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  1. I'm sure you will buddy. I'm in bkok from tomorrow and really looking forward to it. Dan
  2. Danum99


    Why don't you tell us the story buddy. Dan
  3. Danum99

    Arriving In Bkk And Need Taxi?

    I read sometime ago that Grab is no longer allowed to pickup from the airport. Can someone verify this please? I will be arriving in 14 days. Thank you. dan
  4. Danum99

    ParkRoyal Suites (was Phacharra Suites)

    I stayed there a few tines and happy to report that there's none. But you should check given the new mgmt. Dan
  5. Danum99


    Look forward to reading them soon. Make it a point to visit the LB bars buddy. Dan
  6. Danum99

    Headphones Recommendations

    I am replying about earbuds, not headphones. You might want to look at newer brands like Anker or Edifier. These are great Value for money brands. The Sony wf 1000xm3 is about a year old and Its price has dropped considerably as the new model is out. But it was voted best among reviewers. Dan
  7. Danum99

    Travel Cost and Accomadation Q4 2022

    I have seen price increases for flights about 30% but not hotels. That has maintained.
  8. Danum99

    Carry on Only Tips

    Well I usually stay in a hotel with a washer/dryer so I pack considerably less clothes than what I use to. My go to hotel is Adelphi Grande. Others are centre point Sukhumvit, parchara suites and the 2 other adelphis.
  9. Yes this was so disappointing. I visited in july and was sad to find it closed. The alternative for me is MBK.
  10. Danum99

    adelphi grande sukhumvit

    good to be back here again after 2+ years. Adelphi is still very good. Clean rooms, comfortable beds and good people. From Sarita, Armani, Pang, Jame, and others who I don't remember their names. rates are pretty decent and it is a 6 min walk to phrom phong bts and 10 mins to sukhumvit mrt. There only 1 improvement that needs looking into and that is breakfast which is too 'pork' influenced. That would help.
  11. Danum99

    Small Bluetooth Speaker

    look at the wonderboom 2. i got mine from survanabhumi airport at an extremely good price. the tribit stormbox is decent.
  12. I too am scheduled for March but given the new and even more aggressive wave that is hitting Bangkok I may need to put things on hold, as much as I hate to. Are you prepped for the 2 week quarantine. I am assuming that bu March this quarantine would have been removed.
  13. Danum99

    Adelphi Grande Sukhumvit 41

    yes youre right. i am suddenly not so confident with my march 2021 trip. i have a funny feeling restrictions would still be in place. im more confident about june 2021. what are your thoughts?
  14. Danum99

    Adelphi Grande Sukhumvit 41

    Hello Ari, My sincere apologies for missing this. Neither did I get a notification. The distance is 3km to nana plaza and 2.5km to cib. Too far? Well for me it is not as i enjoy walking. Adelphi Suites is alot closer to the action no doubt and I am tempted to change my march 2021 reservation to the latter hotel. The thing is that I am very familiar with the people and my booking is just an email without payments upfront. I don't think I can get that at A Suites. Again, apologies for the delay in responding. Cheers Dan
  15. That's bad for your cholesterol levels