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  1. scottie1954

    Nana Hotel..my first time

    Nothing much has changed, other than the layout of the lobby as taken a bit by Hooters. quite some rooms have been refurbished, though.
  2. Do you think he had a lot of fun even if the girl went missing?
  3. And.... how did the story develope?
  4. scottie1954

    Rembrandt Hotel

    Never enough good has been said on Chris!
  5. scottie1954

    Rembrandt Hotel

    Rembrandt was recommended to me by Chris of the late Darkside 33 and I I can’t imagine he would send BM there if not GF. Maybe there had been a management Change at some point?
  6. scottie1954

    8 inch black shemale in BKK

    is this “African American”? Gimme a break... smells of scam from far.She looks like any girl next door, not even significant dark skin. They are darker from Issan. I understand some have an itch for black TV (I cannot honestly rate them LB and only 1 out of 10 qualifies as TSX), Just like others look for Eastern Europe GG in Pattaya, but all looks to me a big nonsense. I can even understand an itch here for philipina, still representing the Asian side of cute LB or femboys. You go to Japan and want to taste Russian vodka?and in Moscow do you look for Sake? My two cents....
  7. scottie1954

    Tan or Namtan _ Anyone have contact details

    How many times are you looking for tam? http://www.bangkokladyboys.net/forum/index.php?/topic/8678-anyone-have-any-contact-info-for-this-lovely-lady-tan/ Sure are they the same girl?
  8. scottie1954

    Buying SIM card after landing?

    1 Giga for a week is more than sufficient I am just off a trip in Africa and I loaded a 3 giga plan. After 10days I had used 850Mb out of it and trust me I have been extensively browsing, chatting etc as no WiFi were I was for 5 days. Thailand offers a wide variety of free WiFi access in any bar, restraursnt etc. Just the gogo might not offer acces, but I believe one doesn’t stay in a gogo for long and for browsing.
  9. scottie1954

    Where will Thai LB post now that backpage is down?

    you are correct, lots of Chinese have a “second”;wife taken from sauna or karaoke. A gal they see regularly and in which they invest a lot of money compared to the sexy they get from.It is the same story of the farang sponsoring a GF or “wife” in LOS: sending money so that she does not go to work in the bar,
  10. scottie1954

    Long thin cocks

    and do you have a long thin cock?
  11. scottie1954

    Where will Thai LB post now that backpage is down?

    i doubt the local customers use CL of TF ...
  12. scottie1954


    Can some mod lock or move out this? .
  13. scottie1954

    Flight at 1am

    MG will grant you a late check out till 6, exceptionally till 8pm (if you are a regular and your room is booked for a late check in) for 50%of the rate.In case you dont opt for that, You can leave your bags at concierge at any time and you can take a shower beforehand heading to airport by using the Fl 3 gymn restrooms.
  14. scottie1954


    now this makes sense...thanks for clarifying
  15. scottie1954


    seems to me she changed her nickname (not the account) on wechat and posted more pictures where she seems to have bolt ins now and apparently a slimmer face. As her profile has not changed seems a new girl and if I would have to compare two pictures (2 months ago and now) I see two different girls.Quite strange for a naïf uni-girl at her first steps in meeting farangs. Any opinion from you guys?