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  1. Youngone

    The 5th capital sin...

    ShyguyUK and myself had our traditional New Year's lunch this Friday at Artur, a very traditional steak house with a lot of classic French dishes on the menu such as frog legs, burgundy snails, sole meuniere, pan fried foie gras, bisque d'homard, home made sauces such as an excellent Bearnaise etc etc. The last few years we had always opted for Le Normandie, but we decided to mix it up this year around and we sure as hell didn't regret that decision. The food was more than excellent! Artur ( https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Restaurant/ARTUR-Restaurant-330562996849/ ) is located in Soi Ton Son, in between Phloenchit and Chidlom BTS stations. I exited at Chidlom and it took me about 5 minutes on foot to get there. I had the Bisque D'homard ( lobster soup), sole meuniere and tarte tatin accompanied by some wines recommended by the Thai female chef ( who speaks fluent English and French). Full marks all around and the return factor is very high! Very quiet for lunch, for a more lively atmosphere it is recommended to go for dinner. Amuse bouche, very tasty! House white wine Bisque d'homard A light red recommended by the Thai female chef. Sole meuniere, the beurre blanc and the home made bearnaise that came with it were more than excellent. A glass of the recommended red wine and a glass of Sancerre to go with desert. A raspberry bavarois on the house. Tarte Tatin The least pleasant bit of the afternoon
  2. My favorite is Massaman curry but it varies quite a lot between places, can be too sweet in some. I found a great one in the Emporium Food Court a few years ago but the past few times I've looked I couldn't find it. Best one I did find on my last trip was at Lengkee in Pattaya. They also do great duck dishes there as well, Duck with Pineapple was a revelation, did not expect it to taste so nice. Massaman at Lengkee Duck & Pineapple at Lengkee The Green Chicken Curry at Sanguan Sri on Wireless Road in Bangkok is one of the best Thai dishes I've had. Found out about it on Mark Wiens blog (https://www.eatingthaifood.com/sanguan-sri-restaurant/), not far from Nana so I had a walk round. Only open 10am - 2pm and mainly full of office workers. The sauce was amazing, the chicken is on the bone but really tender. Keep going back to try it when I'm in Bangkok Green Curry from Sanguan Sri
  3. Bwana_LB

    Current Bangkok Clinics ?

    Yes. Physicians will tell you to take PrEP for 7 days before any protection is effective. Then take daily, and take for at least 2 days after your last sexual encounter. https://www.pulse-clinic.com/prep/how-to-take-prep/
  4. scouseboi

    Current Bangkok Clinics ?

    There are side-effects but usually only during the first few weeks and are relatively minor compared to dealing with HIV. If you are barebacking at all then you should be using it. The problem with PrEP is that people will start barebacking once they're on it as the main scare is HIV. Problem with that is HIV isn't the only STD and PrEP only protects against HIV. So all the other diseases spike in areas where PrEP is widely used.
  5. So on my last trip in Nov-Dec 2019 I holed up for 3 nights in this hotel in Huai Khwang with a civilian LB I know who was visiting BKK from Isaan. I chose this hotel as she wanted to be in this area and the last trip we stayed at the CMYK hotel, which is a weird place, but directly across the street. I'd rate this hotel as a 4 star, with modern amenities and a very nice room. Due to its location its a lot cheaper than what you would expect to pay around Sukhumvit. It is very conveniently located near to the Huai Khwang MRT station and theres a lot of Chinese restaurants on the main road, nearby. Breakfasts were the usual buffet style, with a mix of Asian and Farang food, but no complaints. The dining room is in the basement and one wall has a very large aquarium, which is fun to sit next to. Most of the guests were Asians, but a better mix than just the mainland Chinese who dominated the CMYK across the street. I booked it on Agoda and it was about THB 1,400 per night, which was very good value in my opinion. The only drawback was that the wifi wasn't great at night and so it was very difficult to have VoIP calls from there after about 1800 each day. Otherwise I would recommend it if you want to stay in this area and the black out curtains that they have ensure an uninterrupted sleep! The LB companion also approved! Cheers SAG
  6. ARI23

    Mimi (african lb) bkk

    Lookme/Mimi works in Mercury. Like in her time in Charades she prefers to stay outside, snatching passerbys. I had a hot ST session with her 2 years ago in a Nana short-time room - she was still in Charades -. We met in the stairs, I recognized her from a video, it was me who grabbed her. She just asked to come to the bar to barfine her. No attitude. Beautiful hard cock to suck. I had my mouth full. She asked if she could top me, I said no and she came in my mouth, huge load and then I fucked her. We chatted a bit afterward and she was pleasant. I think she told me she is half-american, half-thai or something like that. I know the mixed/bad reviews about Lookme/Mimi, but I didn't experience that. She is not as young as in her first videos, but she has still a nice body and a big hard cock. And can be nice with some people.
  7. I'm also a fan of Big Dogs, for the same reasons as OTS, who I've joined at the Big Dogs rail to watch the talent arrive.
  8. Big Dogs.... great for an early drink and watching the parade enter The Plaza on their way to work Bullys.... love the food there, though missed the succulent lamb chops after they were taken off the menu. Pub grub dose what it says on the tin (Barry) Fitzgerald’s formerly Hanrahans.... Like fact you can build your own breakfast there and they do a mean bacon butty as well. Plus it’s good to chill outside having a cigarette & a coffee
  9. The BTS Skywalk from Asok station is currently being extended past Robinson/Times Square mall, and now reaches all the way to just outside Artbox on Soi 10. Very handy if you don't like dealing with Bangkok sidewalks and crossing Sois. It probably only leaves about 150m between the furthest Asok and Nana BTS exits.
  10. Had a wander through on my last trip , tree roots are a bit tricky down the bottom , but cool place , wandered out of checkin bar one evening stood by the fence opposite cozy at ten , and surprised to see a bloke carving a chicken on an old table and his mate stood next too him having a piss against a kiosk , needless too say I didn’t eat there , but nice atmosphere too the place
  11. Mp85

    Citrus Suites Sukumvit Soi 6

    I folded and stayed here again last November as I really love staying there. Got a cracking deal, had an executive suite for 1700b a night, so that thrown in with location it was a no brainer. Numerous Guests are not a problem, after 1 extremely boozy night i took 3 back from cib, the guy who covers the desk at night just smiles, no need to store id’s and straight up we went.
  12. Ropey

    Don Mueang Fast Track Immigration

    I have a visa type that allows me to use the fast track lanes but as often as not, the fast track lane at DMK is as long or longer than going through the public lanes, because there is typically only one lane open and they divert all the monks, elderly, families with young kids etc into that lane along with the elite/business/diplomatic travelers. I find the most significant wait time can be for the taxi, so if your ticket number is too far back, head upstairs and hail a cab from departure area.
  13. farangkeenok

    Current Bangkok Clinics ?

    I usually go here MediConsult on soi 49. It's not a sexual health clinic specifically but you can get HIV and many other tests done there. Results within 24 hours via email. You can also get PEP/PrEP there if needed. Reasonable prices and you're usually in and out in half an hour. The GP there (Dr Donna) is UK trained too. https://www.medconsultasia.com/
  14. mangatanga

    Citrus Suites Sukumvit Soi 6

    Citrus Suites has lived up to the hype! It’s a great hotel, easy access to the NEP. The suites are massive and extremely comfortable. The staff has been absolutely professional to me and my guests. For those of you who care about the walk of shame through the lobby, it’s a mere 20 feet from the hotel entrance to the elevators. And the lobby is a ghost town after 1am. The morning buffet is a bit weak in my opinion but maybe my expectations are a bit out of scope here. Nonetheless, the buffet is sufficient. Orange juice ain’t so great. The beats restaurant is adequate as well. And I received a daily 100 baht voucher to use at the restaurant. As far as reservations are concerned, I’d recommend using their mobile site. It was cheaper compared to using a desktop browser. Interesting to see that difference. I saved 5000 baht for my 7 day stay. I booked 5 days prior to my stay. Here are some pics of my suite.