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  1. sydney69er

    Dentist recommendations please

    My dentist in Sydney told me I had to have root canal treatment on a tooth which was going to cost A$2500. I saw prices in Thailand were about 8000 Baht, A$250. I went to a dentist in Phuket, he walked in, looked like he was about 18 years old. He didn't say hello or introduce himself, just said what you want. I told him about my dentist wanting to do root canal. He looked at the tooth for a few seconds and said no, I extract it and give you implant. BS! I walked out, went back to Sydney and forked out the $2500 to have a professional do it! If you can find a good professional dentist in Thailand then it will save you a ton of money but good luck! I am sure there are some but plenty of shonky dentists there.
  2. sydney69er

    Arriving In Bkk And Need Taxi?

    At BKK there are 2 taxi queues, 1 for standard taxi and 1 for large taxis for groups, usually minibus for large groups but they will handle any large luggage.
  3. sydney69er

    Soi 11 Nightlife and eats

    I stay very close to Soi 11, so working through the huge selection of restaurants. Had a Pork Katsu Burger at Artisan Craft Burgers, just a few doors down from Bang Bang Burgers (which I prefer) across the road from Hillary 11. The pork burger for 330Bant, not cheap, was so so. Nice slab of deep fried pork and some coleslaw which was pretty tasteless. I might go back and try their classic beef burger but plenty more restaurants to try
  4. sydney69er

    Immigration queues BKK?

    Landed yesterday at BKK Saturday 10am 7 minutes to walk from plane to immigration. 3 minutes through immigration 10 minutes to wait for my bag and bang in a taxi. No queues at immigration Taxi took just over 45 minutes from Old Swampy to Sukhumvit Soi 13, a bit of traffic on the highway. Taxi cost 275 Baht plus 2 tolls, 25 and 50 baht. Good to be back!
  5. sydney69er

    Best hotel in Bangkok if money is no issue.

    The bath got moved by the rocking in the tub!
  6. sydney69er

    Best hotel in Bangkok if money is no issue.

    I rate Hyatt Regency, not as the best hotel but the best location (for mongers), on corner of Soi 13 Sukhumvit. Price around 7000 THB per night depending on season. I have seen it cheaper but 7K seems to be the average. Suites go for 13,000 THB per night. Great buffet breakfast, nice swimming pool and gym on level 6 and very cool rooftop bar. I have stayed at Park Hyatt (over 16,000Thb per night for standard room) which was very nice but not the same awesome location as Hyatt Regency. Hyatt Regency is a very nice 5 star hotel. 1 minutes walk to Soi 11 with heaps of restaurants to choose from, and Cindy's Secret. 450 meters - 4 minutes walk to Check-in Bar. 8 minutes walk to Nana Entertainment Plaza, 9 minutes walk to Soi Cowboy. 2 minutes walk to Nana BTS if you want to venture out around Bangkok. Street walkers (GG and LB) right out the front most nights. When I stay there I very rarely venture further than 450 meters! Or Sofitel, just on next block past Soi 13. I have not stayed there but still great location. Pics of a King Deluxe Room from my stay at Hyatt Regency in July last yeat
  7. sydney69er

    Cheapish , but ok hotel between sois 7 and 11

    I like to be the meat, in a ladyboy sandwich
  8. sydney69er

    Cheapish , but ok hotel between sois 7 and 11

    Yep it is easy to search for hotels online but......I think the purpose of the OP is to get recommendations from fellow mongers. Agoda and booking.com don't tell you if the rooms are noisy or if they are guest friendly or how the staff treat you when you walk in with 2 ladyboys to take to your room or if the foyer is filled with families/kids who may have to ride the elevator with you and your 2 horn bag LBs. maybe educational for the children but I am sure some members may be embarrassed at those sort of hotels.
  9. sydney69er

    Mercure Soi 11 Review

    Awesome review! I love Soi 11. So many great restaurants and bars and weed vendors. I usually stay at Hyatt Regency which is just around the corner from Soi 11. I'll be back there in April. Like you said Soi 11, just a short walk to CIB. I had dinner at El Gaucho Argentinean Steakhouse a few years ago. Bloody good steak! International prices but top quality. I first went to El Gaucho in Saigon before I discovered this 1 on Soi 11. There are a few El Gaucho steakhouses in Bangkok, another on Soi 19 and a few other places. Hotel rooms light switches are a pet hate of mine too! Some hotel rooms have a central switches to turn off the main lights, then they have a few lamps that are not connected to the main switch. First night takes me ages to walk around and work out how to turn off all the lights. Power points next to the bed is key too. Got to have my laptop power! Another tip for food on Soi 11 - further down past Mercure you'll find Bang Bang Burgers which has some very tasty burgers!
  10. I had the BahtBuster breakfast at Red Lion on Soi 13. Pretty good at only 129 Baht.
  11. When I was in Bangkok back in July, I visited Soi Thaniya in Silom, which is only 300 meters down from Patpong Road. Amazing how many times I had been to Patpong but didn't know about this place they refer to as 'Little Tokyo' or 'Little Japan' due to the entire street being lined with awesome Japanese restaurants, from Japanese BBQ, sushi, ramen shops and plenty of others. An entrance to BTS SkyTrain Sala Daeng station is just on the corner of Soi Thaniya. I just visited during the day for lunch but heard it is lit up like the streets of Tokyo at night. I just had a ramen noodle soup at a restaurant called Uchidaya Ramen. 270 baht for their Kyushu Tonkotsu 'Special' ramen. Best ramen I have ever eaten! If you love Japanese food then put this on your list of places to visit in Bangkok. Go there for dinner, then head down to Patpong to pick up your dessert. They do have some girlie bars here, located in the top floors above the restaurants at street level. I heard they are very much like the 'hostess bars in Tokyo'. These places cater to Japanese business men. I heard like in Japan, they pay a fee for a girl to sit with them and laugh at their jokes, tell them how wonderful they are and pour their drinks. I been to a few hostess bars in Tokyo and never saw the point of them as you can't bar fine the girls there in Tokyo but I believe you can bar fine the ones in Bangkok but at ridiculous Japanese prices, something like 5000 - 6000 Baht. Screw that! Get down to Patpong to pick up what you fancy for the night, GG or LB at proper Bangkok prices. Definitely worth a visit if you love Japanese food.
  12. sydney69er

    Hyatt Regency

    Yes I stayed at Hyatt Regency Sukhumvit in July. Had stayed there back in 2019 as well. I highly recommend it. Everything you need within a few blocks. It is on the corner of Soi 13 and less than 100 meters walk to Soi 11 and Nana BTS station just after that. Heaps of restaurants, beer bars and ofcourse Check In Bar only 280 meters walk away or short stumble back. There is an overpass over Sukhumvit which takes you straight into Hyatt Regency Level 1 but you have to go back down to Lobby to get up to the rooms. I spent 7 nights there and did not venture more than 280 meters away well i did get down to Nana Entertainment area too which is only 6 minutes walk. No dramas bringing guests back to your room. No questions asked. Buffet breakfast was very busy when i was there but still could get a table each morning. Big thumbs up for the swimming pool on level 6. The rooftop bar Spectrum Lounge is pretty cool for expensive drinks and great view. I visited there in 2019 but not in 2022.
  13. sydney69er

    Check Airfares for 2022

    It will be a very long time before we get back to cheap airfares again!
  14. sydney69er

    New to the Forum

    Oh man! I feel for you! i am in Sydney and things are mostly back to normal apart from not being able to travel. i snuck in a trip up to the Gold Coast about 5 weeks ago before they closed the Queensland border again. But so far already missed out on about 4 overseas trips since March. I would have been going back to Thailand in October but can only dream about that now
  15. sydney69er

    New to the Forum

    Nice one! I've yet to visit Krabi or Kanchanaburi. I saw a video on Kanchanaburi recently and really want to visit. Looks like a lovely town to chill out with a bit of bar action.