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  1. As someone who grew up in England I've never heard of Fred Camo or his circus nor the phrase.
  2. mikel

    Free Hospitals ?

    My last couple of trips have been in the suburbs never going near Nana/Asok. I think a lot of us, not all, would still love to swap places. Enjoy.
  3. mikel

    Free Hospitals ?

    You're in Bangkok. That's better than most of us.
  4. mikel

    Free Hospitals ?

    Yeah. Lose the facial & the manicure and a couple of tequilas. But keep the blowjob.
  5. mikel

    Free Hospitals ?

    Hope it all turns out well. Take care. Next trip is always better....
  6. mikel

    Free Hospitals ?

    No. That was the first day of my third trip.
  7. mikel

    Free Hospitals ?

    Fucking hell. Relax man! Have a massage, a manicure, a facial, haircut, ten tequilas & a blow job. Get a motorbike taxi to race through traffic and film it while laughing like a lunatic. Then go to CIB and organise a threesome. We'll meet you at Foodland for a big brekky at 5am and do it all again. Bangkok baby!
  8. Anyone in Bkk in September? If, as I suspect I might be, I am single I'm hoping to indulge disgracefully.

  9. mikel

    Guest Friendly Hotels In Bangkok

    I've stayed at @Mind three times over the years and agree with OTS that the one bedroom is worth the extra. It's a good location although the area has changed dramatically with brand new condo towers dominating the skyline. The gym is rubbish. If you're a fitness fan try Muscle Factory (a short cab ride away). The rooftop pool is tiny - maybe two people lazing around is enough. Still big enough to enjoy a ladyboy in though..... During my last stop (Late 2017) I noticed all new staff in rebranded uniforms and a greater air of professionalism but a decline in charm (also wall to wall Chinese tourists). Breakfast wasn't as good as previous vusits. I'd stay for a night possibly two and am now looking at Viva Garden in Bang Chak one BTS stop south.
  10. I went to see Bangkok United play Thai Port a few years back at a stadium out in Thonburi that the taxi found by luck. Big crowd, ice cold beer in plastic bags, battalions of cops all preening in their sunglasses (nightgame) and doing nothing as a ruck developed on the far side. There were bands and loud hailer wielding rabble rousers and the heat was massive. Sat with some expats and had a great laugh. The football was ordinary but the experience was fantastic. The Port fans left en masse on their scooters in a huge convoy. I think it cost 80b. Walking up the main road after I had some of the best food at a roadside market then took a taxi back to Saphan Thaksin and eventually made it to NEP (what a surprise....)
  11. mikel


  12. mikel


    Fiona Solis?
  13. mikel

    5 star hotel with live music

    Siam Kempinski has death metal - sorry, live jazz in the ground floor bar (although it's been a while since I stayed there).
  14. mikel


    Yes. Caught from a well known girl working in a Nana gogo. Showed up afrer I got back home and was quickly treated but the initial shock of seeing a red sore is not something I want to experience again. Told the lb and she said "oh the condom broke with one or two customers". She got it treated (at least that's what she told me....TIT).
  15. Get in while you can. NEP & soi 4 will be history soon enough. Singaporification, bending over for the Chinese and just plain old property speculation will spell the end for Nana. This is good news for the adventurous BM prepared to search out his fun but less appealing for the theme park loving, everything on a plate basement monger. In time stories will filter through of wild nights in Thonburi - bars, lounges & guesthouses accomodating crazy farangs with fistfuls of baht just looking for a good time. And there will always be ladyboys...