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  1. sydney69er

    Indian fortune tellers on Khao San Road

    Oh he was a genuine fortune teller! I need to get back and have him read my fortune to the full extent!
  2. sydney69er

    Indian fortune tellers on Khao San Road

    Not sure about that. Probably his brother was allocated the suit making tasks, his cousin the curry chef, his other cousin allocated to the 'You're a lucky man' scam! I am sure they have to work themselves up and down the scales of tasks allocated!
  3. sydney69er

    Indian fortune tellers on Khao San Road

    Oh now I want to know what curses he put on you! I bet they were very colourful!
  4. Not sure if they are still hanging around Khao San Road these days but there used to be some Indian Sikh dudes with the big turbans hanging around Khao San Road during the day offering to do some fortune telling. I was just strolling through Khao San Road as I walked past 1 who offered to tell me my future. I had time to kill and I was curious so I said ok. He took me down one of the small alley ways off Khao San where he had a cheap plastic table and plastic chairs setup next to the wall. We sat down and he said first let me show you a magic trick. He showed me some crappy card trick where I picked a card, shuffled the deck and then he picked my card out. He then said he would prove how good he is in his fortune telling powers by guessing my mothers name and my first girlfriends name but I had to give him some money. Both my mother and first girlfriend have very unusual names so I knew there was no way he would guess but I was still curious. I asked him how much. He said 'My friend this depends if you are a poor man, medium man or rich man' He said if you are poor man you can give me 500 baht. If you are medium man you can give me 1000 baht or if you are a rich man you can give me 2000 baht! My interest waned and I said goodbye, saving my money for my next 'short time girlfriend'. Still to this day I am curious what he would have come up with for the names! Anybody else had experience with these dudes? Are they still there?
  5. sydney69er

    Asking to see Thai baht

    Oh the old 'You are a Lucky Man scam'. I have had Indian guys try this on me in Sydney, Hong Kong and Macau. I am not quite sure what the scam is as after they say 'Oh you look like a lucky man' my usual response is 'F off or you'll be an Unlucky Man'! A friend in Hong Kong told me he gets this 'Lucky Man' routine a lot. When they get your attention by saying you are a 'Lucky Man' they just give you a sad story about them being unlucky and then ask for help by you giving them money. I am sure they have different flavours of this but I guess the Lucky Man routine is to get your attention.
  6. sydney69er

    Mercure Hotel Sukhumvit Soi 11

    I have not stayed at the Mercure but can highly recommended the El Gaucho Argentinean Steakhouse located at the front of the hotel. I rate as the best steak in Bangkok! A bit expensive but very high quality steaks. Loads more good food options walking distance from the hotel along Soi 11.
  7. sydney69er

    Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit?

    btw - i also saw a GG freelancer during the day, just between Hyatt Regency and Soi 11. How convenient!
  8. sydney69er

    Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit?

    I stayed at Hyatt Regency Sukhumvit at the end of last year. Great hotel. Very nice rooms, great Club lounge, nice swimming pool I think on level 4 with so so view. Awesome rooftop bar called Spectrum Lounge. I did not bring a guest in while I stayed at this hotel though the reception area is very busy. I walked through many times late evenings and didn't seem to be anyone checking id. But maybe if I had a guest someone would have sprung up to check. There was a door man opening the door directly off Sukhumvit. maybe he checks if you have a guest. But i'd say being a 5 star hotel you will have no problems bringing a guest (whatever flavour), maybe just the id check for your protection. I used to stay at Grand Hyatt Erawan and had no problems with bring guests. During the day no id check, only at night time do they have someone standing at the lifts checking id. Hyatt Regency Sukhumvit: About 1 minute walk to Soi 11 and Nana BTS skytrain station. Only took less than 10 minute stroll up to Nana. Quite a few freelancers standing right out the front of Hyatt Regency at night time on Sukhumvit. I saw both GG and LB but none I would have dragged off the street!
  9. Has anyone stayed at the Hyatt Place Bangkok Sukhumvit? Seems to be a few minutes walk to Phrom Phong BTS station and maybe a bit over 10 minutes walk from Soi Cowboy.
  10. sydney69er

    Nara Thai Cuisine

    Another great dish at Nara Thai is their delicious soft-shell crab salad. Yummo
  11. Not one mention of Thai satay. I love it. But better than Thai satay stick is Moo Ping - pork skewers, the best Thai street food
  12. It would definitely take some of the stress away from casual sex with dirty whores. How many blood tests you boys had in the past and sweated on getting the results Condoms only protect you so much. I would say these sorts of testing kits will become acceptable for both parties to take as they are become more common and reliable.
  13. sydney69er

    Nara Thai Cuisine

    There is another Nara Thai over in the Urban Kitchen, lower ground floor of the Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel. I think there is a few Nara Thai throughout Bangkok all part of the same chain. I have eaten there a few times and the food is always top quality and I think reasonably priced.