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  1. taaseesanuk

    Taxi or Grab to Pattaya from Sukhumvit

    Yep, as Whiteshirt says, Nam's Taxis are perfect for the Bangers to Pats trip.....good safe MILF drivers get you there in a good mood.
  2. taaseesanuk

    Sukhumvit -2nd guest no charge?

    Not that old chestnut!....
  3. taaseesanuk

    Sukhumvit -2nd guest no charge?

    Nana Hotel would probably roll out the red carpet and apply a discount if you walked through the door with three girls on your arms.
  4. I'm sure that fit4life3 will expand in due course mate once he takes it all in.....and gets those splinters from out his arse.
  5. taaseesanuk

    Nana city hotel soi 4

    Nana City Hotel should not be confused with Nana Hotel as both are in S4 and within close proximity.
  6. taaseesanuk

    Nana Hotel

    Yep, rather be there than some Hi-So over priced boutique hotel.....Nana is a Mongers mainstay for years because it knows what it is.
  7. taaseesanuk

    Nana Hotel

    Perfect location, I guess it can be marmite but honestly I love it here.
  8. taaseesanuk

    Nana Hotel

    Cheeky sod...I will happily be a Satang behind you!
  9. taaseesanuk

    Nana Hotel

    After all the years i have stayed at the Nana Hotel I think I may have bagged their best room. It's basically a suite and is pretty much the size of two rooms, but that aside it is posistioned above Hooters and I have three large windows looking down onto the NEP entrance and also where the freelancers gather.....maybe they secretly log your visits and thought his time has come for a bit of VIP hospitality!!...highly unlikely but for just under 1,800B a night it is excellent value!
  10. taaseesanuk

    The Landmark

    I took a Ladyboy from Obsession's back to citrus suites, we had intended to use the NEP rooms but they were still closed after the pandemic, she was wearing just enough to cover her modesty as she hadn't put civilian clothing on. The guy on reception was brilliant and gave us both a big welcome smile....the Indian couple however, who he had just checked in glared at me like I had asked if I could shit in her handbag.....made my night that did!
  11. taaseesanuk

    Taxi Service from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pattaya

    Nam's is all you need, the ladies are all first class drivers and very reliable
  12. taaseesanuk


    Not checked in since November 2016 mate...... before you and I were members!.... In his case I hope it's not for health reason.
  13. taaseesanuk

    Immigration queues BKK?

    Much more efficient now....i was through immigration in 10 minutes ......thankfully the smiles kick in once your through there.
  14. taaseesanuk

    Mercure Soi 11 Review

    I don't doubt it mate, but it is hard to fuck up fried potatoes with a sprinkling of salt......there again, when I eat our chips In England.....
  15. taaseesanuk

    Bangkok best hotel

    Not too many backpackers here mate!