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  1. mikel

    The Rock Resort Hua Hin

    Spent one night here on the way back from Prachuap to Bangkok in late September 2019. Booked a Zen Jacuzzi pool suite for $209aud. The pool was a shallow outdoor pool surrounded by greenery and seemingly unheated with little sun. The bed was the most comfortable on this trip and the dark quasi traditional decor made it instantly comfortable and quite intimate. The bathroom included a large shower cubicle with a decent sized bath. Constant hot water and pressure. Didn't try the restaurant deciding to eat out at the night market and stocked up on snacks and beer from the nearby 7-11 (what a surprise!) Missed breakfast by, erm, sleeping in late and found a food place that was quick & cheap. The hotel has a bar at the back overlooking the sea and was pretty chilled place for a sunset beer as a dj played (at a reasonable volume) Cafe Del Mar-style tunes.
  2. Stayed one night in Sept 2019. Drove up late morning (try and get a lb out the door early!) and had an uneventful and pretty easy run. Booked through Agoda for a little over $100aud. Room was a deluxe 32sqm and had everything you need except a view. Our balcony faced a wall so natural light wasn't great. Bathroom was good - plenty of constant hot water & - a rarity on this trip - the bed was not as hard as concrete. There's a pool but we didn't use it. We headed out soon after arrival and spent the afternoon wandering the temples. Had dinner at an open air market by the river. Breakfast was standard fare and ok but nothing special. Did its' job. (Hotel pics from internet ). Overall a perfectly ok overnight stop. If you need an 'I go for the culture' story for the cynics back home I'd recommend a short side trip to Ayutthaya. The temples etc are worth seeing - it wasn't crowded - and it's beautifully kept.
  3. oliver17

    New to the Forum

    Below comes from Bangkok Post. Visiting the planet Jupiter has fewer requirements than visiting Phuket. Good luck to folks in the Thai tourist industry, because this scheme will surely kill travel for pleasure to Thailand. I can't imagine anybody will jump through all those hoops to visit Phuket for the privilege of being regarded as radioactive and unwanted by both the government and the natives. Not even sex tourists with five alarm fires in their undershorts will sign up for this rodeo. https://www.bangkokpost.com/business/1972519/tat-takes-a-gamble-promoting-phuket-model
  4. tetuya888

    Twitter Videos

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  5. taaseesanuk

    Anyone for Cricket

    And I thought that just moving sideways was stupid enough!
  6. They've got big walls up around it and I'm assuming plenty of construction going on behind. The Mall Group owns the land and plans to build yet another mall, Emsphere, to go with the ones they already have in the area- Emporium and Emquartier. Apparently supposed to open this year but I'd say unlikely at this rate. https://coconuts.co/bangkok/news/dinosaur-planet-closes-makes-way-yet-another-mall-phrom-phong-station/ The good thing is that they plan to build an arena at the Emsphere, not the biggest at 6,000 capacity but at least there'll be a live event venue that's actually downtown. https://www.bangkokpost.com/business/1548074/the-mall-flits-into-new-arena
  7. Did they ever replace that dinosaur amusement park thing up the street with anything? It's been closed for a couple of years, but there was no construction activity on the property last time I saw it. That land has got to be worth God knows what. I actually visited it with an LB once. It did have an old school low tech sort of charm and it was hard not to like it for what it was. That said, I passed on riding the giant ferris wheel because I know it caught on fire at least twice. Thailand conquered the virus but the guarantee of riding a ferris wheel without being incinerated is asking too much, apparently.
  8. Such a shame but I guess inevitable...a chunk of land in that location is never going to be occupied by small scale vendors for any length of time.
  9. technodude67

    Classic Kameo Hotel Ayutthaya

    I stayed in Kameo many times. That (along with Kantary on the other side of the road) was really great for happy ending massages in the night. Dialling the lobby and asking for a 2 hours oil massage and find a skilled "therapist" called from outside at your door was a matter of minutes. Then (I don't remember when, think about 2016) they opened their own in house SPA and since then you had only their old and ugly staff doing a standard no happy ending massage. What a waste
  10. Been to Thailand about 30 times in past 10 years. have been with ladies and ladyboys. Just cant wait until we can travel again thanks
  11. AlphaRevolution

    New to the Forum

    and i read that after the 2 weeks if you want to go to other parts of thailand you need another test and to stay in phuket area for 1 more week before you can go to another area. So really 3 weeks in phuket before you can go anywhere else.
  12. AlphaRevolution

    New to the Forum

    mate i have been about 30 times. i love all of it. Im actually not a newbie but i forgot all my log in details to my old account. i have been a member for about 6 years. Whilst i love Patts for a bit of fun, when its time just to chill and relax I love Krabi. Also love Kanchanaburi also
  13. LBLover6969

    Dynasty Inn, Sukhumvit Soi4

    Useful review ARI23 and others. I'm always on the outlook for a good hotel near Nana that is also good value. This sounds perfect.
  14. BeachGuySC

    Anyone for Cricket

    All the whores left Canada. Like all good Canadians they now infect, I mean live in the lower 48. They are proud of their heritage though. Always go on and on about how great Canada is. But when I ask “if it’s so great, why don’t you still live there”, I get that 5 mile stare. And they start speaking French.
  15. DanceMan

    ST rooms

    Sorry for the late reply: http://www.soidb.com/bangkok/hotel/viengnuer-hotel.html