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  1. jaredblanc

    New Multiple Entry Visa

    I'm not sure if this will apply to anyone on the forum but as someone who has shown some interest to becoming a remote worker in Thailand, this is a welcome change. Though I'm not planning to take advantage of this now, I'm glad that the Thai government has considered this for digital nomads or remote workers. What prevented me for becoming a digital nomad was having to do 'visa runs' https://nomadsembassy.com/thailand-multiple-entry-visa-for-digital-nomads/
  2. jaredblanc

    Sukhumvit nightclubs

    For nightclubs like Sugar and Levels on Soi 11, it's smart casual dress code. Flip flops, sandals, sportswear, hoodies, vests, snap backs, baseball caps and shorts are not allowed.
  3. jaredblanc

    Sukhumvit nightclubs

    I'm thinking of doing something different this time by heading to the nightclubs after barfining a few girls or ladyboys for the rest of the night. Normally I would either go straight to the hotel and get food from Grab if we're both a bit hungry but I feel I want to stay out alot later than I usually do. I do also head to another ladyboy bar but I find the atmosphere is a bit different as the ladies don't interact as much (I guess if you've barfined someone else from another bar, they steer clear of you and your companion) I'm thinking of trying the nightclubs like Levels and Sugar Club on Soi 11 and wanted to ask for most of these clubs, do you have to buy a bottle to get a table? I don't mind the entrance fees but paying close to 4000 baht for a bottle is pricey just for a table. If there's any other activities or bars or restaurants near the ladyboy bars like Havana Social, let me know.
  4. jaredblanc

    Landmark Hotel

    I'm not sure if this the specific work you're referring to but I found this on their website. Posted on June 12, 2023 “We are excited to announce that with our ongoing commitment to improving the hotel’s facilities and services, we will be renovating several restaurants at the hotel. The Atrium, our all day dining restaurant located off our lobby, the Greenhouse Noodle and Congee restaurant and outdoor Terrace both located on the ground level will undergo a complete transformation to provide an even more amazing dining experience at these popular restaurants. During the period of June 10th to November 30th, breakfast will be served at the award winning Rib Room & Bar Steakhouse located on the 31st floor. All other services remain fully operational and we thank you in advance for your support and understanding.” https://www.landmarkbangkok.com/press/restaurant-renovation-announcement/
  5. jaredblanc

    Air China

    Yeah, that's true Oliver. I would be also be keen to head to the parties on Christmas Eve at LLB (since I missed it last time). It looked like a big event. And it's close proximity to Cindy's so would head there if Cindy and Singter are hosting another party this year. https://www.bangkokladyboys.net/forum/index.php?/topic/11406-christmas-party/
  6. jaredblanc

    Air China

    Yeah, agreed. Airlines are making so much profit over a huge uptake in travel and they're milking money with what they're charging for flights. Thai Airways re-scheduled my flight from Singapore to Bangkok on Christmas Eve and unfortunately that re-scheduled flight wouldn't had worked for me as I'd miss the flight once I arrive in Singapore. So I have to take a later flight (so stuck in Singapore for a bit longer) so instead of arriving at 6pm on Christmas Eve, I arrive at 10.30pm in the evening. It wasn't my plan to arrive in Bangkok too late in the evening for the Christmas parties. Not as bad as Knobby's experience with Air China though.