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  1. ssmurry

    Bangkok During the Corona Crisis

    Honestly it's a tough situation with the MRT/BTS/public transit in general. Closing it down/heavy restrictions would paralyse the city entirely- most of the workers in essential services, supermarkets, restaurants, etc. don't live within walking distance of their workplace nor do many have means of private transport. There are arguments that any remaining offices/non-essential services should be shut down and I expect that to be happening soon. Outside of peak times the BTS/MRT have been thankfully empty. As for an Italy-like full lockdown, I don't think it's as easy to do here. People have zero savings, there is zero government assistance available, not everyone has families with farms in the provinces to go back to. There would be riots and looting in the street when people go hungry. I'm hardly defending the govt response but it's a kinda shitty catch-22.
  2. Thanks

    COVID-19 Health Issues

    So until then we better wash our hands regularly, with soap, I assume:
  3. The-Sith

    Hiv In Ladyboy Scene

    The Pulse Clinic told me that 35% of LBs in BKk have HIV
  4. Jonard

    COVID-19 Health Issues

    A+ here too. Trump is spreading half fake news here. Yes Azithromycin + chloroquine have been effective on small scales with very ill people. Effects have been moderate at best. Much better medication will be found in the next few months. Would you want to take meds that could potentially make you sicker (both meds have side effects) when tested only on small samples? Think of how ill you would need to be for that to sound like a good option. Some extra info that I found out yesterday, J&J has a HIV vaccine in fase 3 of testing, primary results are looking good. (sorry if this is general knowledge, I didn't know)
  5. SAGuy

    Indian fortune tellers on Khao San Road

    I don't know what the curses were Syd, as they were in Hindi and my knowledge of that language only extends to roti, naan, bhaji, korma, and vindaloo! But it was in my pre-LB life so it probably was along the lines of: 1. You will move over to the dark side and become addicted to LBs 2. You will not be able to resist ringing bells 3. H&M, Zara, Lyn, Charles & Keith, and iStore will all become your best friends Or something like that! SAG
  6. mespicy

    Mercure Hotel Sukhumvit Soi 11

    I stayed there in November last year great hotel big rooms and beds, good walk in showers, pool area and gym are also good would definitely use again.
  7. Ropey

    Bangkok During the Corona Crisis

    Not true, I'm sure we're all looking forward to enjoying our 3% discount on water and power in the coming months as significant financial relief.
  8. Ydima


  9. SAGuy

    Indian fortune tellers on Khao San Road

    Hahaha I think I had curses 1 and 2 prior to the encounter! Curse 3 - I don't even want to think about that one! LOL SAG
  10. OneTrueSaxon

    Indian fortune tellers on Khao San Road

    So not the usual 123 1) Baldness 2) Fatness and 3) Your cock drops off
  11. taaseesanuk

    Indian fortune tellers on Khao San Road

    Same guy could probably measure you up for a suit and then cook you a curry.
  12. sydney69er

    Asking to see Thai baht

    Oh the old 'You are a Lucky Man scam'. I have had Indian guys try this on me in Sydney, Hong Kong and Macau. I am not quite sure what the scam is as after they say 'Oh you look like a lucky man' my usual response is 'F off or you'll be an Unlucky Man'! A friend in Hong Kong told me he gets this 'Lucky Man' routine a lot. When they get your attention by saying you are a 'Lucky Man' they just give you a sad story about them being unlucky and then ask for help by you giving them money. I am sure they have different flavours of this but I guess the Lucky Man routine is to get your attention.
  13. eugenio

    Long thin cocks

    That's the saddest thing in the world. Her cock was almost perfect.
  14. Not one mention of Thai satay. I love it. But better than Thai satay stick is Moo Ping - pork skewers, the best Thai street food
  15. lb_beginner

    Hiv In Ladyboy Scene

    PrEP is the way to ease your mind if you are concerned. Preliminary studies show that 2 pills 2-24h before (unprotected) anal sex and 1 pill a day the next two days gives the same protection as every day use (6 days a week provides full protection). It's a no-brainer. The awareness of treatment amongst p4p workers in Bkk seems to be better than in Pattaya, perhaps due to all the organizations that visit the bars to inform of sexual health. As many is in treatment with no viral load, several of the high earning are on PrEP as well as some of the customers the number will eventually go down.