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  1. Long John

    Thai Airways BAD Customer Service

    My trip in Sept last year had a return flight BKK to Melb by Thai Air. Turned up at 9.30 pm for a 12.05 am flight. Seareched the board. Nothing there. Went to their ticketing office and asked what what was going on. Oh no, that flight has been changed to 8.00am I had to rebook for the following day. Cost me taxi fares, another night in the hotel etc etc. Total of about $250.00 with all the screwing around. Would have found out if they had the courtesy to notify me of the flight change, but no. Did not do it. I had booked about 3 months prior so they had time. Sent them an email asking for compensation but you can guess what happened about that!
  2. Long John

    Bangkok Travel Warning!

    Hey, go easy on the accusations!
  3. Long John

    Dynasty inn soi 4

    Bugger, I am flying with them.
  4. Long John

    Dynasty inn soi 4

    Have you ever had the feeling that you are getting ripped off?. Last night I booked 2 rooms in Pattaya for myself and my customer. I booked through Booking.com. I am a Genius member and get 10% off. . I paid 3060 baht per room for 2 nights. In the meantime not knowing that I had booked, my customer booked through an online agent in China. He paid 2090b !!!!! He showed me his invoice. Same room, with breakfast. I cancelled mine as it was a pay on arrival deal, which did explain some of the difference as they are more expensive to book that way. Now I know that it is not an expensive room but how the hell can they explain the price difference?. It is the same with airline ticket prices. From Aussie to BKK is about 8.5 hours depending on where you leave from. The cost these days is about $1300.00 AUD if you want to fly in a plane that does not issue parachutes as you board. This is roughly 660 pounds or 840 Euros. What do you guys pay for a flight from Europe to BKK?. A much longer flight.
  5. Long John

    Night Hotel Sukhumvit 15

    Suits me fine. In the Premiere suite the bathroom is quite big as are the other rooms. Restaurant is good. Has the benefit of an outside area which looks down on passing foot traffic. This paid dividends for me as I met a very nice LB who happened to walk past and I caught her eye. Bingo. A match made. Going to catch up with her during my upcoming trip. (photo attached). Have seen a couple of CIB girls in there with their "clientele". I get on well with the reception staff and the concierge. A nice guy. Always smiling. The one thing it hasn't got, and I would like, is a pool. Neither has it a gym. Mind you with my physique I dont need to visit one of those. The only downer I can recall is the reception staff stopping me taking 2 CIB girls to my room. Only one at a time! So for my trip in March, due to it being a warm time of year I am trying a couple of others. Hopeland, (Denbosch think it is ok but sometimes I doubt his opinion!). Also going to give Promenade a go.
  6. Long John

    Aloft Soi 11

    These are some of the thoughts I had. A lot of lb's come from the Isaan area and obviously not near the sea. Their only areas to swim would be rivers etc. so in the main no need for swimming. One of my very early lb gfs was from the Philippines and she loved swimming. Said that when they were growing up and even in transition to being a lb, they would go skinny dipping as a group.
  7. Long John

    Aloft Soi 11

    CV, please dont use those big words. I stumble over them and have great difficulty understanding their meaning in the context of the complex, multifaceted, duality, and often erroneus usage!
  8. Long John

    Aloft Soi 11

    I know it is an old post but do any of you guys take your dates to the pool area?. Do they want to visit the pool, swim etc?. Or maybe they just lay around showing off their bodies. On my next visit I will be staying at hotels which have a pool for the most part.
  9. Long John

    Mercure Soi 11 Review

    As far as Indian food goes, one very popular place is a restaurant right next to Grand Business Inn on the right hand side. About 50 meters from Sukhimvit. Always a lot of Indians going in there. I do eat Indian at home but not when in Thailand. Why would you?. As an aside, a bit closer to Suk, is one of my favorite girls in BKK. The girl that makes the hamburgers in a very small stall outside the marijuana shop. I do hope she is there when I am back in March. A real stunner and good to chat with. She is a gg and comes from Myanmar.
  10. Long John

    Night Hotel Sukhumvit 15

    Of course we have different tastes. The price I quoted for the Night Hotel was what I got off Booking .com and I am a level 3 member so get good prices from them. There was only 1 type of room available. Maybe it was better than the one you book?. I stay at the Grand Business Inn in Soi 11and a Premier suite suits me fine. Very large room with dressing area and large bathroom. Good restaurant and the only thing it lacks is a pool. I did cock up on the pricing of Grand Business Inn. It is 1800b a night with breakfast for 2 for the Premier Room. For that hotel I book direct and get a slightly cheaper rate and breakfast thrown in. Nothing like taking a sleepy eyed lb into the restaurant in the morning. It stirs the other patrons up!. Very friendly staff especially the main man in the lobby. He knows me well now and we always have a good chat. It is in a great position, handy to everything. I do get frustrated when people compare rates in other countries/cities. You are booking a hotel in BKK, not LA or New York. I have stayed in some less than quality places in the US and paid good money. The 34000b a night hotel I stayed in was The Burj Al Arab in Dubai. Cant imagine taking a lb to that one!. By the way I am thinking of booking a condo for a few nights. I did it last trip and booked through airbnb of which I am a member. Also what does the term American sensibilities mean?. Is that North or South America?. Or maybe the US or Argentinia?.
  11. Long John

    Short Time hotel near sukumhvit

    Are they going to watch?
  12. Long John

    Night Hotel Sukhumvit 15

    Looking for accommodation but checked out the prices for this hotel. Start at 2700 and go up For the life of me I see no reason to pay that sort of money to shag an lb 1000b would be tops. Paying 2700b means that after 2 nights you have paid 3400 extra which would pay for a lb and bf. I must be a cheapskate!. I have also stayed at hotels when not mongering, to see how good they really were, and paid about 34000b. But with gold plated taps etc, I could see why they were that price. Not for taking lbs to and shagging them. I just want a good bed and a bathroom! Mind you finding a good bed in BKK is not always easy. Sometimes the floor is softer
  13. Long John

    Toilet Seats

    She is not my type!
  14. Long John

    Toilet Seats

    Tried one of those in Brunei Airport. A think of beauty. ps I noticed you had two of your disciples give a like for you comment.
  15. Long John

    Toilet Seats

    I am looking to book a room for my upcoming trip. Why oh why do they show the toilet seat up when taking photos of the bathroom for the websites?????? Is it to prove that there is a bowl there?. Just foul!!!