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  1. Denbosch1971

    Taxi or Grab to Pattaya from Sukhumvit

    I always use Orange Taxi Service from Pattaya. Last time they charged 1200 THB for single trip from Sukhumvit to Patts
  2. do you have some info about Bowling, Line or something like that 

    1. Denbosch1971


      No, unfortunately I can't help you. 
      Actually, I asked to Whiteshirt whether July was still around. He replied that she left, and Bowling also.

      So maybe he can help you further. 

    2. DanfromNorway
    3. DanfromNorway


      thanks though 

  3. Denbosch1971

    Sukhumvit -2nd guest no charge?

    Travelodge Soi 11, not even an issue with 3 guests, in June 2023.
  4. Denbosch1971

    Returning after 8-year Hiatus

    I've booked a few nights there for my next trip (end of the year only). Looks promising! And I can guarantee the girls from Cindy's don't mind the walk (since many of them didn't mind the walk to Travelodge (opposite Solitaire) either
  5. Denbosch1971


    Made a new booking for December 2023. Again with KLM. A flight with similar conditions as above, would have been > 3400 Euro ... just insane!! So said goodbye to economy comfort class, switched to impopular dates, spend some flying miles and managed to book for around 1400 Euro
  6. Welcome Mr. Bingo! Hope you'll find whatever it is you're looking for. I think 'levelling up' goes automatic, with you contributing to the forum. Not sure though
  7. Apparently nr 1 and 2 weren't fit for this life after all
  8. Denbosch1971

    Rooftop bars

    I would suggest Tichuca. Never been there myself, but hear a lot of good stories!
  9. Denbosch1971


    Compared to my flights last December (approx 1500 Euro), the upcoming return flight AMS - BKK I booked for May/June came down to around 1000 Euro !
  10. Let's hope (and I am quite sure) you'll have a good time in the Land of the Smile! Looking forward to hear your stories @Dgear Enjoy!
  11. You should ... great place to bring the lady! Walk down Soi 11, through the S-curve (left, right) and then it's in the 1st or 2nd alley to the left (not sure which one), but very short alleys. It's the last bar on the right hand side. Real Latin vibe, where you can hear Fidel Castro speech when you're taking a leak (not kiddin') !
  12. Climax indeed was an awesome place. Great vibe and very good live music! Too bad it's gone. A nice alternative can be Havana Social, in small alley to the left, further down Soi 11. Very relaxed place, lb friendly and they serve a Cuba Libre to kill for!! https://www.facebook.com/havanasocialbkk
  13. Denbosch1971

    Immigration queues BKK?

    I left around a week ago. Very smooth at both security and immigrations ... just 2 or 3 persons in front of me. Perfect !!
  14. Denbosch1971

    Sukhumvit nightclubs

    Yeah sure ... try Bobo (near BTS Nana) or Mixx (near BTS Chit Lom). Or Candy Club or Sugar Club in Soi 11. Looks like Insanity didn't make it after Covid, place still closed.
  15. Denbosch1971

    Best Hotel with Balcony & Pool Bar

    Hi @Warney, Novotel Sukhumvit Soi 4 has a pool bar. It's a 2 min walk to Why Not and about 5 min to NEP. So location is pretty perfect. I visited them in April, didn't have a balcony though. And to be honest, don't think they have rooms with balcony (based on attached pic) from their site.