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  1. I really enjoy both the advanced and public sector of the pats site, there is loads of info that also covers BKK as well. I have always found the vast majority there to be a decent bunch .
  2. Not sure if the moderator is still around to consider your request...the sister forum are suggesting he is AWOL. There is hardly any traffic on here anymore so I don't suppose there is much being said in the advanced section, unless looking at bars and girls from the past who are no longer around is your thing. Still, I am sure things will improve and old advanced members will return again.
  3. I don't think you can assume this, the only time the ban gets lifted is when us and the Thai's have vaccinated enough of the people. Thailand can be extremely stubborn and often dig there heels in further the more pressure is put on them...to relent is to lose face. Best chance of a visit with minimum restrictions looks like Q4....providing of course you are able to purchase an overly priced highly sought airline ticket.
  4. taaseesanuk

    Flight Credit. Anybody got a refund?

    I am sure they will not have an ounce of sympathy for your request, whereas quite frankly they should be ashamedly expediting the process!
  5. taaseesanuk

    Flight Credit. Anybody got a refund?

    I am sure you are right on this regarding British credit cards, it wouldn't provide the same refundable cover on Debit cards.
  6. taaseesanuk

    Anyone for Cricket

    And I thought that just moving sideways was stupid enough!
  7. Such a shame but I guess inevitable...a chunk of land in that location is never going to be occupied by small scale vendors for any length of time.
  8. I noticed this back in February but it was much later in the evening at around midnight....seemed like a mixed bunch as well, not just girls from the bars.
  9. Unbelievable isn't it....he has seven years of free wanking and only posts to complain!
  10. taaseesanuk

    COVID-19 Health Issues

    North East is really suffering mate....anyway, on a positive front the Germans are back playing and if that goes well we will be close behind! I presume vanarama have declared the league void? Still find it shocking seeing Notts county, Hartlepool, and Barnet at this level now. Better times will come back and so will the beautiful game!
  11. taaseesanuk

    File Attachment Limit

    Please don't be put of from posting, if people are offended or annoyed they have an option to ignore.
  12. taaseesanuk

    Anyone for Cricket

    I know on a similar subject that ants are on the menu in some areas of the North East....the Durian has an awful pungent smell but for me the fermented fish (balaar) that is eaten with Somtum and other things is just the worst smelling of them all.
  13. Just wandered if anyone has been brave enough to try the crispy fried crickets? Late one evening at Why Not Creamy said she was hungry and there was some food she wanted on the cart outside, feeling generous I gave her some money and said bring me whatever your having. What she brought back was a plate of critters with some salad bits and crispy pork skin....even in my pissed up state there was no way I was going near that! Watching her munching on these could of been a passion killer but with her curvy ass anything is forgiven.
  14. taaseesanuk

    Content Counter Stuck?

    perhaps it is frozen in preparation for your impending upgrade mate!