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  1. Dynasty Inn, 5 4 Sukhumvit Road Soi 4 Nanatai Klongtoey, Bangkok, Thailand, Bangkok 10110 I was at the Dynasty Inn hotel 3 nights at the beginning of August 2019. I didn't find any review about this hotel which seems little discussed in this forum, contrary to the Dynasty Grande. Why you (and I) would choose this unassuming little hotel (around 60 rooms)? To be in the heart of the action. At your right, count 60 meters to Nana Plaza via Hillary 4 and the Stumble Inn. If you take on your left, Hillary 2 is at 30 meters. The reviews are good (8.3 on Booking) and this hotel is of course guest-friendly. I asked for a non-smoking room at the back of the hotel (quiet rooms). 1 680 baht a night for 2 people. I didn't take the breakfast. At the entrance of the hotel, the front bar gives you a look at the scene. Very useful to give a rendez-vous to a lb, take a drink and evaluate the chemistry. At night a few ladyboys stand on the sidewalk. Food from the restaurant is known to be good. I didn't test it. At the front desk, the hotel staff is friendly and helpful. It's a big plus. The people make the place. No walk of shame. Your guest will let its ID at the reception. At the check-in they ask for a 500 baht cash deposit for the key. The back annexe seems to face the rear of Nana Plaza but in the room there is no noise of music or whatever. The room is quite new, clean and large. 26 square meters. Aircon works well, a bit noisy. Comfortable big bed, safe (laptop friendly), fridge, ... Fast wifi. Complimentary water, coffee. Bathroom is modern and clean with a hand hose. All lbs of Nana Plaza know the hotel and will be happy to make the short walk for a session. So no short-time room to pay. All in all I was positively surprised by the quality of this 3 star hotel, clean nice room, friendly staff, located in the heart of the action. I was pleased all the time I spent in that room, feeling well. Recommend strongly. Note: Dynasty Grande, on Soi 6, belongs to the same owner and has pool and gym. Around 300/350 baht more expensive by night. Same kind of rooms. Better lobby, front desk not so friendly. Pictures : - the entrance of the hotel from soi 4, see the bar. - The room with the bed, flat tv, safe. The bathroom. The mirror (ladyboy not included in the package).
  2. Thanks

    MRT Subway Underground Lines Bangkok

    Beginning this Saturday (24 August 2019), two more stations will be added to the Blue Line extension past Tha Phra: Bang Phai and Bang Wa. At Bang Wa, the MRT connects to the BTS Silom Line. The BTS green line (Sukhumvit line) was recently extended too and trains will be going past Mo Chit now and go till Ha Yaek Lat Phrao, next to the large shopping complex. https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30375051
  3. Less than 2 minutes actually. Its called Check in Bar. Her name is Nutty. Look at the first post on the thread and you will see its location. There are lots of her pictures and experiences written of her in this thread - Ladyboy Go-Go Bars = Check in Bar, and in the trip reports. Cheers. Wow! I am impressed with myself. Being a newbie and everything.
  4. I have had 3 stays with Adelphi. It fits with my location requirement which is to be close to both the MRT & BTS stations making travel relatively easy. Bikes and cars aren't exactly the best ways to travel in Bangkok. There is a Tops supermarket at the beginning of the soi so that is a great convenience and the Phrom Phong BTS station is some 300m from the main road. The hotel is good in that the rooms are well equipped and large. The washer/dryer requires less luggage and I find this ideal. Breakfast was part of my pkg but much of what they serve is pork to cater to the Jap clientele but I am generally comfortable with eggs and toast. But they should cater to others too. Room service is on time and this is something I am particular about. Staff are attentive and good at what they do. I am sure I would return in future.
  5. taaseesanuk

    Changing my Display Name

    Did you give this some thought or was it on a whim?
  6. Check-in bar is correct. But Nutty? Uhm, I don't think so... Nutty it ain't.. Here's another picture of the mystery girl at work: Perhaps it's easier to recognize her in her "natural habitat"...
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    Congrats on your status upgrade, Sebastien! 100% deserved!
  8. pdiddy544

    Hyatt Regency on Soi 12

    Will be there end of this September. Will post a trip report probably
  9. Danum99

    Adelphi Grande Sukhumvit Soi 41

    Yes it is actually. Guest friendly. They actually send my guests up to my room. This is my 3rd stay with them.
  10. Popeye66

    Ibis styles BKK soi 4 next to Pachara Suites

    I stayed in ibis styles in july. Awesome value. Room is small but very functional. Rooftop pool bar area is fantastic with incredible views. But the biggest plus is the location. Best in Bangkok. Not just for the bars but it's super close to one of my favorite coffee shops (city lights). Which is an oasis of peace and quiet in one of the most insane streets in the world. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  11. The only issue with Terminal 21 restaurants is that they tend to close fairly early...I took a GG there around 10ish and most places were winding down.
  12. davvvid

    Ibis styles BKK soi 4 next to Pachara Suites

    I’ve stayed at the ibis styles on soi 4. It’s a fairly near hotel so all the rooms and equipment are brand new. Indeed there are some facilities that are shared with the Novotel. Location is fantastic. 5 minutes walk to nana. Lots of street action (both food and girls) right outside and also girl/ladyboy friendly.
  13. Sebastien

    Changing my Display Name

    I see what you did there. Just keeping it simple. ;-) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. on8

    Looking for petite ladyboys with small cocks

    I know one but she is doing it after work as amateur. She is very feminine with tiny cock and absolutely amazing on action. I recommend highly. Her line is ddd11aaa Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Morning and Night Bar, the popular Sukhumvit Soi 4 hangout for many of us, is celebrating its 17th anniversary tonight with a big party: Cheers!
  16. mikel

    Phachara Suites Visitor / Joiner Policy

    I stayed there and took lb's in and they stayed for breakfast. Booked for two and was prepared to tell them but nobody said anything. The walk to the lift wasn't that long. The worst part was the interminable check in & the bloody uncomfortable seat at reception.
  17. The MRT Blue line extension from Hua Lamphong (currently still the main train station in Bangkok though that will change) to Tha Phra was opened today for a two month trial period to celebrate the new King's [emoji1242] birthday. The ride is free of charge for the trial period. However, currently one cannot travel directly from, say, Sukhumvit station to the Chinatown and Old Town stations. During the trial period one must change trains at Hua Lamphong station [emoji579] which is no problem however as the other train will be arriving at the neighboring track. The trains for the Blue Line extension are also brand new Siemens metro cars Made in Austria. I've traveled this morning to Tha Phra and what can I say, it was sheer madness! Long queues, TV cameras, and a huuuge crowd of curious Bangkokers made the journey a memorable one... For visitors to Bangkok it's now so much more convenient to travel from lower Sukhumvit to Chinatown. Wat Mangkon station is particularly well designed: Image above: wall painting at the new Chinatown station. Below: long queues at the five new stations for the inaugural service: http://www.xinhuanet.com/english/2019-07/29/c_138267285.htm
  18. ARI23

    Dynasty Inn, Sukhumvit Soi4

    Hi OTS, The guy is there every day. He is not annoying. He is simply there. Like the ladyboys at dusk (maybe not the same lbs than 20 years before).
  19. OneTrueSaxon

    Asking to see Thai baht

    I’ve been approached for my email a few times by Africans usually on the main Sukhumvit between Soi’s 15 to 11 i just tell them yeah and check out my website to it’s noneofyourbusiness.com Their used to be an Indian scammer guy around Soi 5 years ago that started the conversation you are a Lucky Man. I replied how the fuck am I lucky as I’ve just got a ladyboy pregnant There was a Gordie guy on Soi 11 that used to say he was mugged in Khao San rd and have you any spare cash for a bottle of water and some food. The kind hearted me fell for it and bought him a bottle of water & a packet of crisps from 7/11 right by where he was begging back in June 2015 and he was still there in November the same year
  20. taaseesanuk

    Phachara Suites Visitor / Joiner Policy

    As I have said before, staying at Nana Hotel, the only shame is walking through the foyer without a Ladyboy or GG on your arm! Life is too short to be concerned what others may think or say.
  21. oliver17

    Phachara Suites Visitor / Joiner Policy

    Walk of shame? Shame for who? Think about it: You're already staying at a hotel in a notorious red light district. It's a bit ridiculous to suddenly be concerned about appearances, don't you think? As for Phachara, because it is located on mongering ground zero and a lot of their business is directly related to the local p4p scene, there is nothing you can do that the staff hasn't seen one zillion times before. They don't care. Most other guests don't care because they are engaged in same shenanigans you are. As for the minority of guests who are offended by what consenting adults are doing, that's their problem not yours.
  22. SAGuy

    Phachara Suites Visitor / Joiner Policy

    Look on the bright side xcom, most of us have been in this situation. By the end of your stay you will have converted the 'walk of shame' into the 'stride of pride'! Either that or you will have resorted to ST rooms... Cheers SAG
  23. That site had been said was leased/bought by Land&House PLC (Centrepoint, Terminal 21 owners). Presumably sub let it while the lengthy environmental impact studies get done (yes apparently they do them, not that there is much evidence of it). Good idea to bring bit life back to that area.
  24. I was staying in Paradiso across Soi 10 when the workers were putting the finishing touches on this a few months ago. I went over a few nights later and was a bit bored. Maybe the vibe has gained some momentum since then. I was also alone and I'm sure this had an impact on my thinking. Nice ass the 3rd picture down ... lower right hand side.