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  1. sjsharks

    Privelege Entry Visa (5 year multiple entry)

    You have read wrong mate. There are many other benefits but whether or not they are useful depends on the individual and their circumstances. If you looking at the cost alone then sure it is expensive but it comes with the convenience of no border runs for at least 5 years if you don’t want to leave. If you do want to leave you can leave and come back anytime as it is multi entry. Can legally open bank account, get post paid accounts on your mobile and internet etc rather than prepaid. Assistance with Thai drivers license. Free limo to and from airport. They do your 90 day reporting for you. Large discounts at major stores and duty free which is good for big purchases. This is not an exhaustive list.
  2. oliver17

    Hyatt Regency Sukhumvit 13 Bangkok

    I remember this guy wrote a trip report and detailed a stay there. Scroll down to post #25 for the Hyatt. He doesn't say if he took a girl there, however. If this Hyatt is like the Erawan Grand Hyatt it will be LB friendly but not exactly welcoming. At the Erawan GH, they made it pretty clear they frowned on LBs being in the front lobby or around the reception desk. They make girls go downstairs to a security desk to hand over their IDs and register themselves. One girl I took there was very reluctant to visit any of their restaurants or bars because of that experience. That said, the staff treated her respectfully and they never said anything to me about having ladyboys visit my room. It was LB friendly, but without a smiley face. Per your own plan, I definitely would contact them in advance and inquire about their guest policies and specifically mention the guest would be a ladyboy. Chances are, with the hospitality industry currently in economic ruin, they won't be too picky about who stays there these days LOL.
  3. Thanks, I appreciate the response. Teaseeanuk, sorry I offended you. I have been active on the sister site ladyboyspattaya.com and rarely check bangkokladyboys.net, that is why this was my first post. I will post some pics here next time I travel to Thailand.
  4. The other thing I noted from Sticks column was he talked about Scala Cinema near Siam Square closing, I was sad to see it go but it was inevitable. I went to see films there a few times, it really had the feel of going to the UK Cinema in the 80s. No computer system for ticketing, they'd just cross off the seats on a sheet of paper. Popcorn for 40B and older style seating. Luckily Bangkok has about 684 soulless multiplexes to choose from instead.
  5. sydney69er

    Hyatt Regency Sukhumvit 13 Bangkok

    I stayed at that Hyatt Regency in October last year. Very nice hotel! Check out the Spectrum Rooftop bar on the top floors. Very nice. i was only there for 1 night and did not bring any guests in but I have stayed at the Grand Hyatt hotel many times and never had problems with bringing guests in (both GG and LB). During the days no problems, just up the elevators and to the room. At night time there were security at the elevators asking you to check your guest in at the front desk before you go to your room. This is best for you own security. Being part of the Hyatt group (and same with most 5 star hotels in Bangkok), i would say it would be same policy at the Hyatt Regency. There is a door into the Hyatt Regency straight off Sukhumvit Road and there is always a doorman who opens that door (day and night), so I am sure if you bring a guest, he would ask you to check them in. The main entrance is to the side where a taxi would drop you off and you walk straight past the reception desks so unless they super busy I'm sure they may ask you to check your guest in. There are a few freelancers (both girls and ladyboys) that hang out on Sukhumvit right out the front of the Hyatt Regency. I checked them out but a bit rough for my liking.
  6. I'll visit one day and let you know. I think it's probably just a ladyboy owned restaurant.
  7. Unbelievable isn't it....he has seven years of free wanking and only posts to complain!
  8. Knobby

    Air Travel during the New Normal

    If so then I welcome this !! No more sitting next to that fat wanker 555
  9. creed

    Flight ratings (2015 updates)

    Hi LULT, Im also of your same height ..and Legroom is a issue ... While booking the tickets online You can check out this site www.seatguru.com , when u enter the flight details , it will show you good seats & the bad seats in that flight ...