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  1. Ted135792468

    Citadines soi 8 & 11 (updated 2014)

    I just finished up a stay at Citadines 11. Here are a few of my observations: Book through their website. Expedia wanted 4000 Baht a night for my one bedroom condo unit. I booked it through their painfully slow website for 2350 Baht per night after taxes. There are lesser rooms, but I was only in town for two nights, so the extra 350 Baht per night upgrade was not a big deal. The one bedroom unit of mine was spacious, clean and well maintained. It had a functional kitchen and a split bathroom. The only complaint that I listed with them was the toilet room. It had the porcelain throne and a small sink. But the throne was damn near against the wall/sliding wood door. You can see a huge void in the corner where the old shower used to be. But they never relocated the throne to the center of the wall to make more room for the user. It is fine if you are 50 kgs, but I am double that. So I had to sit at a slight angle when having deep thoughts. Across the hall was the large basin with mirror and a full size tub/shower. I had a corner unit on the seventh floor. I could hear the night clubs nearby and there were complimentary ear plugs on the safe. But as a monger, bedtime was 3am to 4am, so it was not an issue. A breakfast buffet is included in the price and it was decent by western standards. The restaurant is open 24/7. It is packed at 4am with mostly Westerners. The living room and the master bedroom each had a 42" flat panel TV. Most places only give you one. You can send your laundry out for ungodly prices, carry it over to the 24hour laundry shop across the street (down an alley, look for the signs) that is priced by the kilo, or go up to the 9th floor. The gym and pool are up here. It costs 90 Baht for one token. It takes 2 tokens to do a load. 1 for washer, 1 for the dryer. They are full size units. The laundry soap & fabric softener is included when you buy the tokens from the front desk. This place is within walking distance of Check in Bar, Nana Plaza, Terminal 21 mall and splits two of the BTS stops. There is a ton of street action on Soi 11 and on the strip down towards the Westin Hotel. The Westin sidewalk was overflowing with LB talent. The hotel is LB friendly. I had Beam come over on her day off and stay overnight without any issues. My cab ride to the airport using Grab at 11am was 400 Baht plus 78 Baht in tolls. You can take the BTS to the airport line for cheap, but I had a full size suitcase, a full size gym bag, a fully loaded computer backpack and my CPAP bag. I was not in the mood to haul all that down 7 blocks in 93°F heat just to save 400 Baht. I was brought up by hired car from Pattaya, so I do not know what that cost would be from the airport. Depending on how long I plan on staying im Bangkok next year, I will plan on booking here again. Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  2. oliver17

    New site LadyboyPlay Produce by Ladyboy Thippy69

    To be honest, the male performer looks like he's dead. Rigor mortis caused his dick to stiffen when he assumed room temperature.
  3. Robert.Farang

    Testosterone: Beyond the Myths

    Worthy Reading, especially for those of us that are health or baht conscious https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/03/opinion/testosterone-caster-semenya.html
  4. Looks like Santa's sack on the 26th...
  5. thippy69

    New site LadyboyPlay Produce by Ladyboy Thippy69

  6. Ropey

    Two Or More Hung Fit Guys To Top Lb Friend

    I'll be cruising the mean streets of Kuala Lumpur over those dates I'm afraid.
  7. oliver17

    Dynasty Grande or Phachara Suites

    Maybe you mean Amari? If so, they also have (or had) a guest fee. See post #1 in same guest policy thread. Unlike Landmark and Phachara I have never stayed at Amari, so I have no idea if they actually collect the fee or not. The point is, many hotels in lower Sukhumvit have these fees on the books but they aren't serious about them.
  8. oliver17

    Dynasty Grande or Phachara Suites

    I wouldn't lose any sleep over that. I have stayed there 6 or 7 times over the years. That has been their "official" policy all along, but they don't really enforce it. I too like to take more than one guest per day into my room, and did it all the time when I stayed there. Only once did they try to tack on joiner fee at checkout. I politely asked them to remove it and pointed out that I was a repeat customer. They removed the charges quickly with no questions asked. During the daytime, just march with your guest to the elevators like you own the place and nobody will say will a word about IDs or signing in guests. At night time they usually have a guard at a table in the lobby collecting IDs of guests and there won't be any getting around him, but that doesn't matter because as said above their guest policy fee BS isn't really enforced. Interesting that you mentioned Landmark as an alternative, because they also have an official 1K baht guest fee policy that they don't bother to collect. This is from my email to them a few years ago in the hotel guest policy thread. Scroll down to post #25 in thread link below to see what they said when asked.....
  9. Ropey

    Citadines soi 8 & 11 (updated 2014)

    Excellent review, especially the tip on booking via the hotel website for a decent discount.
  10. thippy69

    New site LadyboyPlay Produce by Ladyboy Thippy69

    Cum Lover on LadyboyPlay.com
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    New site LadyboyPlay Produce by Ladyboy Thippy69

    Alisa on LADYBOYRAW
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    New site LadyboyPlay Produce by Ladyboy Thippy69

  13. Thanks

    Kiwi Pub Soi 8

    Yes, but she was disinherited when she started partying at the Hillary and King's group bars.. Still interested? (Just kidding of course...)
  14. I guess that Thippy doesn't like the questions she has been asked? SAG
  15. I've recently stayed at the Styles. Here's my personal, subjective review: The Styles hotel is a relatively new addition to the accommodation market in the lower Sukhumvit / Nana area. I think it opened in late 2017. It's a nice three stars hotel. As it's located in the same building as the more upscale Novotel, you don't feel you've booked a cheap hotel. It rather feels you're staying in a standard room in a quality, upper middle class hotel. Also, despite being located so close to the naughty nightlife scene, the majority of guests are "regular" people visiting the "normal" tourist attractions of Bangkok (Wat Po, Wat Arun... ). It doesn't give you the feeling of being in a "mongerer hotel" such as the Dynasty Grande or perhaps the Nana hotel also. Seems many guests came from places where smaller room sizes are more common than in the US for example, such as Japan and the European countries. There's a free shuttle service from the hotel to BTS Nana that departs every 30 minutes from the front entrance. Though it's only a 7-8 minutes walk it can be useful when it rains (and it does so occasionally in Bangkok I've heard...) or during midday heat. You can use the "inbalance" gym of the Novotel on the 7th floor. I didn't venture in so cannot comment any further. On the ground floor there's a lobby bar and the "food exchange", a good looking restaurant. The standard room that I had booked looked spacious, at least bigger than the official 21 sq. m. it supposedly only had. It didn't feel small. When I'm in Bangkok I basically need a room only for sleeping and going to the bathroom, taking a shower etc. The rest of time I'm out and about. For this purpose the room was absolutely sufficient. Everything you would need or want is there: bum gun, electronic safe, quiet a/c, queen size bed (upon request), mattress not too hard but also not too soft, hairdryer, liquid soap and shampoo. It also had a small fridge (empty). The big screen telly had a million channels or so (IP TV). You get daily two bottles of water for free. Everything worked except for two sockets (no power). But that was quickly fixed by hotel maintenance. Once you get used to the characteristic, unusual style and decor of the room, it feels almost like home away from home. Its main advantages are: - Hard to beat location just 5 minutes on foot from NEP, the gravitational center of the ladyboy nightlife universe. - Great value IMO: price range depending on season, demand and day of the week: standard rooms (21 sq. m.) with queen size bed go for I think about 2000 - 2500 Baht, superior rooms (26sq. m.) for about 700 Baht more. - It is almost new: it shows almost no wear and tear (yet). - It has a fantastic infinity pool and an exciting rooftop bar that you "must" visit with an awesome view of "downtown" Bangkok - Wi-Fi worked without a problem in the room as well as in the rest of the hotel. - I didn't see any tour groups... - Breakfast was included in the room rate. Breakfast room in the "strEATS" restaurant on sixth floor is for Styles guests only (not for Novotel guests). It is open until 10:30 h. Food is good for a 3 star hotel. There's no egg station. But your stomach will get full, don't worry. - Girl friendliest as can be (can also be a disadvantage...). If you despise the walk of fun and shame, you can enter the hotel through the entrance of the (often empty) "food exchange" restaurant or through the carpark which is located on floors 2-5. That way you'll avoid walking right through the front desk areas (which however is also no problem at all). I personally prefer ST rooms anyway and take back girls to my hotel room only occasionally and only if I know her well enough and only for LT. So this aspect of the Styles was not so important to me personally... Disadvantages: - I didn't notice them proactively checking girls' IDs. If for security reasons you want to register your LB, you have to walk up to the front desk (there's one for the Styles and one for the Novotel) and have her registered. One night I saw a middle aged Japanese man trying to sneak in a girl, telling her to stay close behind him so that no one could see her. That was hilarious as I think no one, I repeat: no one, neither staff nor guests, could have cared less... You get two room key cards so you can give the extra one to your LB girlfriend... - The hotel appears to be in high demand, so might be sold out by the time you book... - As I had an early flight out of Bangkok, I went to bed earlier and until 3 o'clock in the morning could hear noise from the street... - The tears you will shed on the departure day when you have to leave this fine hotel... You can book on the usual sites such as sexpedia, so sorry, Expedia, Agoda but also on the Accor site I am a sucker for nice swimming pools. I don't want to visit the tourist sites and shopping malls so much anymore (ya know: been there, done that...). I'd rather now stay by a nice (!) pool and recover from the previous night's debaucheries and get some rest for the next wild night ahead. So that infinity pool was particularly important to me... On previous trips I'd stayed at the Dynasty Grande (DG, a **** hotel) and the Citrus Suites Soi 6 (CS6, also a **** rated hotel), both just a minute away from the Styles. Both are fine but the DG's pool is cold and most of the time in the shade. The CS6 is much more modern but also more expensive than the DG as it has recently become more expensive than it used to be (I think) - and I don't like their pool... I personally clearly now prefer the *** Styles when I want to stay in this area of Nana with it's excellent PVR and would not go back to any one of the other ones mentioned - unless the Styles was full. Even though it's just a 3 star place it didn't feel like a downgrade from the two 4 star hotels mentioned, except for the room size. BTW: This was not an attempt at writing an objective review. It was just my personal impression of the hotel that I wanted to convey... It's not even meant to be a recommendation, just a review. Okay? Thanks :-) Standard room: Location on Sukhumvit Soi 4 and 6: View of "downtown" Bangkok at night from top of hotel: Styles' breakfast room on 6th floor: Infinity pool area with a wow view (inspired by Marina Bay Sand's Singapore?) Red Square rooftop bar:
  16. Hello gents, Just had a good experience with Neslaila / Laila and she told me she is looking for customers. I offered to help spread the word (although I certainly did not tell her how/where). Anyways you can read more about my session with her on this tread under "Encounter #6". http://www.bangkokladyboys.net/forum/index.php?/topic/7432-ongoing-newbie-education-aug-2016/ Cliffnotes: - Very pretty and feminine (pics don´t do her justice) - Around 168 cm tall - Around 48 kg - Very nice bolt ons (for once not super over-sized) - Fantastic body - Medium/large size cock - Good English and well behaved - Eager to please but seems a bit inexperienced (but I am sure there are many helpful souls on here that can rectify this) Contact info: TF: https://www.thaifriendly.com/Neslaila Whatsapp: +66924699465 Line: moragod Wechat: miumiza This is a good girl from my experience but I am curious to hear if anyone else has had the pleasure and what you think.
  17. tilac4u


    https://www.pulse-clinic.com/syphilis/ Went there for HIV Test (500THB) recently, the counseling lady advised me to also to take a Syphilis Test (500THB as well for basic Test). HIV was negative but to my big surprise Syphilis was positive (I didn't have symptoms or better said I didn't recognized them as symptoms) The proceedings were very swift and straightforward (they don't want people saying they will come back later and then not showing up), basically its a 1-stop Shop. Some more details 1. I showed up on a weekday without appointment (you can make an appointment via their website), downstairs is a reception where you have to register (just name/age/email) 2. They ask what Test or Counseling you want and then you get a paper with a queue Number (just like when you got a Bank here) 3. Downstairs is also a very cozy lobby where you have to wait before being called upstairs where the Counter is, Counselors are and Tests etc are taken, the lobby looks more like a pub with dimmed lights. There were TVs on with educational info, when I was there they showed a program about PreP (in English) and also one about gay boys and practicing safe sex (in Thai). 4. After 20 min I was called upstairs and led by a young lady to a counseling room (no windows, very discrete), the lady asked me a couple of questions regarding my previous experiences, tests and recent sexual encounters, all info was put in a computer. 5. After agreeing which test to take another lady came to take blood (just from fingertip), within 10 min the test results came back. 6. After the results were told to me another Counselor joined to discuss treatment (antibiotics) and further blood testing (VDLR/RPR). 7. Besides the blood test I also took an allergy test for penicillin (that would be the antibiotic for treatment) 8. Results of the VDLR/RPR blood test would be emailed the next day and the results of the allergy test were checked on my arm (a punction was made there) and was negative. 9. Shortly after that I was given the penicillin injection in my buttocks (the first of 3, each on weekly rotation). Before the injection they gave me some pills to would suppress the side effects of the injection. 10. The whole procedure took less then 60 minutes, it was from my point of view very professional, medical license info was also visible. 11. Cost for the tests and 1st injection were 3300 THB, the 2 follow up injections are 1300 Baht each. 12. When I was a the counter upstairs I also witnessed 2 'patients' who (probably) took a stash of Prep with them (14-15k THB) for 3 months it was I think, it was very visible around there (posters etc) that Prep was available for sale. 13. I saw 1 farang(M)-Thai(F) couple, the other 'patients' were single (gay) males,about 80% Asian would i say. My advice: If you plan to got a clinic for a STD Test then consider including a syphilis test as well. Cheers T. P.S. I'm not affiliated with this clinic, have no commercial interests in it and only wrote this post as informational without judgements or offending anyone; prices / procedures can also vary so please don't tie me on it. Also I will not disclose more specifics on my case (please don't ask), it should suffice that my impressions and the procedure are described.