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  1. Rodrigo

    Tommy Emmanuel

    I managed to get one. A good friend who is also a famous Thai musician managed to get me one. Thank you.
  2. Rodrigo

    Tommy Emmanuel

    I would say he is among the top acoustic guitarists around. The tickets seems to have been sold out so I wonder who has bought them? Not really the kind of musician the Thai people would like.
  3. Anyone going to see him at the Ultra Arena on the 1st May?
  4. Rodrigo

    Flight Cancellations at Suvarnabhumi

    Lots of factors to consider. Over flight permission and alternate aerodromes etc. Also the Thais never seem to know how to make life easy. They always try the complicated ones.
  5. Rodrigo

    Flight Cancellations at Suvarnabhumi

    I hope they got hotels but the Airlines will say beyond their control.
  6. Rodrigo

    5 star hotel with live music

    Can anyone recommend me a 5 star hotel with live music? Not far from the malls.
  7. How are the hotels near Nana? I don't want any long walks or rides. Anything in front with decent size rooms and friendly?
  8. Rodrigo

    Proof of Accomodation

    Yes last week they asked me too. But some of my friends on the same flight was not asked. Basically I showed the email from the hotel and I am sure he didn't even read it as the phone was in my hand and he only glanced at it.
  9. Rodrigo

    Proof of Accomodation

    Ok I got confused with the original statement as it said while staying in Thailand. So I was under the impression immigration was stopping people on the road and asking for proof of accommodation. If it's at the airport then I have no issues with it. Because the landing card itself has a column that's asks for the address.
  10. Rodrigo

    Proof of Accomodation

    I think it's a bunch of bs either by the police or the guy who talked about it. There is nothing in Thailand rules to say you have to show proof of accommodation when stopped on the road. The passport information would show up on their system at which hotel you are staying. Many also stay in condos of friends etc. There is also nothing in the rules to say you have to stay in a hotel. Do you mind putting a link here as I could not find it on the stickman site. I am sure it's there and not doubting you as I simply could not find it. Thank you
  11. Rodrigo

    Suvarnabhumi Airport Services

    It has a lot to do with Aerothai who provides the air traffic services in Thailand. But it's getting overcrowded and the slot coordination committee has to be given credit for maintaining discipline and not giving to airline demands for timings that could mess the whole thing.
  12. Rodrigo

    Suvarnibhumi Airport lockers or storage

    I have used it. It's safe too. They screen your bags before they accept it.
  13. Rodrigo

    Cathay Pacific seat options

    It's tight in EC. Maybe worth it to look at premium economy or the same in Eva Air.
  14. Rodrigo

    Nikki (not Nicky) from Craiglist

    Is Alex out of the business now?
  15. Rodrigo

    Sofitel Sukhumvit

    I don't like the beds. Too soft for me.