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  1. mikel

    Anyone for Cricket

    I had a plate of fried crickets and mint leaves with honey at a place in Vientiane a few years back. It was ok. I remember seeing the waiting staff & some of the kitchen peeking from a doorway to see what reaction I would have. Big bottle of Beer Lao helped. Ex gf's mum loved durian and we drove countless miles around Rayong finding the best ones. Not half as bad as I expected. I draw the line at ice cubes in beer!
  2. mikel

    Grand Swiss soi 11

    Have read good reviews in the past and for 4 nights in April I think the location would save a lot of schlepping about. However the executive/club liunge access rooms are quite expensive (180aud). Anyone stayed there lately?
  3. Will be landing at DM from KL in April. Anyone fast tracked through there lately? Looking for recommendations and approximate cost.
  4. mikel

    Samed Cabana Resort, Koh Samet

    I've taken my lb gf to Samet twice. Stayed at Silver Sands and Avatara at Sai Kaew. Decent places (preferred Silver Sands) and the first trip in Oct 2016 was relaxing and peaceful. Went again in Feb this year and it was swarming with Chinese tourists. Also a noticeable amount of plastic pollution in the water and on the shore. A couple of gripes but still a good place for a short getaway. Took a scooter over to Ao Phrae. The beach was deserted and the resorts look good if a little ek-pensive as the gf would say.
  5. mikel

    Millennium Hilton

    None that I've ever heard of although you may find some lb's in the malls etc Usual advice. The boat to Saphan Taksin and taxi or train will be your friends.
  6. mikel

    Adelphi Grande Sukhumvit Soi 41

    Looks good. Is it guest friendly?
  7. Location is great but I draw the line at paying 100aud for a 21sqm room. If it was one night maybe but no more.
  8. mikel

    Phachara Suites Visitor / Joiner Policy

    I stayed there and took lb's in and they stayed for breakfast. Booked for two and was prepared to tell them but nobody said anything. The walk to the lift wasn't that long. The worst part was the interminable check in & the bloody uncomfortable seat at reception.
  9. mikel


    Anyone been recently and can recommend a hotel ?
  10. mikel

    Dynasty Grande or Phachara Suites

    I've stayed there and can't remember! So I'm thinking it's not that great - standard bkk hotel gym. I took these off various travel sites.
  11. mikel

    Pulse Clinic - ASOK!

    They run at you with the needle....
  12. The original one was in KoreaTown and they were quite welcoming. Probably because I was the only potential customer they had.
  13. As someone who grew up in England I've never heard of Fred Camo or his circus nor the phrase.
  14. mikel

    Free Hospitals ?

    My last couple of trips have been in the suburbs never going near Nana/Asok. I think a lot of us, not all, would still love to swap places. Enjoy.
  15. mikel

    Free Hospitals ?

    You're in Bangkok. That's better than most of us.