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  1. Rocco

    Expat Health Insurance Recommendations

    Just joined, but didn’t really see much there, unless I completely missed it.
  2. Are there any retired expats that can recommend what health insurance to buy? Mine is coming up for renewal, but price has gone up to almost 100,000 baht per year, due to my age. Current coverage is thru AIA. Everything I’ve read indicates health insurance is mandatory, but I’ve never been asked for proof of coverage when renewing my retirement visa. Thanks!
  3. Rocco

    Air China

    Good luck, hope it doesn’t disappoint!
  4. Rocco

    Air China

    Based on 20+ years of flying worldwide while I was still working, I can safely say there are no bigger pigs on a plane than Chinese people. Use Air China at your own risk! The comment about hacking and spitting are spot on.
  5. Rocco

    Free Covid-19 Vaccinations at MBK in May

    Thanks for this!! I’m heading there tomorrow for my 4th jab.
  6. Yes, PB is still open
  7. Rocco

    Mercure Soi 11 Review

    I’ve had them there before (in Brussels), and agree that they are amazing.
  8. Rocco

    Mercure Soi 11 Review

    Tried Artisan today for the first time, and they are indeed fantastic. The fries were some of the best I’ve ever had too. Will be back for sure!
  9. Rocco

    Cathay Pacific

    45 minutes should be more than enough in my opinion. I’m guessing crowds are small now, so navigating your way to your gate should be no problem. Hopefully your first flight is either right on time, or if you’re really lucky, early.
  10. Rocco

    Cathay Pacific

    I love Cathay and the HK airport. Never had any issues there, but haven’t flown thru there since before Covid, so am guessing any delays are related to that. Perhaps they’re short staffed, like many other carriers? good luck
  11. Rocco

    Sidegra – Generic Viagra

    Agreed, never a problem there
  12. Sadly, Bully’s is now gone, at least at their old location near Nana Plaza.