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Rules & Guidelines


Welcome to BangkokLadyboys.net which for the purposes of this document may be referred to as BangkokLadyboys.net or simply as BLF.


BLF is dedicated to maintaining a friendly, fun, informative and flame free atmosphere in which our members can share information of general interest about the Thailand ladyboy scene, Bangkok in particular and other areas of South East Asia of interest to our members. The forum is free to join, all we ask is that you respect our rules and the other members of the forum. We also wish to encourage all of our members to post their questions and comments as information shared will go to the greater benefit of us all.


BLF is a mostly adult oriented forum for which membership registration is required in order to be able to contribute. By registering as a member of the forum you are verifying that you are a mature adult 18 years of age or older. If you are not 18 years of age or older your registration will be considered invalid.


Prior to registering please read through the following rules and policies which you will be required to abide by as a member of the forum.


1. No disrespectful or inflammatory discussion about The King of Thailand, The Monarchy or members of The Thai Royal Family is permitted.


2. No disrespectful or inflammatory discussion regarding the current Thai government is permitted this includes all government agencies such as the Thai military, police, customs and immigration services.


3. Disrespectful or inflammatory comments designed to incite other members are not permitted, flaming of other board members is prohibited, this does not include casual banter amongst friends. If it seems to be going too far then BLF staff will step in to ensure that it is kept fun and friendly.


4. Posting of information which is known to be false or which is reasonably considered to be false is not permitted.


5. Posting of spam is prohibited and posters of such information will be banned immediately. Legitimate advertising will be allowed by members who identify themselves to BLF staff provided that they agree to post their advertising in the proper areas. Legitimate business owners may contact any of the Administrators or Moderators for posting permissions for these areas.


6. An email address or domain name may not be used as a username.


7. A valid email address is required to register for BangkokLadyboys.net.


8. Abusive, defamatory, harassing, hateful, obscene, profane, threatening, vulgar or any material which is considered illegal in either your home country, your host country, the United States of America or Thailand is not permitted. This is done to ensure that BLF remains a fun, friendly place to be as well as to protect the integrity of BLF. Ignorance of any law being violated will not be accepted as an excuse or reason.


9. Gambling or discussion about gambling is not permitted.


10. Posting of personal photos or information of a personal nature without the permission of the individual is not permitted unless it is quoting a post made by the person in question or their permission has been obtained. Permission will be considered to have been obtained if the person has allowed their picture to be taken, unless it has been specifically requested that their picture not be posted. Posted photos may be removed arbitrarily by BLF staff or if requested by the subject of the photo. At other times BLF staff may request that the poster remove the photo, the reason for request is to be given when the request is made.


11. Posting of Personal Messages or emails sent to you by another member of BangkokLadyboys.net is not permitted. The only exception to this rule is if a board member has uttered a threat or threats against BangkokLadyboys.net or any member of BangkokLadyboys.net. BangkokLadyboys.net reserves the right to take action against any board member who issues threats and each instance will be judged individually by BangkokLadyboys.net staff.


12. Revealing the identity of another board member is not acceptable unless that board member has either done so on their own or given their permission to do so.


13. Degrading comments regarding anyone or anything posted by anyone, including pictures, as well as religious and/or racial slurs will not be tolerated under any circumstances.


14. Copyrighted material may not be posted without the permission of the copyright holder, this includes copying of material found on BangkokLadyboys.net to other places or sites.


15. Each member is permitted to have one account and subsequent accounts will not be approved or if discovered after the fact they will be deleted, attempts to register more than one account may lead to the original account being banned or removed from the board as well.


16. The topic of the use and/or purchase of illicit drugs is strictly prohibited.


17. The decisions of the Administrators and/or Moderators in any dispute at LBP is final.


18. BLF cannot be held responsible for any material posted by board members. Objectionable material may reported to the Administrators or Moderators and may be removed after being reviewed.


19. No posting of pictures or references of a sexual nature with anyone under the age of 18 years is permitted. No exceptions.


20. Posting of pictures involving sex with animals is not permitted. No exceptions.


21. The rules and policies of BangkokLadyboys.net are subject to change at any time without prior notice.


22. Where questions regarding the interpretation of these rules occurs, the interpretation and decision of the Administrators and/or Moderators will be considered correct and final.


23. Posting of Personal Messages or quotes from personal messages sent to you by moderators or administrators for moderation or administrative issues is not permitted. Any questions on such matters should be directed to one of the Root Administrators.


24. BangkokLadyboys.net reserves the right to limit or remove the access to the forums of anyone at any time.


25. Business owners who advertise with BLF agree by registering that BLF assumes no liability for loss of business or exposure that may occur should they have their access at BLF removed or restricted.


26. Action may be taken against any member who motors any act that is intent on devaluing the forum and/or the reputation of BangkokLadyboys.net forum and staff. Including slanderous statements either on this forum or any other website/forum.


Any member having questions regarding the above rules and policies may send a personal message regarding the topic in question.




We do not welcome personal attacks and this includes disparaging comments made in regard to pictures posted by our members. Please respect individual likes and tastes as not all of us enjoy the same things. If you don't have something nice to say then it is preferred that you say nothing at all.


Please respect Thai culture the Thai royal family and Thai people.


BangkokLadyboys.net reserves the right to reproduce anything that is posted on our site but we will respect your privacy with photos and identities.


BangkokLadyboys.net reserves the right to add value to members posts by linking words to external web pages. This can include authoritative sites such as, Wikipedia etc This gives the end user a more informative write up. If we add subtle links we will not change the context of your post.


We will be updating this list of rules and guidelines from time to time as issues not previously covered arise.


Please enjoy our forums and happy posting to all, we look forward to you adding your content to make BangkokLadyboys.net the best information site that we can.