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  2. OneTrueSaxon

    Soi 11 Hotels

    If you are about the same time as me. I’d show you the bars, as I have with a few guys who were on their first trip and were there the same time as me. Always happy to help out
  3. Jonnyfairplay

    Soi 11 Hotels

    Do you want to go with me ?
  4. OneTrueSaxon

    Hotel Le Fenix

    It’s in the Nana area.
  5. OneTrueSaxon

    Soi 11 Hotels

    Soi 11 is in the Nana district full of bars, restaurants, hotels and nightclubs. A decent area to stay. Not to far to Check in Bar and Soi 4 where you’ll find Chaos Bar, Why Not Bar and Nana Plaza Entertainment centre.
  6. Jonnyfairplay

    Soi 11 Hotels

    What is Soi 11?
  7. Jonnyfairplay

    Hotel Le Fenix

    Which red light district is le Fenix in ?
  8. Knobby

    Air Travel during the New Normal

    From one point of view, I wonder what will happen to Heathrow? Before all this shit the talk was of another runway and more.... everything there. The angle was the country needs this for business and jobs blah blah blah. Fuck the environment that we are constantly told about. Now overnight all this has fallen to shit. Air travel most of us can only dream of and not a word about Heathrow. I suppose at some point it will all start again? (the extra runway) So the airline industry and most things around it stopped overnight. Those once good-paying rather safe jobs working at Heathrow, and there were many either gone or won't be the same. That is unless something gets sorted out with the fake(I still think most of this is fake) virus situation. At the moment if I have to do several things just to board a plane that I didn't have to do I don't fancy it.
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  10. Good ole Guess Bar 1 As to be one of the best line up’s of any Lounge bar. I still keep in touch with a few Fern Jane and Nan Its been Legacy Express Hotel for well over a decade.
  11. So many Bangkok nightlife areas have gone personal favs were Sukhumvit 1 plaza where Guess bar started out and Soi Zero just over the road walked past the old Soi Zero last night, what a mess it is now, would still make a great bar area #backinmyday
  12. Thanks for that, Sukhumvit Square, it would have never came back to me. That article mentions Clinton Plaza also. Another failure, the last thing you needed halfway up Sukhumvit between Nana Plaza and the Cowboy was another gogo bar area. The Dolls House was about the only one in there that was worth a visit. All fond memories now.
  13. 2003? http://www.bangkokeyes.com/gestapo.html fucking hell, I’m going to die one day #backinmyday
  14. Used to love going in here when it was called Blue Wave #backinmyday used to be a real pool shark place
  15. I remember it, a mate of mine ran a bar at the back. Partnered with a policeman obviously so he made no money at all. I can't for the life of me remember the name but I do remember it coming and down and being cleared overnight. Magnificent piece of military logistics. Not that there were any witnesses.
  16. Anyone remember when it was a beer bar area about 15 years ago? What was its name? It ended in very unpleasant circumstances.
  17. 8V6RHd89DgJCMutgOOsv

    Back up your files the easy way and automatic.

    Suggest utilizing an offsite backup solution like BackBlaze.
  18. What if your basement catches fire and burns the lot?
  19. For backing up your files and data on laptop or desktop. It is easiest to buy some 2.5" external hdd like these https://www.techradar.com/news/best-external-desktop-and-portable-hard-disk-drives any external hdd should be fine. they all work the same. if you want to be really sure no files are lost. Buy 2. tape them together and use windows storage spaces to make them mirror each other.(they have to be empty when you do this) that way you never lose any data if another hdd breaks. other still works. Just buy new one. Also make sure you take "image" from your windows drive to external hdd with programs like this https://www.easeus.com/backup-software/tb-free.html (MAC has similar thing called time machine. works great too.) (that program also works in mac) that way if windows gets fucked up you can easily just go back one or more days when things worked fine. also if your laptop gets stolen or breaks. you can easily put the image in new laptop. with programs like that you can set it automatic to take image every day and backup other files too automatic. No more lost pictures/videos and other important stuff and memories.
  20. hotel booked from 5 to 16 March although I am tempted to extend by another 3 or 4 days.

  21. Such a short sighted, intellectually bereft & sticky fingered city hall.
  22. What a shame! Was a good place to spend one night in Bangkok...
  23. tetuya888

    Twitter Videos

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  24. Thanks

    Monsoon in Soi 8

    Just a stone's throw away from Monsoon: "On Sukhumvit soi 8, long-running Italian restaurant Via Vai is, as the Italians would say, finito. " https://www.stickmanbangkok.com/weekly-column/2020/09/doctors-nurses/
  25. According to the Midnite Hour, The Australian on Soi 11 seems to be permanently closed...
  26. taaseesanuk

    Anyone for Cricket

    And I thought that just moving sideways was stupid enough!
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