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  1. My top three bars are: 1. Stumble Inn: great people watching, great live music, open front, just a great place! 2. Fitzgerald's: great food, great people watching, nice staff (usually) 3. Bully's Pub: great Thai food, great selection of drinks, air conditioned, nice place to hang around for a while
  2. The Artbox will stay in Chuvit Garden / Sukhumvit Soi 10 until the end of 2020, according to a post on their Facebook page.
  3. Thanks

    Hotels with large bedside mirrors

    In general, the smaller the hotel room, the more likely it is they place big mirrors there to make the room look larger... The illusion of depth I think it's called...
  4. Thanks

    Thieving ladyboy

  5. I ♥ green curry but red curry is also delicious: Panang chicken curry
  6. Thanks

    Taxi booking apps for BKK

    The easytaxi.com site doesn't seem to work anymore and Uber has become Grab last year... I've tried to download the allthaitaxi app but no such luck either (they only have an iOS app that works apparently but not an Android app...). http://www.allthaitaxi.com/website/en/home Has anyone knowledge of a good Grab app alternative for Bangkok? Are BTS and MRT apps useful for visitors? Is it possible to buy tickets online with them?
  7. Thanks

    Don Muang airport to nana

    The green Sukhumvit BTS line has recently been extended up to Kasetsart University (N13). The two stations before Kasetsart, Ratchayothin (N11) and Sena Nikhom colony (N12) are now being served by airport bus no. A1 to Don Mueang airport (DMK, not Bkk!!). The airport bus to the two BTS stations leaves from gates 6 (T1) and 12 (T2). An improvement over the situation before I think, when you had to take the A1 bus all the way down to Mo Chit BTS... https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/1809879/new-bus-route-to-don-mueang-launched
  8. Thanks

    New Emoticons!

    Thanks Kendo for your explanation! However I didn't mean the rep points but what it says in the green "community reputation" field. Just as an example: This is a copy of OTS' community reputation field: Wasn't it something like excellent or very good or something like that before? Same for some other BMs - including you and I. Or am I completely wrong??? [emoji770]
  9. Thanks

    New Emoticons!

    Did those new icons / symbols have an effect on the way the members' reputation levels are calculated? Let's take two examples: @OneTrueSaxon (OTS) and @flipflops (FF). They are both amongst the most respected members of this forum, yet their reputation status is only "good" - and not excellent or super duper excellent - according to their profile: Cannot be true. Guaranteed. Their rep is faultless I would say.
  10. Thanks

    New Emoticons!

    Seems we have new "I like" / reputation icons - at least I've never noticed the [emoji813]heart symbol before: Had you noticed the new icons already?
  11. Guess they could do a brisk business selling bobcaps and winter gloves at the Artbox night market: Chilly year-end expected in Bangkok, with temperatures likely to plunge to 15 deg C says the Strait Times... And the Bangkok Post points out that the mercury will be dropping in Greater Bangkok to the region of 13C and 18C over the weekend... that's 55 - 64 degrees F...[emoji33] [emoji3063][emoji301][emoji318]
  12. I think they stay longer in Chuvit Garden than planned. According to a recent FB post from them: "still be at the same place till next year"
  13. Thanks

    Would Be Careful With This One.

    Ladyboy Lio: Yep: But she doesn't look like your average, run-of-the-mill ladyboy:
  14. Thanks

    The 5th capital sin...

    Good news: Gaggan has just opened his new restaurant, called, well..., "Gaggan Anand"... It's located on Sukhumvit, but waaay up on Soi 31... Address: 68 Soi Sukhumvit 31. https://bk.asia-city.com/restaurants/bangkok-restaurant-reviews/gaggan-anand