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  1. oliver17

    Rembrandt Hotel Suites and Towers

    All you have to do is type "Rembrandt" in the search box and it will bring up about 20 posts, including pics and a mini review from One True Saxon a couple of years ago. There's years of info and wisdom to be found here with minimal effort. If you can't find the answers you look for, simply send them an email and ask what their guest policy is and tell them a ladyboy will be the guest. Don't be shy because they have heard it all before anyway.
  2. oliver17

    Guest Friendly Hotels In Bangkok

    Last time I stayed there was February 2018. There are 2 towers on that property. One is the Radisson Hotel, the other is In Residence. They share the same facilities and are obviously attached at the hip, but I don't know what the exact relationship is. The only problem I ever had there occurred during a previous stay when a balky key card sometimes didn't function. Needless to say, it was not much fun going down to reception at 4:00 AM while stumbling drunk and having them send up a maintenance guy. I didn't have any problems at all during my most recent stay. Whether the rooms need "renovation" is a personal judgement. The furniture in my rooms was in fine condition, the carpet was not worn, it was well maintained and I have never noticed broken chairs at the pool. I always take customer reviews of hotels with a big grain of salt when it comes to critiquing decor. Everybody has their own tastes and I don't care if somebody else hates art deco style furniture or whatever and thinks the hotel needs to get rid of it for the sake of renovation. I take them more seriously when reviews focus on service, property maintenance and cleanliness because to me that's where the rubber really meets the road in assessing hotels. You can go to Trip Advisor or other review sites and look up hotels such as the Peninsula in Chicago, the Tokyo Park Hyatt or the Four Seasons in New York -hotels among the finest on the planet - and always come across prissy jackwits stating that the properties "need updating". It proves that some people are so hard to satisfy they will be complaining about the bright lights and noise when they are planted six feet under. The hotel business is a tough racket, for sure.
  3. oliver17

    Guest Friendly Hotels In Bangkok

    6k baht will get you a room in most of the upper end hotels. Landmark meets that criteria. It's elegant and lot of guys like it because of its proximity to Nana. Adelphi is good, but it's a bit overpriced when compared to Phachara which is closer to Nana and offers you almost identical rooms for less. I don't know anything about Doubletree. I have stayed at Galleria 10 in the past, and it's perfectly acceptable. Forget that "walk of shame" stuff. I promise you that the staff at any of the hotels around lower Sukhumvit don't care what you do because they have seen it all eleventy billion times in the past. They don't care. REPEAT: They don't care. As for other farang guests whose delicate sensibilities are shaken by the sight of the world's oldest profession, why in the hell did they choose a hotel in the world's largest red light district? Their issues are their problem, not yours. If you want to stay in suite type rooms, I also like In Residence suites on Soi 13 (adjacent to Radisson suites). They have large suites and a good pool on the roof. Soi 13 is next to Soi 11 but without the traffic and noise found on 11, meaning you can enjoy 11 easily without having to actually stay there.
  4. oliver17

    Travel Cameras

    It's also a myth that electronics are cheaper in Asia. They aren't and they are frequently quite a bit more expensive than in the west. For US residents, duty free is hardly ever a bargain. It's only good for items that are sometimes hard to find in the states, such as certain Japanese whiskeys.
  5. oliver17

    Phachara Suites Visitor / Joiner Policy

    Did you try your bank? I have no idea about UK debit card protections, but in US they are almost identical to credit card protections. For that much money, I would contact the bank and be a pain in the ass about it until they give your money back. This won't be the first time they have seen this situation, and as a customer they should give you some help. Don't give up until you have tried everything. Phachara won't help because it's not in their financial interest to do so. Don't even screw around with them, just deal with your bank.
  6. oliver17

    Phachara Suites Visitor / Joiner Policy

    Do you have a non-cancellation reservation? You should be able to walk away from it with your money back. I had one of those on last trip to BKK at a hotel, decided I didn't want to stay there and told American Express the same. I didn't even bother to contact the hotel. Amex refunded the money to me with no questions asked. Don't deal with Phachara, only contact your credit card company and they should refund you.
  7. oliver17

    Hotel Guest Policies for Ladyboys

    Short time hotels are all over lower Sukhumvit area. Any freelance or bar LB you go with will know where all the ST hotels are, and she will take you to the closest one. The PB Hotel over near Bumrungrad is a big favorite with many LBs.
  8. oliver17


    I stayed at this one early in 2018. An LB girlfriend lives in Phrae, and the alternative was staying with her at her family's house in the country where eleventy billion stray dogs roam the roads and there is nothing to do but drink all day. Been there and done that, so I stayed in town on my last visit to her parents. Rooms here run for about 800 - 1000 baht /night. There are cheaper places in town, but this hotel has a good pool and there are a few restaurants in the vicinity. Unless you trust your Thai language skills, you probably want to carry somebody along as an interpreter when you check in, because the staff's English is pretty shaky but that is to be expected in a place like this. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g982710-d633838-Reviews-Maeyom_Palace_Hotel-Phrae_Phrae_Province.html#photos;aggregationId=101&albumid=101&filter=2&ff=17423862
  9. oliver17

    Line Messenger

    For me, the other stuff is the regular stuff.
  10. oliver17

    Phachara Suites Visitor / Joiner Policy

    Walk of shame? Shame for who? Think about it: You're already staying at a hotel in a notorious red light district. It's a bit ridiculous to suddenly be concerned about appearances, don't you think? As for Phachara, because it is located on mongering ground zero and a lot of their business is directly related to the local p4p scene, there is nothing you can do that the staff hasn't seen one zillion times before. They don't care. Most other guests don't care because they are engaged in same shenanigans you are. As for the minority of guests who are offended by what consenting adults are doing, that's their problem not yours.
  11. Here's a solution: Anyone (read: Chinese tourists) who hasn't bothered to fill out their arrival cards and / or doesn't have their passport in hand prior to seeing the immigration officer must go to the back of the line immediately. Problem solved.
  12. oliver17

    Club Dang Cabaret Show

    Korea Town is an open air shopping center located around the corner from CIB and up half a block on Sukhumvit. I have never been to Mambo, but I think they have a large theater similar to Calypso, Alcazar, etc. Club Dang was a small operation at Korea Town and I am guessing its the same at their new location.
  13. oliver17

    Club Dang Cabaret Show

    Isn't Soi 55 like Soi 33 - bars and restaurants cater to Japanese along with a healthy dose of Japanese-like disdain for gaijin?
  14. oliver17

    Citrus Suites Sukumvit Soi 6

    Chinese tour groups also took over Grand Sukhumvit across from Phachara. This is first I have heard about Citrus Suites having the same fate. Arab families let their unattended children run loose in hotels at 3:00 AM or any other hour. The kids aren't loud and they don't behave badly, but it's a pain having to navigate around them in the hallways while tipsy and bringing an LB back to your room in the wee hours.
  15. oliver17

    Monsoon in Soi 8

    As I recall, this place has (or at least had) seats carved out of tree logs that weighed a ton and were impossible to pull up to the tables. You had to pull the table toward yourself.