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  1. CanadaVisitor

    Hyatt Regency

    Yup...that's pretty damn impressive. 6800 is more than I would personally want to spend, but if you can afford it, why not? Interesting about the girls thoughts on it. I wonder what their reaction would be if they knew the actual cost!
  2. CanadaVisitor

    Grand business inn, soi 11

    Thanks PB...more options are always good to have. I enjoyed coffee at Kinaree several mornings. A cheap and decent diner type place
  3. CanadaVisitor

    Flights: USA to Thailand

    Tough question to answer...so many options. There will be many choices for you from the eastern seaboard of the US with connections in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Geneva, Istanbul, etc. I liked connecting in Frankfurt the one time I flew through there as the Germans are very efficient in processing you through and the lounge I found was pretty good. Almost every major city in Europe has flights to BKK. Just look at stopover times and flight durations to pick what's right for you. (Do you want one longer flight and one shorter? Or do you want two flights of approximately the same length? Do you want a quick stopover or do you want a few hours so you can take a stretch and have a shower and a meal and those kinds of things?) As far as airlines go, I do not like Thai Airways and will not use them again if I have a choice.
  4. CanadaVisitor

    Mercure Soi 11 Review

    You now have 23 likes Oliver, but I gave my like not for the well worded post, but for all the pics of your beautiful dining companions! I agree with the advice the BM's have given here. I stayed at the Mercure (thank you for this review Bwana) and on my first night I ran into the bellboy who helped me with my luggage when I arrived. He asked me "Where do you go tonight sir?" and I responded "Cindy's Secrets" which got me a big smile and thumbs up from him. I enjoyed chatting with the girls from reception when they were not with guests...especially Beem and Cherry...they are real sweethearts. They would tease me about my carousing...not because I was bringing back ladyboys, but just good natured banter in general. I never got any dirty looks from the other guests or the staff there bringing back girls. Quite the opposite...the staff were always very polite and respectful towards my companions and the other guests were usually jealous, haha.
  5. CanadaVisitor

    Immigration queues BKK?

    Thanks. I’ll do that next time
  6. CanadaVisitor

    Immigration queues BKK?

    When I landed early afternoon last Friday the arrivals area was extremely busy. I didn’t have too much of a difficulty navigating things though. My only issue was that I didn’t change any money near the baggage claim. A. It was too busy and B. I thought I read that there were better rates on the lower level. But once I got to the taxi level I couldn’t find any exchanges and my bank card didn’t work in the ATMs. Luckily I had enough THB in my pocket from last trip to pay the taxi
  7. CanadaVisitor

    Mercure Soi 11 Review

    Thanks for taking the time to answer those questions. Really appreciate it.
  8. CanadaVisitor

    Mercure Soi 11 Review

    Thanks very much for the review. This helps me a lot as this is certainly the most in depth review I've found on this hotel including reviews from travel sites, the Accor website, etc. You did good on the price as I'm booked there for my first 5 days in late Feb in a "Deluxe King" room and the rate I got was 22K Baht. ($134 USD per night all taxes in) My booking is no money down, free cancellation and breakfast for 2 included. I had a cheaper reservation but had to cancel it as my trip got delayed and it appears that around March is quite busy for tourism and all hotels that I've looked at are quite expensive from late Feb to late April. No outlet by the bed is a big con for me as I have a CPAP machine...I've needed it even when I was young and fit and now that I'm old and fat I absolutely cannot sleep without it. Maybe I'll bring an extension cord (or have hotel provide one), but in your picture of the bed it almost looks like there is a power outlet to the right of the bedside table right near the floor? Love that it is walking distance to many lb bars...that was certainly a factor in me choosing it. You mentioned you could skip the desk and bring guests straight to your room...if you went to the counter would the doormen check visitors ID and check with you when your guest left to make sure everything was okay? This sounds like it wouldn't be a bad idea if I had a freelance guest, but would probably skip this step if I brought back a well known girl from Cindys or CIB or whatever. Thoughts?