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  1. Taaseesanuk and ssmurry : all true. The Bangkok public forum is everything you need as a newbie, it helped me a lot 2 or 3 years ago. Advanced section in the Pattaya forum is fantastic - not now obviously - , you should try to advance there ssmurry. By the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY ! Wish you many lbs and the best.
  2. ARI23

    Adelphi Grande Sukhumvit 41

    Hi Dan, No trouble, I have forgotten myself about this post ... Yes Adelphi Grande is too far from the action for me and I like to be at the same time in the heart of the action and in a quiet place : few cars (soi 8 has a dead end), some nice bars and restaurants (Viva, In Vite, Det 5, Monsoon, ...), massage salons, tailors, street food ... I am not sure about the payment upfront. Maybe just ask. All this is so theoric right now ...
  3. In early January, India Today had already disappeared and was replaced by a beer bar with so-so GGs. There were people and ambiance at night but I was not interested for obvious reasons. From the pic I took I don't read "Food and Coffee" (taken afar with my phone so very bad pic). Maybe it changed owner 2 times in 6 months.
  4. ARI23

    Adelphi Grande Sukhumvit 41

    Hi Danum99, What about the location ? Not too far from Nana, CIB, WN ? I stay sometimes at Adelphi Suites soi 8 - when the rate is not too high -. It's my prefered hotel in Bangkok. Soi 8 is quiet and it is in the middle of Sukhumvit nightlife.
  5. We're all getting old by the hour.
  6. Hi Danum99, You wrote the exact same post the 10th of february. Did you catch the virus of repetition?
  7. Big Dogs : same reason as OTS and Bwana_lb Bus Stop : in the morning for the breakfast and the cute waitress Hillary 2 : I feel good there moving around bodies, enjoying the live music and the drinks, having fun with a ladyboy after or before a session, watching the players at pool
  8. ARI23

    Citrus Suites Sukumvit Soi 6

    The Executive Suite is exactly the same as in Mangatanga pics. Room 708. The rooms on the corner, 710, are designed differently (bigger ?). I was wrong on the above post, there is an eggs station at breakfast though not in the same place. You order your choice at the maid and the Beats restaurant deliver it to you (pic). This morning I woke up early and I could take the breakfast for only the second time of my stay. I also discovered the rooftop bar. Yesterday I went at 5 pm. There was nobody up there. Only me. It is located on the 10th floor. There is a modest pool, a jacuzzi, a bar, a fitness room and a nice view (pic). Each time I have asked the reception for something about my stay or else, they welcomed my request, tried to help and succeeded. A very nice plus. The second day of my stay the maid woke me up at 9.30 am to make the room. I said I was sleeping. Since this day it was not a problem and when I woke up in the afternoon I always found a maid on my floor to make the room. The location of the hotel is the best part. So easy to bring back a bird from Nana Plaza, or a freelancer from soi 4 ...
  9. ARI23

    Citrus Suites Sukumvit Soi 6

    On the soi 6 side. 7th floor, no problem with the noise from the street. Breakfast is not a problem in itself. You won't starve here. But, and Mangatanga also noticed it, the breakfast is weak. For westerners especially. Few viennoiseries. Few fruits. No omelette station. It is marketed for asian people. Have you been to the Monsoon breakfast (Adelphi Suites) ? Not on the same level. Coffee (brewed) is good though and that's not common in BKK.
  10. ARI23

    Citrus Suites Sukumvit Soi 6

    I am in the same kind of room as Mangatanga was in April (see pics above). Only problem is the shower. I had 2 different rooms because I asked for a quieter room - the first one was close to the lift - and each time the temperature of the water was changing all the time during the shower. Not cool. Otherwise, comfortable. Breakfast is a little weak. Many chinese people though the hotel is quiet. I have seen 2 children (we are not on the same schedule). Personally I prefer the Adelphi Suites. The design is better. In Citrus Suites the rooms are all in length. You can see it in last Mangatanga picture
  11. ARI23

    Dream Hotel

    Rules are : you leave the room at 12, you get in the room at 2pm (see above the reason). If you are nice, ask very politely, meet the right receptionist and are lucky, sometimes you will get the room at the check-in. It has happened to me a few times. You absolutely want/need the room at the arrival ? Take the early check-in (if available). Around 50 bucks. May worth it.
  12. ARI23

    Dynasty Inn, Sukhumvit Soi4

    Hi OTS, The guy is there every day. He is not annoying. He is simply there. Like the ladyboys at dusk (maybe not the same lbs than 20 years before).
  13. Dynasty Inn, 5 4 Sukhumvit Road Soi 4 Nanatai Klongtoey, Bangkok, Thailand, Bangkok 10110 I was at the Dynasty Inn hotel 3 nights at the beginning of August 2019. I didn't find any review about this hotel which seems little discussed in this forum, contrary to the Dynasty Grande. Why you (and I) would choose this unassuming little hotel (around 60 rooms)? To be in the heart of the action. At your right, count 60 meters to Nana Plaza via Hillary 4 and the Stumble Inn. If you take on your left, Hillary 2 is at 30 meters. The reviews are good (8.3 on Booking) and this hotel is of course guest-friendly. I asked for a non-smoking room at the back of the hotel (quiet rooms). 1 680 baht a night for 2 people. I didn't take the breakfast. At the entrance of the hotel, the front bar gives you a look at the scene. Very useful to give a rendez-vous to a lb, take a drink and evaluate the chemistry. At night a few ladyboys stand on the sidewalk. Food from the restaurant is known to be good. I didn't test it. At the front desk, the hotel staff is friendly and helpful. It's a big plus. The people make the place. No walk of shame. Your guest will let its ID at the reception. At the check-in they ask for a 500 baht cash deposit for the key. The back annexe seems to face the rear of Nana Plaza but in the room there is no noise of music or whatever. The room is quite new, clean and large. 26 square meters. Aircon works well, a bit noisy. Comfortable big bed, safe (laptop friendly), fridge, ... Fast wifi. Complimentary water, coffee. Bathroom is modern and clean with a hand hose. All lbs of Nana Plaza know the hotel and will be happy to make the short walk for a session. So no short-time room to pay. All in all I was positively surprised by the quality of this 3 star hotel, clean nice room, friendly staff, located in the heart of the action. I was pleased all the time I spent in that room, feeling well. Recommend strongly. Note: Dynasty Grande, on Soi 6, belongs to the same owner and has pool and gym. Around 300/350 baht more expensive by night. Same kind of rooms. Better lobby, front desk not so friendly. Pictures : - the entrance of the hotel from soi 4, see the bar. - The room with the bed, flat tv, safe. The bathroom. The mirror (ladyboy not included in the package).