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  1. ARI23

    Actual Massage places

    I use the same salon Oliver (across Viva cafe) for many years. My masseuse Oy is not there anymore but I had a very good thai massage - 1 hour 300B - in January. I went with a thai lb, we each had our masseuse, and her verdict was : good place.
  2. ARI23

    Sukhumvit nightclubs

    They will miss you lol
  3. Are you member of the Pattaya Forum Dhana ? There is a trove of information in the Pattaya forum - as it should be, many expats or would-be expats in this forum - about the process to retire in Thailand. Just type "retirement" or "visa" in the search function/button. Or take a deep look at the "Living in Thailand" topic or in the chit chat one. https://www.ladyboyspattaya.com/forum/89-living-in-thailand/
  4. ARI23

    Dentist recommendations please

    I did get one cleaning in Smile Dental Asoke branch this summer. Very professional. I recommend.
  5. ARI23

    Air China

    It's not only Air China. Since the end of the Covid crisis, Airline companies twist their schedules and rotations for a number of good and bad reasons (not enough planes, lack of employees, rentability, ...). Client not happy ? Cancelling ? They don't care, they make so much money. 2023 will be a great year for the travel industry. From IATA (International Air Transport Association) (June 2023) : Airline industry net profits are expected to reach $9.8 billion in 2023 (1.2% net profit margin) which is more than double the previous forecast of $4.7 billion (December 2022). Airline industry operating profits are expected to reach $22.4 billion in 2023, much improved over the December forecast of a $3.2 billion operating profit. It is also more than double the $10.1 billion operating profit estimated for 2022.
  6. I used Orange Taxi Service in August. 1200 B including tolls and no problem. Drivers on time, good cars. Difficult to tell. If it is an usual week-end you will have all Bangkok going Pattaya on friday afternoon/evening. The Bangkok exit will be difficult, after that it should be an easy drive. On a sunday afternoon it took me 2 hours. For you I would say between 2 and 3 hours. It would be good to get your feedback. Anyway you will be there for a great night. Lbs bars : New Bar, Delirious bar, Bon Bar, all the others on Buakhao, Katoeys'r us on WS ... If you have questions ...
  7. ARI23

    Air China

    5 or 6 year ago I had a fly to Chengdu on Air China. During the night one lady was watching movies on her tablet. The sound on, without earphones. I stopped a flight attendant : could she ask the lady to put the earphones ? The flight attendant was embarrassed : sorry sir, I can do nothing. People here (cf in China) do as they want. The price will have to be very good to choose Air China again.
  8. ARI23

    Dynasty Inn, Sukhumvit Soi4

    I don't smoke so perfect little hotel for me. Best location, similar to Nana hotel in the heart of action. Perfect if you don't need relaxing by a pool or lifting weights. Bar was a plus though I don't know if it has reopened too.
  9. ARI23

    Dynasty Inn, Sukhumvit Soi4

    Dynasty Inn Soi 4 is re-opening. Email from the Management with rates and info : "Thank you for your kind interest to stay at Dynasty Inn Bangkok. Yes sir, our hotel is opening and ready to welcome our value guests again. The rooms at our hotel are non-smoking room only and the rate as follows: Standard 1,280 Baht/Night ** At main BLD.; room size 20 sq.m with queen bed** Deluxe 1,680 Baht/Night ** At main BLD.; room size 32 sq.m with king bed** Standard New 1,580 Baht/night **At back BLD.; room size 26 sq.m with queen bed** Deluxe New 1,880 Baht/night **At back BLD.; room size 32 sq.m with king bed** Occupancy is 2 persons per room, extra person will be 300 Baht charged. (Standard room maximum stay 2 person only) Please make a reservation in advance by fill up the form below, thank you." In August and December 2019 I paid 1680 Baht/Night for the Standard New at Back 26 sq.m. Now it's 1580 Baht. Maybe there are taxes to add.
  10. ARI23

    Syama Nana

    Thanks for the info. Syama reviews on Booking and Trip are not good to say the least and the hotel has never been discussed here in this forum. Can I ask why you chose Syama in the first place ? Location and price ?
  11. ARI23


    KLW, I know you dont post here anymore but in case sometimes you still lurking I'd like to know how you are now (HBV) and what happened with your wife and son. You were a damned great poster/member.
  12. No, the Climax night club was at the Ambassador hotel, Suk 11 too. Same group as Hillary bars. Closed around 2018. Before Hillary 11, at the corner, it was Marshmallow bar & restaurant I think. Not sure.
  13. Send pm to KendoUk. He is a great mod for both forums and will help you.