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  1. scottie1954

    Nana Hotel..my first time

    Nothing much has changed, other than the layout of the lobby as taken a bit by Hooters. quite some rooms have been refurbished, though.
  2. Do you think he had a lot of fun even if the girl went missing?
  3. And.... how did the story develope?
  4. scottie1954

    Rembrandt Hotel

    Never enough good has been said on Chris!
  5. scottie1954

    Rembrandt Hotel

    Rembrandt was recommended to me by Chris of the late Darkside 33 and I I can’t imagine he would send BM there if not GF. Maybe there had been a management Change at some point?
  6. scottie1954

    Buying SIM card after landing?

    1 Giga for a week is more than sufficient I am just off a trip in Africa and I loaded a 3 giga plan. After 10days I had used 850Mb out of it and trust me I have been extensively browsing, chatting etc as no WiFi were I was for 5 days. Thailand offers a wide variety of free WiFi access in any bar, restraursnt etc. Just the gogo might not offer acces, but I believe one doesn’t stay in a gogo for long and for browsing.
  7. scottie1954

    Flight at 1am

    MG will grant you a late check out till 6, exceptionally till 8pm (if you are a regular and your room is booked for a late check in) for 50%of the rate.In case you dont opt for that, You can leave your bags at concierge at any time and you can take a shower beforehand heading to airport by using the Fl 3 gymn restrooms.
  8. scottie1954

    Omni Hotel criticised on LGBT issues

    and this way Omni hotel makes clear the those guys what they are doing... the price quote is the real warning in the sense they don't want to be involved in price issues. It happens as some customers think reception can negotiate for them once the issue arises as they are the customers... not something the hotel wants to deal with.So, "dear customer, here you sign that you know there is a dick under the skirt of the stunning beauty you brought to the hotel and you are aware of the price you negotiated with the same girl. Don't complain later about the surprise, and don't start opening price discussions, once you are not happy with your choice, as we have nothing to deal with A simple waiver. No gender discrimination as some are trying to brag about,
  9. scottie1954

    Omni Hotel criticised on LGBT issues

    It sounds weird but a sort of redimmendarion for certain types of customers not having a clue who they are bringing back home and the rate they stipulated (if they did). This lifts the hotel from many aggraviations. I am pretty sure the form isn't presented to all customers - just as often the ID request by security is lifted- but to those customers the security or reception feel it is the case....
  10. scottie1954

    Don Muang airport to nana

    i always travel with suitcase, I hate commuting on public transport, engsging with stairs etc.If taxi takes +20' because of traffic, let it be it. Happened a couple of times in tens of visits,
  11. scottie1954

    Don Muang airport to nana

    that works also at suvarnabhumi, even is sometime MIB enfices the "no pick up zone"Once my driver got pulled out and fined. I use that only if line at arrival is unbearable. Have to say that with the new system it is rather pretty quick.
  12. scottie1954

    Don Muang airport to nana

    Taxi are so cheap they are no brainer Just avoid scams When they do, we talk about, maybe 100 baht overall...
  13. scottie1954

    Stamp Passport at Immigration

    you are correct, but don't address the warning to me, lol, but to the other guy suggesting to tear off one page.Ownership of the passport to the issuing country is a protection towards the hoder. If any foreign authority seizes the passport it has to return to the holder or to the issuing country, preventing mis-use. The issuing country can also prove holder trips and/or the fact the holder has a passport.
  14. scottie1954

    Stamp Passport at Immigration

    and the next immigration agent will give you hell of troubles that your gf anger is heaven...Sometime passports are well scrutineered, not necessarily in thailand. It will result in a sort of forged passport... I would not even dare to think about that...
  15. scottie1954

    Nana Hotel..my first time

    I used Nana hotel as a day base for those Lk gentlemen transits from late morning to catch a midnight flight.I am usually staying a majestc grande that is another league of course Nana fits a prurpose for those budget minded, but still on the mid high, seen that the real budget minded target less than 1000bht. Friends reported the swimming pool is good and has quite some sun exposure, can't say that of majestic grande, I am afraid. Rooms at NH are old and tired same as some bathrooms. There is a set of rooms with refurbished bathrooms, but not many. A lottery to get them. Staff, as you say, seem to be there since the openings, and so are some porters. Despite being such used venue for mongering base, the reception and cashier behaves like a 5+* hotel in terms of handling everything.. there is a relatively old lady as a cashier that surely has seen the whole history of the hotel. And the guests.... the guests are a reason to call in that place. You will see some Vietnam war survivors for sure and there is none of the corean war for the simple reason age has taken their toll. A few of them I see anytime I am around (I use the inhouse MP for special "hairdown" shaving and haircut, still old way of barber shop): they must live there no other reason or coincidence. One guy, with a cowboy hat, on a wheelchair is always on the smoking terrace surrounded by a few aged WG. Others do chat about their times (and I do mean decades ago if you listen to them) in the confortable soft armchairs and sofa of the lobby. You can watch the traffic go by. ST Visitors and LTR of old men and their similarly old teerak, more of a nanny in some cases. A few metres away is the heart of the BKK nightlife as known. Get out of the lobby and a bunch of taxi drivers offer you to take you to Pattaya, no matter what time of the day or night. The car park entrsnce is still seeing the patrol of young ladies doing their trade, mixed with other kind of girls probably having more business than the genuine ones. Sign of today trend. Since a few months a corner of the csr park, against the wall separating to the gas station next, there is a van hosting a sort of Mexican bar serving food too. You have it all. Long life to Nana Hotel. The last of the Mohicans by all means.