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  1. oliver17

    MJ Kiss on ThaiFriendly

    No LB worth her salt would ask for a mere 800 baht and want it delivered by any means other than Western Union. Standing in a public line at Western Union and then being handed a few thousand baht in front of everybody courtesy of some farang is a treasured look-at-me status ritual in Thailand. No lie.
  2. oliver17

    Tommy Emmanuel

    If you are interested, Stubhub is available in Thailand and they have tix for this show: https://www.stubhub.co.th/en/tommy-emmanuel-tickets/ca14677
  3. oliver17

    Zen Rooms /Best hotel for Check inn bar

    You can read a little about it below... There are other good hotels on Soi 10 - some guys like Paradiso which is in very close proximity to CIB, and down the street is Galleria 10. I have stayed at G10 a few times in the past. It's just a 2 or 3 minute walk from CIB, nice pool and bar scene on the roof and CIB LBs all love going there.
  4. oliver17

    Guest Friendly Hotels In Bangkok

    Sky train station is a 5 minute walk from the hotel - you can probably be at Nana station in 12 or 15 minutes. When you stay on, say, Soi 13 it takes you about that long to get to NEP in a taxi when in traffic. If you don't mind the distance you can get some dynamite deals on great hotel rooms the further you get away from lower Sukhumvit.
  5. Am I the only guy who thinks that SE Asian gals make utterly unconvincing BDSM enthusiasts? They always look out of place and their bored facial expressions say "What do you want me to do now, farang man?". They don't convey any sense of danger or pain whatsoever. It's just......lame. It's like the BDSM equivalent of non-alcoholic beer. What's the point of it? Same-same goes for the "lesbian" encounters at places like Eden Club.
  6. oliver17

    5 star hotel with live music

    Grand Hyatt Erawan has live jazz in the lobby bar every night. Down in the basement is a wine bar that has a live lounge-type piano act, but that seems to be on intermittent basis. I have also been in the wine bar when they have had no entertainment. The GH is a stones throw away from Central World Mall and Siam Paragon is a 8-10 minute walk.
  7. You may want to look into new Citrus Suites at intersection of Soi 4 & 6 - across from old Guess bar and down the soi from Phachara. Scroll down to the end of the thread for Bwana Lb's review from earlier this week. It looks perfect for access to NEP and Chaos 9.
  8. oliver17

    Vaccination clinic recommendations

    You won't see any snakes. You are far more likely to have an unpleasant encounter with a stray dog, perhaps one with distemper or even rabid. Giant rats running along the street gutters are another problem, particularly around sidewalk bars and food carts.
  9. oliver17

    Rooftop bars

    Bangkok has smog , high heat, 1 zillion percent humidity, monsoon rains - and all of that can happen in the same day. The point is, there is no ideal time weather-wise to visit BKK. Pay no heed to weather projections predicting what will happen 6 weeks from now, because even the best forecasters have no friggin idea on whether it will rain on March 3 or whatever. It's a waste of time reading them, much less planning a trip based on them. Plan your trip for whenever it is you really want to go. As for the weather, you can't control it so why obsess over it? Just go when you want and hope for the best.
  10. oliver17

    Testosterone tablets

    There are docs in Thailand who give injections. I never get them there myself, because I get 2 large doses in the week before I leave the US and that keeps things going until I return home. I know you can also buy testosterone and syringes from some pharmacies in Thailand, but you don't want to do that because injecting yourself without physician supervision is unwise and dangerous. There was another BM from this board living full time in Thailand who did that. He was giving himself large doses thinking more was better. He passed away suddenly and I wonder if his injecting himself hastened his passing. Be smart and don't dose yourself. When you get your first injection, you will feel a jolt that day. A few days after that ,libido, energy etc. return to where they were before and then you get weekly injections. It was a long time ago when I started, but I think it was maybe 3-4 weeks before I felt full effects. Every guy is different, however. Some guys get testosterone pellet injections which last several weeks, but my doctor said weekly injections remain the best treatment. If you can, you need to start your treatments at home under doctor supervision about 4-6 weeks before your trip. That way, your motor will be humming when you arrive in BKK. I recommend every guy over the age of 40 or so get testosterone treatments. It changes everything for the better.
  11. oliver17

    Testosterone tablets

    Why don't you want injections? I have getting weekly testosterone injections from my doctor for several years now. It remains the fastest and best way to get what you are after. Whatever means of dosing you do, it will take a few weeks to obtain full effects. Unless you are spending a couple of months in LOS, beginning treatments at the start of a trip won't help you at all.
  12. No, she wasn't "violently dominant" unless you asked her to do that. She was nice, personable LB who bottomed or did whatever the customer wanted. Retired from p4p and now runs a dress shop in her home town. Candy is in her mid 30's even though she doesn't look like it. I hope she does well.
  13. Porn photographers know how to shoot ladyboys and make their cocks seem much more impressive in pics than what the reality is. I sure this Cartoon girl has a big one. In person, it just won't be as big as you thought it was based on her porn. The only LB I ever saw who lived up to her porn pics was Candy from Cascade, and she is now off the scene.
  14. oliver17


    One can easily read them using Google? Really? I looked at some of these ads. Below is what I learned about these girls thanks to Google "translate". "Fresh, cracked mouth, put in a bag, not sadistic" - icesiga "Get 800 jobs, make milk, don't convert 1-2 water, 1-2 hours, do not live, have free bags, free gel, air free room," - porslik "fusion fans love to own a leisurely acceleration" - cherbell69 "Bell Two young age of 23 (range - Chuen Nonthaburi Palace. 5) big "no sex" Caucasian services Horsfield fans love to own sex held together brilliantly to wrap it with a bag not to accelerate rolled it" - bell79 "I think relying on google translate may not be a good idea in most cases" - oliver17
  15. So? That may be some porn name that was given to her by some photographer. Or maybe she chose it herself for a porn shoot, who knows? Her name is Everest because that's what she calls herself. If you go to CIB and ask for Micky, you will get a blank stare in return. Everest herself will give you a blank stare if you address her as Micky.