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  1. true but concord never made any money . maybe with more efficiency there is a chance
  2. Markm

    Check Airfares for 2022

    ill have two sugas with that if your stirring
  3. Markm

    Check Airfares for 2022

    much better for multi shindigs as well lol
  4. Markm

    Check Airfares for 2022

    just looked at skyscanner perth to bkk feb 13 to 20. wtf $1350 the cheapest 2400 the quickest . most have a 17 to 20 hr leg there or back. its only a 7 hr flight. ill wait and see i think
  5. virtual rolls or artificial gravity
  6. personally the best thing would be to have a satellite hotel/casino in orbit so once your up there and come down its less than 24 hrs to any where in the world . imagine sat/ladyboy full of bars no alcohol tax or boys in brown .
  7. for the past 40 years ive heard about all these fast fight from here to there. never happens. you need the milk run to keep the planes full thus make money . slow poke wins the race .
  8. Markm

    Paradiso Suites near CIB

    maybe just closed to save costs till things open up. ?
  9. if you have the money i think its a good deal . if you are happy to do all the running around with the visas then thats ok. you are buying sabai sabai .
  10. there is the 1 mill card for 20 yrs no fees. but less extras still get 2o years limo help etc, no golf shopping etc
  11. Markm

    Air Travel during the New Normal

    i like this , now no fat bastard or women with way to much stuff can en- croach my seat lol .
  12. Markm

    Hiv In Ladyboy Scene

    I think there are more gender fluid in Thailand than trans. The amount of so called ladyboys that revert is astounding to me , and some of the most famous as well. Thailand has a way of warping ones reality . Lol
  13. Markm

    Phachara Suites Visitor / Joiner Policy

    i have always liked this place, but for me the very average breakfast choices and the under cover pool are a put off and the lengthy check in but they are not alone on that one. so its been a while since i have stayed and after reading the others it maybe a while yet .
  14. i have a condo in the seed mingle bkk and they have the same stuff, but now you have finger print reading to get in.
  15. Markm

    Citrus Suites Sukumvit Soi 6

    i stopped going to the grand suk because of the russians a few years back, you would stand in front of the lift and as soon as it arrived they would run you over literally getting in 1st. the rudest i have ever seen