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  1. lbshagger

    5-Star Hotels Nearest To NANA PLAZA

    No problems, no extra fees involved. I don't even register them at reception. Just walk straight to the lift.
  2. lbshagger

    5-Star Hotels Nearest To NANA PLAZA

    I use the JW Marriott. Excellent hotel. Short walk to Nana, good service, get a suite at the back and you can see Nana Plaza, but not hear it.
  3. lbshagger

    Blowjobs & Mouth Ulcers

    The 2 groups are the recently infected and the people who have clinical aids. The 1 in 2500 figure was one I had read and swore by. I belive it applies to people who have past the initial high viral load whose bodies are still strong and suppressing the virus. Only since my infection did I really start looking and reading. I found sites, medical sites which quoted that figure and then asked the retorical question, if HIV is so hard to catch why is it still around. They then answered it by explaing about viral load in newly infected people and people in the later stage, aids. Not sure how they worked it out but the figures I found said the chances of contracting the virus increased by between 26 and 50 times. That brings the 1 in 2500 down to a sobering 1 in 50. Luck plays its part in all of this, mine ran out sometime in the past 12 months, been doing it over 20 years. Life is for living and you have to be yourself and enjoy it. I may have possibly done things differently had I seen the worst possible scenario odds though, hard to say in hindsight.
  4. lbshagger

    Blowjobs & Mouth Ulcers

    Hi Deepnhard. I am the guy from the other forum. I use to swear by the exact figures you have listed but as of these past 2 weeks have looked harder for info. I found interesting figures concerning people who have been recently infected or who have got clinical aids. Depending on the particular site the chances of catching the virus by any method were between 26 and 50 times greater if you have sex with people in tbese 2 groups. Dispite practecing good oral hygiene i suspect you are correct. A possible gum issue or something may have been the route of entry, even though I was not aware of one.