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  1. What a shame! Was a good place to spend one night in Bangkok...
  2. Thanks

    Monsoon in Soi 8

    Just a stone's throw away from Monsoon: "On Sukhumvit soi 8, long-running Italian restaurant Via Vai is, as the Italians would say, finito. " https://www.stickmanbangkok.com/weekly-column/2020/09/doctors-nurses/
  3. According to the Midnite Hour, The Australian on Soi 11 seems to be permanently closed...
  4. Thanks

    Anyone for Cricket

    How to prepare Thai food:
  5. Thanks

    Arriving In Bkk And Need Taxi?

    I usually pay for the toll fees myself, if only to break a 1000 baht note from the ATM machine at the airport. But if you're checking work emails you don't want to be bothered with this nitty-gritty stuff. If he really had paid for the toll fee, he would have been able to produce both receipts... In the old days they only showed the month and day I'm not sure if there's a way to tell at what time the receipt was issued...
  6. Thanks

    Arriving In Bkk And Need Taxi?

    They've upgraded the taxi rank machines at Suvarnabhumi. New ticket has driver's photo and a QR code.
  7. Google Music will shutdown this month already: https://blog.youtube/news-and-events/youtube-music-will-replace-google-play-music-end-2020/ What are your alternatives / favorite streaming services?
  8. Thanks


  9. Thanks

    Paradiso Boutique Suites, Soi 10

    Work on the building between Paradiso hotel and Cozy at Ten appears to be completed:
  10. The outside area of Bully's appears to have become a Thai street food restaurant:
  11. Thanks

    Embedded Facebook videos

    Here's a good site that describes how to embed content from the most popular social media sites: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/embed-social-media-posts-guide Remember that you first have to switch to the HTML editor by clicking on the <>Source tab: Paste the iframe embed code in the HTML editor. Click on <>Source tab again to get back to the rich text editor and there you should see the result. Sometimes, for example embedding Twitter cards or TikTok videos or Tenor GIFs, you first have to submit the post before you see the result, says Chandler Bing... For embedding FB posts and videos, I recommend using a desktop computer instead of the mobile version of this site.
  12. Thanks

    Embedded Facebook videos

    I think the reason your embed link didn't work in the cib thread is that you pasted the iframe code into the rich text editor of the forum and not into the html editor... Try editing your post and paste the iframe code of the Nutty video into the html editor by clicking on the "Source" tab. After you've pasted it there click on the Source tab again (the first tab on the left with the html logo: <>) to return to the rich text editor and the video should now be showing. If it appears to break the screen then this has probably to do with the width in the iframe code. width="650" is too large for smart devices. I usually edit the width parameter down to around 310... ...for desktop computers 650 might be fine however... This is how it'll look if you keep the width at 650: This will be if you set it to 300 and set the scrolling parameter to: scrolling="yes" And this will be the outcome if you reduce the width to 300, allow scrolling, and reduce the height to 280: . Another issue I see is that the porn site you want to embed isn't tmk available in LOS without VPN... Good luck!
  13. Dunno... I think behind Rex 1.0 was a Frenchman, forgot his name. Iirc, the bar has changed ownership or management a good few months ago... They also appear to have a new concept and employ coyote girls now:
  14. Yeah, in your pic it says Today @ Soi 8... But I believe it's mainly changed its name from Today @ Soi 8 to Food & Coffee... Perhaps this had something to do with the alcohol ban a few weeks ago... A coffee shop that only sells alcohol - T.i.T. ... Now (pics from late June/ early July) it says Food & Coffee... Perhaps India Today was replaced last year by Today @ Soi 8 which itself was replaced by F&C? Because this picture from inside Today @ Soi 8 from earlier this year looks very much like F&C... Linked public pics from the apparent owner or manager. https://www.facebook.com/Today-soi8-Bar-106990587381673