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  1. Long John

    Ambassador Hotel Sukhumvit

    Yep, stayed there and it is good.
  2. Long John

    Taxi or Grab to Pattaya from Sukhumvit

    I had one, but she gve up during covid and opened up a shop back in her hometown near the Laos border.
  3. Long John

    Eva Air

  4. Long John

    Eva Air

    Looking at a possible trip early next year. Checking on Skyscanner and due to the likelyhood of me moving to Brissie, Eva Air are pretty well priced. $965 AUD Brissie to BKK. Good flight times too. I would like to go on my favorite,Singapore Air but they are another $350.00. I like them because they dont screw me for taking extra luggage. Any one used Eva. I think they are ok?.
  5. Long John

    Returning after 8-year Hiatus

    I checked out the Solitaire. $100.00 AUD for a standard room. $66.00 USD. It is at the end of Soi 11 by the look of it. I guess you would have to ask the girls if they want to trek that far?
  6. Long John

    Returning after 8-year Hiatus

    Good luck in finding a good bed. Only one that I have found was in Phuket some time ago. I think beds in Thailand are made as a form of torture.
  7. Long John

    Pool In the Room?

    Not at all. The Premier suite which I have booked is more than presentable and the staff I have found to be very friendly. Location is spot on. Great for lb watching from the outside seating area!.
  8. Long John

    Pool In the Room?

    Just looking through some posts from 2013 re hotel costs. The guy stated the room rates for the Grand Business Inn in Soi 11. One that I frequent quite often. He quoted 2500 baht for the Grand Suite. I have been charged 1800 baht for a stay in August!. How is that for deflation?.
  9. Long John


    Well I am booking my flights. Doing return fron Aussie to BKK. Then return BKK to TAO,(China). Man are our fares exy!. $1300 to BKK with Thai. Now trying to sort out something that hooks up to the Thai flight without too much wait time. As the Thai flight arrives at 6.00am, there is not a lot to choose from until after midday. Think I will go Air Macau which goes via Macau with a 6 hour layover. All the flights to TAO have long layovers. Nothing direct.The fares by that route are anywhere from $660.00 to $1000.00 or more!!!. I will be carrying more than the standard allowable luggage volume. Never had a problem with Thai,(but that may change). Have no idea about the Chinese airlines. They may be more strict. About a week in TAO then back to BKK for a bit of slap and tickle So $2000.00AUD in total at least, depending on the luggage scenario. On my trip in May, I got slugged $500.00 by that tinpot airline in Italy after Etihad charged nothing from Aus to Italy. If the lb's in BKK don't perform after spending that much, they will hear about it!!!
  10. Long John

    Grand business inn, soi 11

    I agree. Great staff, great location. This is the hotel I booked into while my collegue stayed at On 8. Have stayed there a few times. They know me now and really helpful. Not a long walk from CIB!. As you say, the beds are hard. Have just booked the Grand Suite for August, but the beds nearly turned me off. One feature that is good there is the outside eating area with seating facing the road, Great for lb watching. I picked up one from that seating!!!. I checked out other hotels in the area but could not find anything to match the location, value etc. $75.00 AUD a night. That is about my max budget when lb chasing. Can't see the point in paying more. Have not had complaints from the girls. Sorry I did. When my flight time got stuffed up I had to return to the hotel for the night. Just got an elcheapo room. When I arrived back from CIB, with the girl, (starts with L and ends with y), said "oh it only has single beds". Funnily enough it did not matter a few minutes later!!. God she was good!.
  11. Long John

    On8, soi 8

    Yep, I booked it for a business collegue and I had one about 100 metres away to give me some wiggle room!!!
  12. Long John

    Flights: USA to Thailand

    I think you should be more scared of the trip to the airport by car than any plane trip you might take.
  13. Long John

    Rooftop bars

    I know it is an old post but if the lb only gets half a fat, is that good?????
  14. Long John

    Arriving In Bkk And Need Taxi?

    Thanks WS
  15. Long John

    Arriving In Bkk And Need Taxi?

    Thanks, will check it out