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  1. mikel

    Hyatt Regency

    Anyone stayed here post covid? Keen to hear any opinion pre or post pandemic although recent stays would be most useful.
  2. Has anyone tried Haoma on soi 31 recently? If so, is it worth a visit?
  3. mikel

    Carry on Only Tips

    I always travel with at least three suits so this carry on nonsense sounds barbaric....
  4. mikel

    Monkey Pox

    Presumably some factory owner in China thought swastikas would be a goid little earner in SEA and didn't really bother with research. Either that or maybe southern Laos is a hotspot for Nazi sympathisers.
  5. mikel

    Monkey Pox

    This stopped me in my tracks at a store in Pakse.
  6. mikel

    Monkey Pox

    Men having sex with men is the point of this forum. Looks like it'll be buyer beware for the foreseeable future.
  7. mikel


    Be warned the pool at G10 is essentially a large bath in the rooftop bar area. Good spot for a drink with your belle de jour.
  8. mikel

    Chiang Rai

  9. mikel

    Chiang Rai

    Fly out of DM early and hire a car at CR. Easy and cheap. The roads are excellent and White Temple is well sign posted. Singha Park is ok for lunch and the Opium museum is a trek but not hard to find. You'll come back via the junction of Laos, Burma and Thailand. Plenty of good quality, cheap guesthouses and streetfood. Night markrt is ok. Up a side street, short distance from the Clocktower are two bars that have Lbs on staff. Midday flight gets you homw in time for fun in lower Suk
  10. mikel

    Novotel Suites soi 39

    "Big Mango"?? Lol. 0/10 for imagination. 1/10 for hyperbole 0/10 for sartorial disaster . 2/10 for interview salience. The jokes write themselves for this trope. No reflection on you Mikel!! Am glad to be informed about the Novotel. Absolutely agree about the review (no fucking socks annoys the hell out of me). I put it up for the footage of a new (now kaput) hotel and thought some bms might like the lbs. He's annoying and full of himself but so many Bkk (and Pattaya) videos are piss poor amateur efforts that insult the audience with their lack of preparation and effort and at least this looks like they tried.
  11. mikel

    Novotel Suites soi 39

    You tube channel HeyBigMango review Novotel Suites soi 34 and interview 3 lbs. (A second longer interview with two of them is better). 'Luxury hotel' is an overreach but it looks ok for the money. NB just checked on Agoda and in red is the phrase of the covid era....Permanently Closed.
  12. mikel


    A haiku review. Succinct and to the point.
  13. mikel

    Check Airfares for 2022

    If you really want to fly Thai then keep an eye on Malai Travel's Facebook page. They often post cheap deals for the Thai community but be quick they sell out fast. (They're based in George st Sydney near Thaitown but get nationwide deals)
  14. mikel

    Check Airfares for 2022

    Ballsed up the edit. Taken from Skyscanner. Dates May 3 & 24.