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  1. Rodrigo

    Dream Hotel

    I just stayed there for two nights. It was 78 USD without breakfast. For that amount I would stay again. I am sorry now that I didn't know about the canal so close to the hotel. Next time I will try to take a ride. The taxi from BKK airport had a bit of difficulty finding the hotel.
  2. Rodrigo

    Centre Point Sukhumvit soi 10

    Ok. Thank you. I don't trust hotels on credit cards for extras after I got charged once for things I never ever use. So now it's always cash. Sometimes I give 100 USD in cash and take a pic of the note and then give it to them. Now some Thai hotels are also taking a pic of the note and also check the numbers and make sure they give you back the same note. Of course always they have to give me a receipt for the deposit. Good luck the next time. I still can't make up my mind where to stay.
  3. Rodrigo

    Centre Point Sukhumvit soi 10

    How come Danum? Didn't they give you a receipt for the deposit? In every instance any hotel has taken a deposit they give me a receipt and when they return it they give it to me and make me sign for the return.
  4. Rodrigo

    Centre Point Sukhumvit soi 10

    Thanks Marlowe. I am like you. I would rather spend on girls than hotels but I also hate to be in a noisy area as I need to sleep too. I did look at the hotels in soi 11 but seems to be noisy or the rooms are too small. Maybe I should look at CP then.
  5. Has anyone stayed here? How is it and how far is it from the main road? Do they allow joiners? I am looking for a decent hotel where I can get someone to come via Smooci and at the same time there is not much noise from the street. I am forced to stay around the soi 11,13 or 10. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you
  6. Rodrigo

    Asking to see Thai baht

    The funny thing with the alleged south African couple was that there was the money exchange right in front of them near the Ploenchit BTS stairs. I offered to walk them there and they looked a bit disgusted. I am sure there will be stupid people who may accept the dollars but anyone who goes regularly to BKK now will know how hard the private exchange counters are in dealing with USD notes. I have problems sometimes with notes given directly by reputed banks too. They refuse to accept them and then have to go to a real bank where the rate is lower.
  7. I have seen this happen once or twice if the immigration officer discovers it.
  8. Rodrigo

    Getting a Thai Drivers licence

    What I have seen is also one year.
  9. Rodrigo

    Asking to see Thai baht

    I would rather have the curry than this. LOL.
  10. Rodrigo

    Asking to see Thai baht

    Yes I guessed it was a scam attempt. Why should they want to see how a Thai baht note looked like? Anyway just by being at BKK they would have to get Thai baht in notes to even come from the airport. They were Indian in ethnicity. Has a bit of the SA accent too but could be an act. It was a sort of middle aged couple. I presume they thought I would have fallen for their scam.
  11. Rodrigo

    Asking to see Thai baht

    I had an incident a few weeks back near Ploenchit BTS. A South African couple ( Looked Indian but had SA PP) was near the steps as I walked down from the BTS on to road near Novotel. They kind of seem acting lost. Asked me where they can change money. I pointed to the exchange nearby. They said they have been there and where is Asoke? I told them it was two stops from Ploenchit BTS. They asked me if there are money exchanges there and I replied plenty. Then they asked me what kind of paper currency thailand has. I said paper and then they wanted to see it. So they asked me if I can show them a Thai paper currency. They had a wad of USD notes in their wallet and showed me and said they want to compare it with the Thai paper currency. Now that made me suspicious and I said that I will show them if they will just take a few steps with me to the money exchange. They refused to come and went away. Has anyone experienced this in Thailand?
  12. Rodrigo

    Tommy Emmanuel

    Did any of you guys go to see him at Ultra Arena tonight? 1st May. He was amazing.
  13. Rodrigo

    Rabbit card

    Yes but I have no problems with them asking for it one time. They told me every time I top up I have to show my passport. Just like the SIM card too. The first time I had to do all the paperwork. But after that they never ask for it.
  14. Rodrigo

    Rabbit card

    For the first time today I was asked for my passport when I went to top up my rabbit card. I had topped up twice during last week and they never asked for it. There is a notice saying it's the anti money laundering act and this rule is effective from 19 February 2019. I had to get someone else to top up my card and now I feel I would not be allowed to top it up myself. I accept asking for passport the first time but this is ridiculous.
  15. Rodrigo

    Tommy Emmanuel

    I managed to get one. A good friend who is also a famous Thai musician managed to get me one. Thank you.