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  1. hock19

    Hyatt Regency

    I assume that they would know the rough cost...even if you stay in a small boutique hotel, I doubt if they care a damn as long as it is clean and has all the essentials. I expect their main concern is how much you are going to give them......especially if you stay in a 6800++ room.
  2. What about escorts sites like massage republic and absolute angels, and TS dating? Some of them have their own apartments for you to visit them; otherwise ST hotels!!
  3. hock19

    Best hotel in Bangkok if money is no issue.

    I use to stay in the JW Marriott all the time since over 10 years ago. Great location especially for NEP just next door but marginally longer distance to walk if you wish to go to Soi 10 and 11 or that area. I last stayed there late last year and it was fine....
  4. hock19

    Sofitel Sukhumvit

    I was there last week. Still under renovation. I was told probably till end of June................this year!!