But who is it that you want looking at your ass? Girls? Ladyboys? or the Men you'll be wanting to attract? It's like if you are selling a product, do you ask others selling what looks best, or do you ask the customers?" To which she replied: "i am not product.. and i doing it just for my self not anyone.. even whoevrr become my fk lover he will like what i have too... its all about me.. man just never understand what we want... as some guy fk marry women but still missing lb cock... and i missing my butt. !!!!" But as we all know, even women that say they get breast implants "for themselves" are really doing it to look more sexy. Sexy to whom? Sexy to guys of course, therefore they really are doing it for guys even though they have conned themselves into thinking it's just for themselves.
  14. American Eagle


    For the Mac I use "resizeme" which is a great software for resizing a single photo or many at a time.
  15. American Eagle

    Sexchange In Thailand

    Well, I would definitely try a post-op, and some are really hot, but the third sex is more attractive.