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  1. Danum99

    Taxi or Grab to Pattaya from Sukhumvit

    Give this a go.
  2. Danum99

    Air China

    I suggest you wait for prices to drop. They do things differently from the rest. A short 1 or 2 hour flight? Maybe. Big Maybe! But anything more? Don't risk it. Dan
  3. Enjoy buddy. Write something for us. dan
  4. Wow! Sounds like you’re all geared up. Hope you have a good time buddy. dan
  5. Danum99

    Washer/dryer in room

    Thanks. I considered that before deciding on Park Plaza. The latter was much cheaper. Dan
  6. Danum99

    Washer/dryer in room

    Gee this sounds good. Thanks buddy. Dan
  7. Danum99

    Washer/dryer in room

    Thank you. Am staying at the Park Plaza (@Asok bts) in a couple of months and I am looking for a good laundry service. A washer/dryer in the room means I don't have to bring that many change of clothes. BKK's high humidity is a real pain. Thanks again. Dan
  8. Danum99

    Washer/dryer in room

    The other Adelphis have it too. My go-to was Adelphi Grande on Sukhumvit 41 (looking for a change now though). Hi oily, is Ananya Massage & Laundry Service the one you are referring to? I found it on Google. Thank you Dan
  9. Hope you have a wonderful time buddy. Looking forward to your reports. dan
  10. Cheers guys. much appreciated. I read Saxons post but thought it might have been renovated since then. Current pics posted on travel sites look a tad different hence the my question. I like the new pics and the rates are really good. Thank you again. dan
  11. Hi guys Does anyone have any feedback on Rembrandt hotels? I was looking at another stay in Oct/Nov '23 and I noticed that their rates are pretty low. For example, 7 nights, with b'fast, for less than 15,000Baht. And theres no payment now. I usually frequent Adelphi Grande but their rates appear to be rising steadily out of my reach. Their Pictures look good and reviews seem good too, so am curious about the low price. Anyone who has ever stayed with them, I would sincerely appreciate a quick review. Thank you loads. Dan
  12. I'm sure you will buddy. I'm in bkok from tomorrow and really looking forward to it. Dan
  13. Danum99


    Why don't you tell us the story buddy. Dan
  14. Danum99

    Arriving In Bkk And Need Taxi?

    I read sometime ago that Grab is no longer allowed to pickup from the airport. Can someone verify this please? I will be arriving in 14 days. Thank you. dan
  15. Danum99

    ParkRoyal Suites (was Phacharra Suites)

    I stayed there a few tines and happy to report that there's none. But you should check given the new mgmt. Dan