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  1. Guess they could do a brisk business selling bobcaps and winter gloves at the Artbox night market: Chilly year-end expected in Bangkok, with temperatures likely to plunge to 15 deg C says the Strait Times... And the Bangkok Post points out that the mercury will be dropping in Greater Bangkok to the region of 13C and 18C over the weekend... that's 55 - 64 degrees F...[emoji33] [emoji3063][emoji301][emoji318]
  2. I think they stay longer in Chuvit Garden than planned. According to a recent FB post from them: "still be at the same place till next year"
  3. Thanks

    Would Be Careful With This One.

    Ladyboy Lio: Yep: But she doesn't look like your average, run-of-the-mill ladyboy:
  4. Thanks

    The 5th capital sin...

    Good news: Gaggan has just opened his new restaurant, called, well..., "Gaggan Anand"... It's located on Sukhumvit, but waaay up on Soi 31... Address: 68 Soi Sukhumvit 31. https://bk.asia-city.com/restaurants/bangkok-restaurant-reviews/gaggan-anand
  5. That's Japanese [emoji627] and translates as: OTS is inviting forum members to one hour in the Trump nightclub in Bangkok who are accompanied by a ladyboy who can convincingly say: Watashi wa otokonokode wanaku on'nanokodesu... [emoji28] [emoji325][emoji308][emoji552][emoji558][emoji496][emoji1278][emoji325]
  6. A new nightclub has opened in Thong Lor, called, ahem..., Trump... Appears to be a GG karaoke joint off Thonglor Soi 9... Open 6 PM till 1 AM. First hour costs 1200 b incl. 1 bottle, after that it's 600 b for each additional half an hour. Probably not a bad idea to speak some Japanese... And I guess you won't find any lbs there...
  7. Thanks

    BKK Flood Status

    Thanks for the clarification, Dr. Farang! So I guess we'll wait a little bit longer before booking our mongering vacation in Bangkok in 2050? But perhaps we can already buy some sexy gumboots for the girls? Even CBS This Morning is concerned about the prospect of Bangkok underwater: https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/1785569/revised-forecast-puts-bangkok-underwater-by-2050 "Southern Vietnam could all but disappear" and "much of Ho Chi Minh City would disappear with it" and further on "much of Mumbai, one of the largest cities in the world, is at risk of being wiped out" says the Bangkok Times...
  8. Thanks

    BKK Flood Status

    Finally some good news for us: Unlike much of Bangkok, Nana Plaza and Patpong will not be under water in 2050, according to an interactive map on Climate Central.... Only the red areas will be under water; https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-50236882 https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/10/29/climate/coastal-cities-underwater.html
  9. Thanks

    Flight at 1am

    Can someone please recommend a hotel in Bangkok (preferably around lower Sukhumvit, Silom is okay too) or a booking site where you can book half day rates in advance? That means where you can book a very late check-out, say 6 PM or even 7 PM, already in advance. My usual get-to hotels and booking sites don't seem to offer this... On the one hand I want to avoid having to pay the full daily rate and on the other hand I also want to have late check-out confirmed in advance already, as this will be high season with possibly very high occupancy rates... The hotel should be in the *** - **** range (around 2000 - 3000 B) and nice enough for a three or four days' stay. Nice pool's a very very big plus... Thanks
  10. Thanks

    Free Hospitals ?

    Looks like a very modern hospital... They even have a robot delivery system there:
  11. Thanks

    Free Hospitals ?

    I think government hospitals employ now a differentiated pricing system for foreigners: one for migrant laborers, one for non-immigrant visa holders, and one for tourists: https://www.thephuketnews.com/multi-tier-prices-at-state-hospitals-now-in-effect-in-phuket-73252.php Don't know if this is just the case in Phuket or in Bangkok as well...
  12. Thanks

    Ibis Styles Nana Sukhumvit Soi 4 / 6

    The *** Ibis Styles and the **** Novotel Soi 4 are basically one and the same hotel. At the Styles the rooms are smaller, more functional and less luxurious than at the Novotel. The Novotel rooms are mostly on the top floors while the rooms of the Styles are mostly on the lower levels.
  13. Thanks

    Looking for Ladyboy Cartoon or Cartun

    I've clicked on the link above and on the intro page there's the following warning: "I will say be careful with her she has been known to steal." [emoji33]
  14. Thanks

    Ibis Styles Nana Sukhumvit Soi 4 / 6

    The Icon and the Styles are currently my two favorite hotels in the area because both represent good value IMO and both are perfect for our purposes... I've stayed at the Icon last time as I wasn't sure if the construction site in front of the Styles was still there or not (it wasn't).... I agree with your description of the Icon looking a bit tired as it's showing meanwhile some - light - signs of wear. I also like the pool and the pool area of the Styles much better. During rainy season a nice pool isn't that important to me but from November to March it's almost a must to have one... If you want to book the Styles I recommend signing up for the Accor loyalty program as you often will get a bit better rate and/or a free breakfast included....
  15. Thanks

    Unsafe Areas?

    A pickpocket who has worked on the BTS skytrain and who targeted foreigners was caught by the RTP at Asok, according to thairesidents.com. They've also arrested a couple who has skimmed (copied data on) tourists' credit cards: Unless I think I will need to get cash from an ATM, I usually leave my cards in the hotel safe.