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  1. taaseesanuk

    Hotel Guest Policies for Ladyboys

    would that be A convenient place for the German beer garden ST action then SAG?
  2. taaseesanuk

    Antidiarrhea Medicine in Thailand OTC

    I had viral gastroenteritis many years ago in Chiang Mai...Those rehydration powders was a god send. Sorry to hear about your colleague. I have always been ok using Imodium short term and it is well accepted in the UK.
  3. taaseesanuk

    Antidiarrhea Medicine in Thailand OTC

    IMO Imodium is the best for standard shits, if it persists best to have a stool test done as it may be something that requires a coarse of medication. The eloctralite rehydration stuff they sell at the pharmacy are worth taking...don't be alarmed if it makes your piss go a weird colour!
  4. Hmmm...bit camp for my taste, I will stick to the chang and JD!
  5. taaseesanuk

    Phachara Suites Visitor / Joiner Policy

    As I have said before, staying at Nana Hotel, the only shame is walking through the foyer without a Ladyboy or GG on your arm! Life is too short to be concerned what others may think or say.
  6. In truth, the immigration queue is probably not so bad...however, as I am standing there every single ounce of my being wants to be through customs, in the taxi, checking in the hotel and then finally getting some long awaited mongering action!
  7. taaseesanuk

    Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit?

    Any Hotel with worth it's salt will have an ID checking system for guests....The only Hotel I know that does not allow Ladyboys is The Grace which is Arab owned.
  8. taaseesanuk

    Middle East eats

    Great place to people watch....without meaning to put a damper on the restaurant critique..... they have to be some of the biggest street rats down there I have seen in BKK!
  9. taaseesanuk

    Middle East eats

    Yes, I can concur with you....had many a late night Shawarma there watching the seedy coming and going around the Grace Hotel. Have to be careful and not let the beer goggles let your down as those you would never normally give a second glance to suddenly start looking like Miss World!
  10. Looks more the kind of place you would go as a group to eat or chill out...A solo Monger on his table for one might look a bit out of place.
  11. taaseesanuk

    Smoking banned at 6 Thailand Airports

    I am pleased to hear that it is still around...Mekhong and coke was my default tipple 30 years ago...have to say I wouldn't swap it for Jack Daniels now! The krong Thip fags were bad but I remember doing the day trips across to Burma from Chiang Rai for cheap knock off European fags...the carton may have said Marlboro light but they tasted nothing like them...god only knows what it did to my lungs! * Fags is British slang for cigarettes for anyone confused!!
  12. taaseesanuk

    Smoking banned at 6 Thailand Airports

    I asked for it back in January and was told that is not sold widely due to it's poor quality. Perhaps that is just the retailers choice and that it is still available, I have to say I can't remember seeing it for ages.
  13. Appreciate the clarification SAG...I shall sleep easy!
  14. SAG...Since when did a Dogs dinner become a Dogs breakfast?
  15. taaseesanuk

    Smoking banned at 6 Thailand Airports

    Back in the day when I was a smoker I remember smoking a pack of krong Thip per day.....christ, they must have been three times the strength of Marlboro reds! Maybe they are now outlawed a bit like the Mekhong whiskey we used to drink as a poor man's alternative to JD and coke!