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  1. lb_beginner

    Testosterone tablets

    You can get injections that lasts 3 months. So that would only be 4 times a year. The other option is a cream that you put on your whole body every day. According to docs injection or cream is the way to go since tablets is not very effective. True. It does reduce your normal production so it is (almost) impossible to stop. Apperantly take years to recover and heavy side effects from stopping. Testosterone is a key hormone though that effects a lot more than your libido: It can help with depression, exhaustion (burned out work related issues), overall energy and mood.
  2. lb_beginner

    Adelphi Grande Sukhumvit 41

    If you can choose go for June. Most of 2021 will be used to mass vaccinate people around the world. Expect heavy travel restrictions and make sure you get the vaccine before you travel. Most airline is now looking into making it mandatory to present a global healthpass-app with proof of the vaccine for intercontinental travel. Combined with a rapid covid-19 test landing in Thailand I think it will be sufficient to avoid the 14 day quarantine.
  3. lb_beginner

    Hiv In Ladyboy Scene

    PrEP is the way to ease your mind if you are concerned. Preliminary studies show that 2 pills 2-24h before (unprotected) anal sex and 1 pill a day the next two days gives the same protection as every day use (6 days a week provides full protection). It's a no-brainer. The awareness of treatment amongst p4p workers in Bkk seems to be better than in Pattaya, perhaps due to all the organizations that visit the bars to inform of sexual health. As many is in treatment with no viral load, several of the high earning are on PrEP as well as some of the customers the number will eventually go down.
  4. lb_beginner

    Taxi booking apps for BKK

    I've tried some of the Thai apps recommended by locals. Too many bugs. Grab is the only one that is stable. BTS App is improving but still a long way to go. As long as Line Pay and Rabbit have a connection it will probably be a long time before they bother to make an online system for tourists. Download a BTS/MRT map instead and use a Rabbit card. There is no way I am trusting Line with my credit card info. Supposedly one can now top up the Rabbit card on the machines at the stations as well.
  5. lb_beginner

    Pulse Clinic - ASOK!

    The effect on the kidney is individual, as I understand it. I did a test at PULSE after a month of use and all good. However, I don't use it more than a couple of months at a time. Is your plan to use it daily for the rest of your life?
  6. lb_beginner

    Pulse Clinic - ASOK!

    The Chula pharmacy sells Teno-EM for 690 per bottle. It is around the block.
  7. lb_beginner

    Hotel Guest Policies for Ladyboys

    I have frequented PB hotels a lot and the main building is not clean at all anymore. The reason staff hurries to get to the room is to turn on the lights before you see all the bugs dissapearing into their holes. I had the misfortunate to enter first and that made me run down and get my money back. If I have to use PB I now use the low rise building on the left (entering from Soi 11). The beds are also waterproof if you want to pitch the kinky up a bit.
  8. lb_beginner

    Taxi Price List

    12y old cabs? The one I had yesterday at the airport were at least 20y. Fixed on the outside but the interior was so old. First time in many years I was afraid that I was not gonna make it.
  9. lb_beginner

    Pulse Clinic - ASOK!

    They fill a market since many westerns don't wanna waist their time at The Red cross. And they make good money since they charge high prices for all other than express services. A box of Teno-EM costs me around 1200 at Pulse, or 690 at Chula Basaj. So they make more than 100% pr box sold ( since they buy it for a lot less than 690) But it is very convenient, and that's what we for.
  10. lb_beginner

    Pharmacy that sells Truvada in the lower Sukhumvit area

    Seriously? You quoted my post without reading it? Read it again. All info is there.
  11. lb_beginner

    Pulse Clinic - ASOK!

    Take the test, wait 10 min, get the result. The option is only available to "existing PULSE clients". So the first time you need to talk to a consultant for 500 extra. https://www.pulse-clinic.com/pulsexpress/
  12. lb_beginner

    Pulse Clinic - ASOK!

    I was a regular at PULSE Silom, and they charge for everything. Have to talk to a "consultant" to pick up a box of Teno-EM PrEP. So that would be 500+1200 for one package. Now I just buy them around the corner at the Chula Pharmacy for 660 THB a pack and do Express HIV tests (without consultant) for 500 at PULSE. For STD test you will have to pay a consultant (500), doctor (900) and the test itself around 4000. So that quickly escalate costs. To sum up: PULSE is great for HIV/Syf drop in tests and first time consulting when starting PrEP. For everything else I´d go elsewhere. But they are quicker than Red Cross delivering test results from labs.
  13. lb_beginner

    Getting Testosterone Levels Checked

    Remember that they need to do the tests in the morning, and usually two separate days.
  14. lb_beginner

    Visa Run Question

    I did this in late April. Took me 3 hours of waiting because there were two lines and I had the visa exception rather than the tourist visa that you apply for ahead of travel. I went around 1.45. Got it 4.45 so they do extend the 4.30 limit The photo copies need to be exact size. The staff in my condo zoomed a couple. No go. Had to go and get new ones. Still kept my que number though so that was nice.
  15. lb_beginner

    Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit?

    There are still building with a soft opening but some reviews at flyertalk.com for the rooms that have been finished.