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  1. Great find Thanks. This should be very useful, as it appears to be more candid than many of the local news outlets. Hopefully they wont be shut down! Cheers SAG
  2. SAGuy

    COVID-19 Health Issues

    A+ here. But I remember reading that Asians have a significantly higher incidence of blood group A than Europeans, so maybe that has impacted the stats and created a bias? Clutching at straws again! SAG
  3. SAGuy

    Bangkok During the Corona Crisis

    Massage parlours are also closed as of tomorrow ! SAG
  4. SAGuy

    Vaccination clinic recommendations

    Isn't that where that infamous group of LB pickpockets used to hang out? Maybe one of them was reincarnated? But you do wonder, how did the python get there in the first place? Cheers SAG
  5. SAGuy

    Indian fortune tellers on Khao San Road

    Hahaha I think I had curses 1 and 2 prior to the encounter! Curse 3 - I don't even want to think about that one! LOL SAG
  6. SAGuy

    Indian fortune tellers on Khao San Road

    I don't know what the curses were Syd, as they were in Hindi and my knowledge of that language only extends to roti, naan, bhaji, korma, and vindaloo! But it was in my pre-LB life so it probably was along the lines of: 1. You will move over to the dark side and become addicted to LBs 2. You will not be able to resist ringing bells 3. H&M, Zara, Lyn, Charles & Keith, and iStore will all become your best friends Or something like that! SAG
  7. SAGuy

    Indian fortune tellers on Khao San Road

    Hey Sydney About 6-7 years ago I ran into a very similar 'fortune teller' on Sukhumvit around soi 10. Little did I know at the time I would get to know that soi very well indeed! They must all go to the same school, as it was a very similar pattern, but this one wasn't a Sikh and he had a mate lurking around as well. I took it a little further, as I was fascinated as to how he was going to 'guess' my mothers name (a rare olde English name) and my gf's name (Slavic). So the next step was that he pulled out a small pad of paper and asked me to write down the 2 names and then tear off the paper and put it in my pocket. I pretended to write the names and also made sure that his lurking mate couldn't see over my shoulder. The paper in the pad didn't look like normal paper and my guess was that he would be able to pick up the impression of the 2 names and then 'guess' using that. I didn't actually write the names, just pretended to do so, so when he got the pad back he was a bit nonplussed at first. Then he got pissed off, put about 3 curses on me (in Hindi?) and then marched off! It was an interesting encounter and one I never forgot. I think that the 500/1,000/2,000 option is a way they try and bond with you to establish trust and so its all part of the con. Cheers SAG
  8. SAGuy

    Anyone for Cricket

    That's really interesting Ropey. I've spent a bit of time in Isaan and often wondered that if they are so close to their Laos neighbours, speaking the same language, following the same religion etc. then why are they now separate? I guess it must be similar to the US and Canada relationship? I wonder how many Thais know that their version of Buddhism is from Sri Lanka? I never knew that, I just assumed it was from India. Interesting stuff, it is a very complex country once you start digging. Cheers and thanks for the info. SAG
  9. SAGuy

    Anyone for Cricket

    Wow, I never realised it was so widespread. I cant see the attraction myself, as the feathers etc. were off-putting. However the Thai blokes i was with we were really keen on them. I think I'll take some Mopane Worms for the next time I see them! Thanks for the heads-up Ropey, I've never been to the PI. SAG
  10. SAGuy

    Anyone for Cricket

    Cambodia - that brings back memories. I went on a trip with some Thai blokes and apart from the obvious, their highlight of the trip was eating a Cambodian speciality - duck eggs, with a fully formed foetus inside. It appears that you cant get these in Thailand - they only have the chicken equivalents there. I cant say I tried that 'delicacy'. SAG
  11. SAGuy

    Anyone for Cricket

    The 'insect wagon' turns up outside WN and CIB on most nights. It really sobers you up when you see the femme fatales who have been the objects of your desire all evening munching on all kinds of fried insects late at night. You can get a mixed assortment for as little as THB 100 and they range from passable, to crunchy to downright gross. I guess a bit like the girls themselves? I've never seen the ant eggs in BKK, but have had them in Isaan. They're white and taste sour. I guess its an acquired taste! SAG
  12. SAGuy

    Grand Swiss soi 11

    Hey there Mike746...so am I! I was the one with a 'chum' at early breakfast this morning, as she had to get off to college. They did forget the towels yesterday! Cheers SAG
  13. So on my last trip in Nov-Dec 2019 I holed up for 3 nights in this hotel in Huai Khwang with a civilian LB I know who was visiting BKK from Isaan. I chose this hotel as she wanted to be in this area and the last trip we stayed at the CMYK hotel, which is a weird place, but directly across the street. I'd rate this hotel as a 4 star, with modern amenities and a very nice room. Due to its location its a lot cheaper than what you would expect to pay around Sukhumvit. It is very conveniently located near to the Huai Khwang MRT station and theres a lot of Chinese restaurants on the main road, nearby. Breakfasts were the usual buffet style, with a mix of Asian and Farang food, but no complaints. The dining room is in the basement and one wall has a very large aquarium, which is fun to sit next to. Most of the guests were Asians, but a better mix than just the mainland Chinese who dominated the CMYK across the street. I booked it on Agoda and it was about THB 1,400 per night, which was very good value in my opinion. The only drawback was that the wifi wasn't great at night and so it was very difficult to have VoIP calls from there after about 1800 each day. Otherwise I would recommend it if you want to stay in this area and the black out curtains that they have ensure an uninterrupted sleep! The LB companion also approved! Cheers SAG
  14. SAGuy

    Samed Cabana Resort, Koh Samet

    Hey Mad Max If you plan on taking one to Koh Samet and making a good impression, i.e. lots of selfie opportunities, then I'd recommend one of the 3 higher end resorts on Ao Phrae. They looked very nice, but the beach isn't so nice. However, the 3 LBs I was with all preferred these 3 to Ao Wongduean and called me a "Cheap Charlie" a few times, which made me laugh! Another suggestion for a more romantic getaway way would be Wongduean Resort at the other end of Ao Wongduean beach, which also looked very nice. Cheers SAG
  15. SAGuy

    Samed Cabana Resort, Koh Samet

    Hahaha@hkaus Wrong choice of word - I should have written fluorescent, not effervescent. At the Naga Bar they have pots of this stuff lying around and the revellers come in and paint their faces and bodies. The group of Chinese seemed to really enjoy to. The 3 LBs not so much LOL. I asked about this later and they claimed it would take too long to remove at night. (You live and learn!). Mosquito mats are the small blue rectangles that you place in a plug-in receptacle that heats them up and they then dispense the Deet, which then confuses the mosquitoes and prevents you from getting bitten alive at night. I take them everywhere in the tropics and they work pretty well. The obvious draw back is that you need a power supply for them to work! Coils are more appropriate for outdoors due to the smoke. A couple of other tips I just remembered: The beach restaurants on Ao Wongduean close pretty early, so best to get there before 20.00 at the latest. All of the beach restaurants sell the fish and shellfish by uncooked weight, so you choose what you want, they weigh it and then cook it. Avoid the biggest place, where the fire show is. Its the busiest and has a double frontage, but is significantly more expensive than the others and thats also where the mainland Chinese tour parties go, so not conducive to a quiet dinner! I didnt see any LB action on the island, but the receptionist at the Samed Cabana Resort was one, so we manage to blag extra towels each day LOL. Cheers and have a Merry Christmas. SAG