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  1. oliver17


    Occasionally, but why would you wait for a random hooker to wander by the Landmark when 100 feet away is Soi 4, arguably the world's most notorious red light district with more freelancers than there are stars in heaven?
  2. oliver17

    Carry on Only Tips

    Don't use a hard side bag as your carry-on, use a soft side bag. You are less likely to have a stuffed soft side luggage taken from you and checked at the gate for being oversized. That said... Do you really want to spend several weeks in Thailand with nothing more than what you crammed into a carry-on? You may grow to hate that decision very quickly. True lost luggage is a very rare occurrence. Most "lost" luggage is actually just delayed luggage. That's a pain in the ass, but in most cases the luggage will arrive on a later flight and be delivered to you by the airline the next day. That happened to me once on an AA flight from Narita to LAX. American delivered the bag the next day to my house. Besides, if your bag disappears never to be seen again, your travelers insurance will take care of replacing stuff. The airline will also have a compensation policy for vanished bags. If you are flying Cathay Pacific, you really shouldn't have any worries. They have had a rough couple of years due to Covid and the Chinese government's crazed handling of the Hong Kong takeover, but stellar service has always been their calling card and they likely still strive for that these days. It's what they're known for. You should be able to trust them.
  3. oliver17

    Monkey Pox

    I have never seen anyone carrying or displaying a Nazi flag in this country, much less "plenty of people" marching on the streets doing so. Oh sure, cable "news" networks love taking some tiny and extreme example of American life and depicting as typical, but that's because peddling bullshit sensationalism is their business. Anybody who does something as dumb as parading around as a Nazi either has his head bashed in by bystanders or ends up publicly identified, and then loses his job, is doxxed etc. It's a very unpleasant existence for Nazi or Confederacy enthusiasts after they out themselves and they deserve it. In a country of 320,000,000 people, of course there are some clowns who display offensive symbols or say offensive things. They are allowed to do that because of the first amendment of the US Constitution that guarantees freedom of speech. The first amendment also guarantees the right of other people to loudly oppose them, shout them down and that's exactly what happens in the case of Nazis and the like. That's the beauty of the first amendment. Anybody can say anything but nobody has the last word.
  4. oliver17

    Monkey Pox

    I have seen plenty of Thais with vaccine scars myself, and it is surprising to see them because you just don't see those in farang land anymore. I received smallpox vaccine myself when I was a child, but I don't remember if it gave me a scar. If it did it disappeared over time. I distinctly remember seeing them on other kids arms as I grew up. Seeing a smallpox vaccine scar in Thailand isn't nearly as startling as seeing one of those swastika tattoos. Yes I know the symbol represents the exact opposite in Asian culture than what the Nazi symbol represents to Westerners, but it still makes me almost gasp every I catch a glimpse of a swastika tattoo on a Thai.
  5. Makes you wonder just how many new houses built back in Issan were paid for by women who squirted razor blades out of their coozies.
  6. oliver17

    Guest Friendly Hotels In Bangkok

    Seems like a lot of folks who have stayed there say there is nothing wrong with it, that it is a low-end property but a clean one. That said, if the idea is to stay in a hotel within shouting distance of Nana Plaza, there are several nicer options on Soi 4 in the same price range like Lohas or Citrus Suites.
  7. oliver17

    Hotel location

    I have stayed at Legacy Suites before. It's about a 5 minute walk from Asoke station and they are LB friendly. Rooms at the hotel are similar to what you find at Adelphi suites or Pharchara. Soi 29 is very quiet with little traffic. The downside of staying on this Soi is the limited number of restaurants in the area. The hotel restaurant is pretty much pub food. There is a traditional Japanese place next door, but it really caters to Japanese only. It's a 5 or 8 minute walk to Terminal 21, which will give you some more dining options. There is a fun sports bar at the corner of Suk & Soi 29 that has cover bands and a party vibe. I took a couple of CIB LBs there before heading to the hotel and they both loved it. Next door to Legacy is the Mermaid Hotel. I have also stayed there. It's very similar to Legacy, the rooms are all suites. They have a great pool that gets plenty of sun, it's better than Legacy's pool. The restaurant at Mermaid is very limited, even the breakfast offerings are lame. Their rates usually run cheaper than Legacy and I think they offer more bang for the buck than Legacy. You might want to give them a look also.
  8. oliver17


    Yes, exactly what Mikel said. The pool isn't the typical rooftop setup. Plenty of seating with lots of nooks and crannies for sitting with LBs. The rooftop restaurant also serves up a killer hamburger that rivals what Firehouse in Bangkok offers. Overall, it's a solid property and as said before it's about a 3 minute walk from CIB. A couple of downsides: The lobby restaurant tends to get overwhelmed at breakfast. Tables don't always get cleared promptly enough and it causes customers to stand in line for 15 minutes or so waiting minutes to be seated. It's not a fun way to start the day when you have a pounding hangover from the night before and just want something to eat. I stayed there twice over a 10 month span. Both times the elevator music was nothing but Eric Clapton's "I Shot the Sheriff". As a bonus, they always had the volume turned up way too loud. I have always hated that song. Hearing it in G10 elevators about eleventy billion times over 2 years was worse than waiting in line for breakfast every day. Way worse.
  9. oliver17

    So far,so good,so what?

    That's exactly what happened to me. They gave me an antigen test kit at the airport when I arrived but no instructions on where or how to report the results, therefore I never reported anything. Nobody said a word about it afterward. It's proof that even Thai health officials think the 5 day test is a pointless waste of time.
  10. oliver17

    Paradiso Suites near CIB

    The hotel was closed in January and didn't look like it would be opening anytime soon. There was a small restaurant and a clothing store facing soi 10 that were open but otherwise that building was totally dark.
  11. oliver17

    So far,so good,so what?

    I think most farangs are using AXA - that is what I used. They were listed on the Thai govt test-and-go site. The bare-bones Covid coverage to meet Thai immigration conditions for 45 days about 2200 or so baht I also bought my usual Allianz travel insurance because I have always used them and they are easy to deal with if you have a claim for delayed flights or whatever. I know that's probably overkill with the insurance, but why take a chance when I had no experience with AXA. Here is where you can buy AXA: https://www.axa.co.th/en/
  12. Below is a screenshot of my message format. If yours looks like this, you should be able to upload images with "choose files" and insert them wherever you like just like the regular message board. Is your PM format different?
  13. oliver17

    Sidegra – Generic Viagra

    Like OTS, you can get ED drugs at Foodland or just about any other pharmacy in BKK without a prescription. Just ask for what you want. FWIW, the pharmacies closest to the P4P action like the kiosk directly across from NEP seem to charge more for the convenience they offer, so you may want to keep that in mind when choosing a place to buy. You can also get Kamagra and some other ED medications from the Indian street stalls in a pinch. Some guys don't trust the stalls, but I have bought single gel pacs from them in the past with no issues. Just read and verify the expiration date on the gel pac before you hand over any money.
  14. oliver17

    Test and Go Hotels

    I made a test and go reservation at Novatel BKK airport hotel for upcoming December trip. Novotel is 5 minutes from the airport. The reservation process itself was just like any other hotel reservation - just make sure you select the "Wellness" package per below. It costs 4900 baht and the breakfast buffet option is another 500 baht. They didn't ask for passport info or anything else except airline arrival time for their shuttle service. They told me they have testing available 24 hours a day and will have results 6 hours later. Because I am arriving near midnight, I will be getting the test and hopefully will have the results when I wake up the next morning. If there are any hitches or hassles, I will be reporting them here.
  15. oliver17

    BKK-Pattaya-Koh Samui, Phuket?

    If it's your first trip, you probably want to keep the itinerary simple. Maybe 75% Bangkok and 25% Pattaya. Or the opposite. Up to you. There is loads to see and do just in Bangkok for a first-timer. I think most guys here go directly to Bangkok from BKK airport and make their jaunts elsewhere later in the trip. On most trips I spend a month. It's usually 2 weeks in Bangkok, then 1 week in Pattaya, then back to BKK for another week. Sometimes I go with my girlfriend to visit her family in Lampang for a few days. Other times we go to Hua Hin or Chiang Mai instead, but I always stay "headquartered" in Bangkok. No need to mess with U-Tapao because BKK or DMK airports are only about 2 hours from Pattaya and you can fly anywhere from there with many more schedule options. I don't care for Phuket and the LB scene is fairly minimal there anyway. I have never been to Samui, maybe others can help you.