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  1. Madchild

    Anyone for Cricket

    I've fried crickets in Cambodia. It wasn't that bad surprisingly. I also tried bee larvae honeycomb in the same sitting - that, I did not enjoy however....
  2. Madchild

    Ibis Styles Nana Sukhumvit Soi 4 / 6

    I'm booked into Ibis Styles. Look forward to being at this hotel!
  3. Madchild

    Ibis Styles Nana Sukhumvit Soi 4 / 6

    Thanks for this 'Thanks'. It's much appreciated. I'm looking at this hotel for my upcoming trip. I wanted to stay at a different hotel this time around as the last few years I've stayed at Hotel Icon, and it's starting to look a bit "tired" to me - unless they've done some recent updates, I'm not sure. Was the street noise pretty bad? Cheers MC
  4. Good topic. I'm interested as well. I'm 39, so not quite there yet, but it wouldn't hurt to look to the future, lol.
  5. Madchild

    Inquiry on Thai Nice @15 Sukhumvit Residence

    Thanks bro. I read some reviews on there. But was more interested in BM feedback and perspective, you know what I mean? But yah, it is far. I might just go back to Hotel Icon.
  6. Hey to all fellow BM's, After a couple of years away from BKK, I will be making my return in the new year, around the end of January 2017. This time around, I am looking to stay in a serviced apartment rather than a hotel as the visit will be a longer one, from 10-14 nights. I've come across Thai Nice @15 Sukhumvit Residence and was wondering if anyone had any experience staying there. Things/amenities I'm looking for: 1. Proximity to NEP (the closer the better) and obviously guest friendly 2. Free Wi/Fi 3. In room washer/dryer would be great 4. Pool/Hottub/Sauna 5. Close to a BTS Thai Nice @15 offers all the above, but looking for feedback from BM's. Or any other suggestions would be appreciated! TIA!
  7. Madchild

    Hotel Icon Bangkok?

    You're welcome OTS! I am happy to give back to a community that i've benefited so much from. Cheers!
  8. Madchild

    Hotel Icon Bangkok?

    Hey blue wizard, not a problem at all. Here you go: The gym is small. But sufficient enough for a few nights stay there, I think. While I'm at it, here are a couple of shots of the outdoor pool: It's quite hot out today. I think I will try the pool later this afternoon.
  9. Madchild

    Hotel Icon Bangkok?

    I am currently staying at Hotel Icon. Booked through booking.Com. Located on Soi 2, a quiet street, about a 15 second walk from Annie's Soapy Massage. Easy to just cut through from the parking lot to get to the action on Soi 4. It's a newish, modern hotel. Pretty stylish. Pool and gym on the 6th floor. Across the hotel are bakeries, a Starbucks, Cafés, and a McDonald's. Located in between Nana and Ploenchit BTS stations...5 minute walk to either one, so it's very convenient to get around. This is a guest-friendly hotel. They take the girl's passport/id and front desk calls up to the room to make sure you're OK before giving her id back and letting her on her way. All in all, a pretty decent hotel and I would stay here again.
  10. Madchild

    Aspen Suites soi 2 (Updated 2015)

    Thanks for your reviews on Aspen dav662. I ended up cancelling my other one for Boss Suites and booked Aspen instead into an Executive Suite.
  11. Madchild

    Hotel Icon Bangkok?

    Ok, cool! Thanks Pagrev. Actually, I just went and reserved a room at Boss Suites. They quoted me 1600baht/night without breakfast so I booked through Agoda instead and it was 1359baht/night. I know Boss Suites is a little further away, but the price is really attractive. And with free cancellation, I figured it would be better to just reserve the room (and price) for now. But I will definitely keep an eye out for Hotel Icon since it looks so modern and fresh. Thanks again for the review Pagrev!
  12. Madchild

    Hotel Icon Bangkok?

    I heard back from Hotel Icon Bangkok and here is their reply in regards to bringing guests back: "With regards to your question, we do not have joiner fee. However please be reminded that our normal occupancy per room is 2 person, therefore if there is a 3rd person staying the night, there will be an additional charge of THB 800 per night. Our maximum capacity per room is 3 person." Ummm, at 1900baht/night (Agoda), I think I will keep an eye out and see if prices drop.
  13. Madchild

    Hotel Icon Bangkok?

    Thanks Siam Man. I should've looked closely...yup...it says free WiFi on Agoda too. Yeahhh...6,666 baht for 3 nights is too much. I was looking on Agoda for mid Jan 2015, which is when I will be there and it's advertised as 1682 baht per night (OK? I think...). Dawin just raised their prices to 1805 baht per night on their site which is why I'm looking for other hotels that's a slight ways from NEP. But I see iCheck Inn Sukhumvit Soi 2 is only 1,499 baht/night during the same dates....hmmmm...plenty of reviews here on that property...hmmm...I think we may have found a winner...
  14. Madchild

    Hotel Icon Bangkok?

    Hi all, trip is confirmed and trying to settle on a hotel. Trying to figure out other options (other than Dawin) and came across this property on Agoda and the prices seem reasonable and close to a couple of BTS (within 5 minutes) and a few minutes to NEP. http://www.hoteliconbangkok.com/index.html Tried a search on the forum first but didn't come across anything....or perhaps a name change? Anyway, has anybody have any experience staying at this hotel? Are they guest friendly? Free wi-fi? Thanks in advance to fellow BM's for any info provided!
  15. Madchild

    Dawin Hotel ( Updated 2014)

    Shoot. Prices just went up for Dawin. Arghhh...