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  2. horizons

    Phachara Suites Visitor / Joiner Policy

    I stayed here on August 24 for two nights and I totally agree with mikel said in the above post. The worst part was the interminable check in & the bloody uncomfortable seat at reception. i had to sign some paper to say that I agree to pay 1,000 THB for the third guest, and also that I would have to pay a penalty fine for smoking in my room. I didn't get to find out if they really do impose the 1,000 TBH fee or not, because I ended up spending my time with the same LB throughout my stay at the hotel. Reception asked my date for her ID when I brought her to the hotel for the first time, but they never bothered asking to see her ID again. We came and went as we pleased and were left alone. I felt no bad vibes whatsoever and neither did my date. There was no walk of shame (I never feel shame being with an LB anywhere at anytime anyway) I can't comment on the breakfast, I never bothered to get it included, simply because we wouldn't be awake in time 555 I would stay stay at Phachara Suites again, but I don't see me returning anytime soon to be honest. There are too many hotels I would like to try out before returning to this hotel.
  3. Check-in bar is correct. But Nutty? Uhm, I don't think so... Nutty it ain't.. Here's another picture of the mystery girl at work: Perhaps it's easier to recognize her in her "natural habitat"...
  4. Less than 2 minutes actually. Its called Check in Bar. Her name is Nutty. Look at the first post on the thread and you will see its location. There are lots of her pictures and experiences written of her in this thread - Ladyboy Go-Go Bars = Check in Bar, and in the trip reports. Cheers. Wow! I am impressed with myself. Being a newbie and everything.
  5. Well I did not recognize her from CIB thread so maybe some other bar along the Sukhumvit road from soi 4 to 22 maybe?? But again that is a fair bit of road so it all depends how much of a runner she is:-D
  6. Yes, perhaps even only 2 minutes. And she doesn't have to fly there...[emoji196]
  7. So to sum it up she is working in a bar within a radius of 3 minute walk from Soi 10 and Artbox?
  8. Sunday quizz: the mystery girl works at a bar where she doesn't need to purchase a ticket from an airline to be there in 3 minutes from where the picture was taken...[emoji574]
  9. Wow, she was truly stunning! Do you mind me asking who she is??
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  11. xcom

    Phachara Suites Visitor / Joiner Policy

    Yep charging a joiner fee in middle of hooker central is just what a twatt hotel does
  12. bigsmile6969

    Pharmacy that sells Truvada in the lower Sukhumvit area

    Found it. Thanks. Very good service and I now have my pills.....
  13. The restaurant is gorgeous, but i presume being at Siam Paragon makes it a requirement. Service is good. As usual I had a hankering for prawns so i ordered their garlic prawns. There were actually 6 decent sized prawns fried in garlic until the skin was crackling crispy enough to eat. Also with it came the Tom Yum, crab omelette and desserts. The prawns was fresh and utterly delicious. I actually returned on 3 occasions just for this. It may be a tad costly but you will not regret it.
  14. A great place for chicken cashew, Tom yum and any salad. Prices are fair too. Their breakfasts are cheap @100B for coffee, sausage, eggs, toast and so on.
  15. Markm

    Phachara Suites Visitor / Joiner Policy

    i have always liked this place, but for me the very average breakfast choices and the under cover pool are a put off and the lengthy check in but they are not alone on that one. so its been a while since i have stayed and after reading the others it maybe a while yet .
  16. Mess & a Muddle

    Phachara Suites Visitor / Joiner Policy

    I was a regular here until they charged me a joiner fee for my 2nd visitor of the day (not at the same time). Voted with my feet and haven’t been back since. Exactly what I told them when I handed over the money.
  17. Danum99

    Phachara Suites Visitor / Joiner Policy

    I stayed at Phachara twice in a year some years ago. The first time was ok and there was no joiner fee for 1 guest. The 2nd time was late in the year and my massage lady said that they imposed a fee on ‘her’, the last time she visited a customer. I took her in w/o question except just for her ID. And they apparently do this to girls who come in in the wee hours. I believe there is someone taking advantage and bullying girls for cash. I found that their services had deteriorated and everything else was getting sloppy so that was my last with them. Then I tried Clover in Asoke but the rooms were small. Everything else was very good. No joiner fee here. Centrepoint Suk 10 was next and this was fine. No joiner fee too. My favourite remains Adelphi Grande. This is perfect although it is a tad far from Phrom Phong.
  18. thippy69

    New site LadyboyPlay Produce by Ladyboy Thippy69

    Check out my new videos on LadyboyPlay.com
  19. Congrats on your status upgrade, Sebastien! 100% deserved! 


  20. I wandered through here on my way out last night, as you can use it to exit Soi 10 onto Sukhumvit. It's got a nice relaxed vibe. Could be a good date spot. Fairly dark and busy so you wouldn't stand out that much regardless of how tall your LB is. Feels a bit out of place on Sukhumvit, mind you, this might be the direction for Sukhumvit. They have live performers playing the usual gooey love songs. Thais just seem to never get enough of that stuff.
  21. Why is it closing on November 30, 2019? I was looking for forward to popping in on occasion when I arrive later in December. Since high season starts in December, it’s disappointing to hear it will be shut down beforehand.
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  23. pdiddy544

    Hyatt Regency on Soi 12

    Will be there end of this September. Will post a trip report probably
  24. Small market by Bangkok standards open from 4pm to midnight. More emphasis on food stalls. I cant comment on quality although the Cooper dry aged Steaks stall is decent. Live music throughout and they rotate.
  25. Danum99

    Adelphi Grande Sukhumvit Soi 41

    Yes it is actually. Guest friendly. They actually send my guests up to my room. This is my 3rd stay with them.
  26. mikel

    Adelphi Grande Sukhumvit Soi 41

    Looks good. Is it guest friendly?
  27. Location is great but I draw the line at paying 100aud for a 21sqm room. If it was one night maybe but no more.
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