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  1. mikel

    Dentist recommendations please

    I've used Bangkok International Dental Centre several times and always pleased with the result (and cost...also from Sydney so I understand your pain). My lb 'gf' always chided me that it was ek-pensive - it is aimed at farang - but to me it was reasonable and honest.
  2. mikel

    Airbnb or hotel for 10 Days

    Yes I guessed. Being a smartarse. From all reports I would avoid the Ambassador.
  3. mikel

    Airbnb or hotel for 10 Days

    40 baht! You'll be in with the soi dogs in the KT slum
  4. Will be in for a pint. In July....talk about forward planning.
  5. The Old English in Thong Lor suk soi 55
  6. mikel

    Immigration queues BKK?

    When it first opened I liked to take the train - empty, nice leisurely introduction back into Bkk watching the scenery. And dirt cheap. Subsequent visits it has been packed and/or I've been picked up lb gf. Next trip it'll be back to taxi.
  7. mikel

    Immigration queues BKK?

    I've never used it and have never had to wait longer than 15 minutes to get through immigration but have always wondered if it was value for money.
  8. mikel

    Immigration queues BKK?

    Can I ask how much they charged? One amateurish looking website said 3500b which I took to be a misprint. Another quoted 53.55aud (1300ish bt). There seems to be a huge amount of options (on google at least).
  9. mikel

    Novotel Sukumvit 4

    Just read on a guest friendly hotel site that this Novotel is no longer guest friendly but charges 1200b for overnighters. Daytime visitors are free apparently. Bizarre decision given the location.
  10. I think this far out the prices are rubbery. It'll be off season and I'd expect a cheaper rate closer to the time (& with cookies wiped). Saw a vlog o youtube and the club lounge did not look all that special. I thought it might be useful for a couple of liveners for free before heading out to be price gouged in bars, lounges and clubs.
  11. As per the title. Anyone tried it recently - what do you get and is it worth it? (Agoda are quoting 250aud) After all these years I've never stayed at the Landmark and have two nights next July so despite my opinion of lower Suk in the daytime I thought I'd try it out.
  12. mikel

    Bangkok best hotel

    Good thing that I didn't mention I'm looking at the Kimpton Maa Lai and the Capella for next trip. His head'll explode.
  13. mikel

    ParkRoyal Suites (was Phacharra Suites)

    Given its' location and previous history I would be astonished if you couldn't bring a girl in for free.
  14. mikel

    Cathay Pacific

    "I felt the thread count of our towels was unsatisfactory and the doorman didn't bow as low as I feel he should have given the money we paid. And the bath took too long to fill and..." sadly these are often followed by " thank you for staying with us and I'm sorry etc etc". Just once I'd like to see a manager reply " fuck off you whinging miserable old cow. This place is fucking great value!" My pet peeve is the over enthusiastic first time out of the house type "and we had a flat screen tv...and a kettle! Awesome hotel".
  15. mikel

    Best Hotel with Balcony & Pool Bar

    I used to enjoy @Mind although last visit it had become more corporate and packed with Chinese coach tours. The pool is small but little used and fun for two..... Citrus Suites has a readonable rooftop area with pool. I stayed there shortly after opening and it had potential for bar and nightime dining etc. Not sure if covid stopped that. Can't remember if any of the rooms had balconies.