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  1. Denbosch1971

    Hotels with large bedside mirrors

    Mercure in Soi 11 has rooms where parts of the wall are mirrors. Very good memories from the wall next to the couch
  2. Denbosch1971

    Guest Friendly Hotels In Bangkok

    Most definitely
  3. Denbosch1971

    SIM card

    Yes. I always buy one when waiting for the luggage anyhow
  4. Denbosch1971

    Cheapish , but ok hotel between sois 7 and 11

    I agree with @taaseesanuk, Hopeland in Soi 8 is a nice and affordable place. Enjoyed many nights there last year. I can also recommend Travelodge in Soi 11, similar price range. A little further from WN and CIB, but crawling distance from Cindy's
  5. Hi Frank, maybe this one is suitable for you. In Sukh. Soi 4,. Only few minutes walk to Why Not, about 10-12 minutes walk to Cindy's and Check In bar. They charge currently around USD 33-43 a night !
  6. Denbosch1971

    Bangkok Travel Warning!

    Going there as a couple ... probably having a mean girlfriend, he might be right
  7. Denbosch1971

    Esim lcard for Samsung S22 ultra

    You should watch the video posted yesterday: Very educational and fun to watch imho
  8. Denbosch1971

    Landmark Hotel

    Terrace was still completely covered up (on Wednesday end of morning). So work still ongoing!
  9. Denbosch1971

    Novotel 20

    Yes, stayed there years ago ... when Why Not was still in Soi 20. Never had an issue with ladyboy guests!!
  10. Denbosch1971

    Bangkok best hotel

    Never been there ...
  11. Denbosch1971

    Leks Last Stand

    If you can't find Lek's @CanadaVisitor, I wonder how on earth you can find a cute girl
  12. Denbosch1971

    Leks Last Stand

    From 7/11 ... 19 meters to the left
  13. Denbosch1971

    Taxi or Grab to Pattaya from Sukhumvit

    I always use Orange Taxi Service from Pattaya. Last time they charged 1200 THB for single trip from Sukhumvit to Patts
  14. Denbosch1971

    Sukhumvit -2nd guest no charge?

    Travelodge Soi 11, not even an issue with 3 guests, in June 2023.
  15. Denbosch1971

    Returning after 8-year Hiatus

    I've booked a few nights there for my next trip (end of the year only). Looks promising! And I can guarantee the girls from Cindy's don't mind the walk (since many of them didn't mind the walk to Travelodge (opposite Solitaire) either