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  1. mike746

    OTS's Hotel reviews

    Thanks, I will keep a eye out next week walking back to my hotel half pissed....
  2. mike746

    OTS's Hotel reviews

    Hi Oliver, what manhole cover is that, ???
  3. mike746

    Suvarnabhumi Airport Services

    I have had the same experience too, easy through immigration , leaving very quite, in fact I was shocked nobody there...…. since the boat went down in Phuket, not many Chinese Lets hope I have the same experience on the 16/01
  4. Try Corner bar, near soi cowboy, friendly joint, live music, pool table if you want.
  5. mike746

    Three Hotels I Need Some Info On

    Holiday inn Express, soi 11, no problem from my own experience.
  6. mike746

    Hotel Guest Policies for Ladyboys

    I too have stayed at Citrus, never had a problem....great staff / service...