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  1. Danum99

    Ambassador Hotel Sukhumvit

    hey there @Rodrigo, hey there buddy, i am in bkok in oct this year and am booked at radisson suites. first stay at 29,000B. then i read 'I stay in soi 11, I stay in Citadines as the rooms are fairly spacious and the crowd who stay there is not that bad' and i checked the rates and it seemed like a better proposition ( i have been retired for some time and with no income, i need to perhaps look at alternatives). i was just wondering whether you could spare me a line or two about citadines 11. the rate is really attractive and some words would convince me to change. i am fussy about cleanliness, esp daily housekeeping. and i think you may have inferred that the area is safe (i am an old man). i am also looking at reviews to help. thank you in advance. dan
  2. Danum99

    SIM card

    15 day sim could cost about 800B. I usually pay 500B for roughly 12 days.
  3. Danum99

    SIM card

    This is cheaper than the Tourist plan at the airports. What about calls buddy?
  4. Danum99

    SIM card

    Yes it does. there are a number of shops just as you exit suvarnabhumi airport and they have tourist packages.
  5. Ah! Thank you for the trouble. There’s one at the central embassy. good reviews too, although prices appear to be higher than average. I certainly would like to try that one out. thank you again.
  6. you forgot the name? That’s nice. any chance it could be ‘Authentic Thai food & curry‘ (it may be a poor translation from Thai) restaurant?
  7. You should. It is a worthwhile wait. the other consideration is to try and get their Line contact. It is readily available on their social media posts. I started bugging them for reservations 2 months before I left for Bangkok and they finally gave in. before this it was usually ordering through Grabfood. dan
  8. Herehai is a small restaurant, about 25 minutes from Thong Lor BTS station. The food and service was excellent. We had the crab omelette, tom yum prawns, mantis shrimp, and the crab fried rice. Each dish was a feast for the senses. If I return, I would order the same dishes. Service was excellent without being intrusive. Best of all was that the total came to only 2000B, which is inexpensive. The only issue is the wait times as the restaurant is very small so the lines are long. but if you love Thai food this is really a must visit. This is on par with Jay Fai. Dan
  9. Maitria is close to both the MRT & BTS stations, roughly 650m, so this is always a good thing and it is something I always lookout for. The walk to trains is comfortable and fast. I have been with Adelphi Grande for the past 7 years (roughly 2 visits a year) and have been comfortable with them. Unfortunately, staff turnover is very high so that’s a negative. Before that it was Parchara Suites on soi 6 (now Parkroyal). The people at Maitria are good. Well most of them. Housekeeping is spot on, and this is very high on my list. I never fail to see housekeeping, already cleaning rooms when I leave at 930am. Breakfast was a little sparse (although coffee was good), but I guess that is to be expected at this price point. There is a small laundrette in the basement, which is a useful feature to have. The room layout is awkward, and furniture placement makes it very difficult to move around and be comfortable. So this was a negative for me. Not something I’d care to repeat. The bed was spectacular, one of the better features in the room but I just wished the WiFi connection was better. I booked the studio grand deluxe, 2,600B nett per day, with breakfast. I had planned. 2 week stay with them but I came down with Bronchitis while on a food binge in Yaowarat on the 2nd day. Doctors on the 3rd day, and I got a flight back home on the 4th day. All my plans, down the drain!!! Ah! Well. Dan
  10. Danum99

    Bangkok Travel Warning!

    Yeah! I read his earlier this month on Agoda. I think he was hassled or something. I wouldn’t pay any heed. dan
  11. Danum99

    Blowjobs & Mouth Ulcers

    I’d have to agree even though if might be risky. But I can’t imagine doing it with a condom. dan
  12. That’s great. Keep your wits about you and have a splendid time. Looking forward to your review.
  13. Danum99

    Air China

    I suggest you wait for prices to drop. They do things differently from the rest. A short 1 or 2 hour flight? Maybe. Big Maybe! But anything more? Don't risk it. Dan