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  1. ARI23

    WTF ? No War

    Situation on the front (of Swadee TR) is evolving.
  2. ARI23

    WTF ? No War

    I have nothing to do with the Flag/No War apparition here (and I support the Ukrainian side). This Ukrainian flag pic is in the "My First" thread from 2009, you can look at it in Trip Reports. I like TRs and I was looking forward to reading the first TR ever published in this forum. It is this one and someone added this flag. Who I don't know. When I don't know. I'd like to know what happened. Is it one mod ? Was it a hack ? Just curious.
  3. ARI23

    WTF ? No War

    Ukraine Flag / No War in a 2009 thread How that possible ?
  4. ARI23

    Bangkok best hotel

    Has it been renovated ? In 2019 there were reviews Hope Land hotel was outdated.
  5. ARI23

    Bangkok best hotel

    No sorry. Sheraton Grande had some reviews in the past If I remember well, great hotel.
  6. ARI23

    Bangkok best hotel

    Landmark and Sofitel are great hotels. But for the same prices you will get a much bigger room in Mercure soi 11 or Adelphi Suites soi 8 - I would say 30 sqm / 50 sqm - Depends what you prefer (I prefer the bigger room). Discreet ??? Are you scared of being seen by someone you know with a ladyboy while coming back to your hotel ? Well ... It can happen. I once met a work mate in Nana Plaza. I didn't know he was in Thailand. I was alone, just coming back from a short time session with a ladyboy in a Nana Plaza short-time room. Hmmm. To avoid that : - Take a session in the short time room of the bars (Cindy's, CIB, Chaos 9, Why Not all have short time rooms upstairs). - Barfine the girl and tell her to be in 30 mins at your hotel. Give her your room number. Come back first to your hotel and tell the receptionist a guest will be there soon and that she can go up to your room. - Book a girl with Smooci or another escort agency or Thaifriendly. She will go to your room.
  7. ARI23

    Hua Hin

    Centara is a colonial style hotel, a wonderful one obviously. The beach, the town. Good services. I understand there are also excellent restaurants in Hua Hin, outside the hotel - Everest, indian restaurant, five mins from the hotel, sea-food restaurants in the night market, etc.
  8. ARI23

    Hua Hin

    OK. Tips from the 2 threads by different posters. Thread Hua Hin : June 2022 : Soi Bintabaht is pretty dead but I am sure there is a few massage places with LB's.. Did see a pretty nice looking LB exiting the Hilton one evening so they are around. Soi 84 Cindy at Saowanee massage and apple salon. This place in Poon Suk road, close to Hilton Hotel. She gave good massage and she definitely good top. Puang Pen Villa Hotel. Close to the beach and the nightlife. Nice and clean hotel at an affordable rate and very nice staff. Only stayed at the Hilton and centera grand in that part of town but was with company so do not know if either is guest friendly. As mentioned before I did spot a good looking ladyboy leave the Hilton a few weeks back so they do allow guests but I don't know if you have to pay a fee have stayed at the Hilton & the Centara next door, great hotels on the beach & worth the splurge if it's within your remit. Only stayed the 1 night at the Centara. There was a big golf tournament going on so most rooms were booked so it cost £110 a night this was last month. probably cheaper now. The breakfast buffet had everything you could concievably wish for and was all you can eat. Grounds are nice and historical. Definatly worth doing at least once. If staying for a week or more it's worthwhile upgrading to the 'club' option (or whatever they call it these days!)...this gives you a more private breakfast area with special chef prepared meals such as eggs benedict, all day snacks, light meals in the evening & the happy hour 5-7pm.. From thread 2019 : I stayed at Anchan hotel and spa, nice place but not the cheapest and Patty stayed over so ladyboy friendly. Alin Hua Hin soi 57 just opposite Poon Suk Road. I've seen Alin 6 or 7 times now and she never disappoints. If your looking for super feminine look elsewhere, but if you want a good pounding a great massage and excellent take care then read on. Alin9955 on TF.
  9. ARI23

    Hua Hin

    https://www.ladyboyspattaya.com/topic/43778-hua-hin/ https://www.ladyboyspattaya.com/topic/33584-hua-hin/page/4/
  10. ARI23

    Sukhumvit to Hua Hin

    Are you in the Pattaya forum ? There is a recent thread https://www.ladyboyspattaya.com/topic/44543-taxi-from-bangkok-to-hua-hin/ Good tip from Scottiem1954 :
  11. ARI23

    Guest Friendly Hotels In Bangkok

    It would be LOD not LOS.
  12. ARI23

    Guest Friendly Hotels In Bangkok

    Agree 100%. Large executive rooms. Weak breakfast.
  13. ARI23

    Hotel location

    S15. Rodrigo made a thread about it.
  14. ARI23

    Chiang Rai

    Agree with Taas and Ropey. White Temple is spectacular esthetically but hollow spiritually. Would it be possible to get a taxi straight from the airport to temple and then back to the airport? Yes, half an hour max between Chiang Rai airport and White Temple. How many hours would i need? 1 Hour taxi + 1 Hour visit max. If there are other things that are a must to see or do while in Chiang Rai . Maybe im missing something else? 1 day you have time to visit the Black Temple : Baan Dam Museum. Unconventional, weird and touristic too. And then you'll be able to spend some time in Chiang Rai. There was a cats bar, very nice, last time I visited. The Gold Triangle and its opium museums is about 60 kms/1 hour drive away from Chiang Rai. You can do all that in a day if you are well organized. Many flights to come back to Bangkok in the evening and go straight to CIB or Why Not for a quiet night with Angels to end this spiritual day in a good note. chiang-rai-thailand-november-05-2014-baan-dam-museum-interior_78361-6310.webp
  15. Taaseesanuk and ssmurry : all true. The Bangkok public forum is everything you need as a newbie, it helped me a lot 2 or 3 years ago. Advanced section in the Pattaya forum is fantastic - not now obviously - , you should try to advance there ssmurry. By the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY ! Wish you many lbs and the best.