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  1. Thanks

    Taxi Price List

    The prices for cab / taxi [emoji596] rides in Bangkok will go up as of next month, says the Bangkok Post. [emoji438] The airport surcharge will increase from 50 to 70 B. The first two bags will still remain free of charge. However the third bag will cost 20 B. Instead of a maximum of 9 years, cabs can be in service for up to 12 years now. And: taxi drivers no longer are allowed to reject passengers! Technically, a new app will control this, says the Nation. We'll see what happens...[emoji448]
  2. Thanks

    Antidiarrhea Medicine in Thailand OTC

    The Thai 'equivalent' I think is called 'Gastro Bismol', available in pharmacies / drug stores / chemists throughout Bangkok: Alternatively:
  3. Thanks

    Antidiarrhea Medicine in Thailand OTC

    Thanks for your guidance, Robert!
  4. If you're having a meal right now you might want to skip this post...[emoji615] Do you have any suggestions for an effective yet easy on the stomach OTC antidiarrhea medicine in Thailand? I sometimes use Imodium (loperamide): but I'm not sure if I wanted to take it longer than one or two days in a row as it's very strong. They are not available at convenience stores, only at pharmacies (about 50 b). Charcoal: is better for the stomach I guess but it's not quite as effective as Imodium... At convenience stores in Bangkok they sell a purple colored pack of "Antidiarrheal": but I don't know what the ingredients are and how effective it is... Seirogan toi A isn't available at convenience stores, only at pharmacies: Any suggestions (other than skipping Thai food, drinking lots of water or not drinking orange juice and similar)? Thanks :-)
  5. Thanks

    Asking to see Thai baht

    And don't forget the fake monks in that area. [emoji56] Last year one of them approached me on Soi 6. He hugged me, gave me a wrist band hardly worth a single Satang and asked for a 'small' donation. The jay dee in me handed him 40 Baht. He however looked very disappointed and asked "oh... have more?" So I picked a red note (100 b). He showed me 2 fingers indicating he wanted 200 Baht from me...[emoji32] There it finally clicked for me and I walked away, with 40 b less in my pocket...[emoji84] This Monday night I sat at Cool Sports bar on Soi 7/1 and who do you think came up to me? Yes. I asked him to give me back my money. He embarrassedly backed off and walked away. The ladyboys in front of Plame / Relax and Dalalah massage next door that saw the scene seemed amused...So he probably tries this scam on a regular basis there...
  6. They now have Gayle Ale [emoji304] for sale at the Art Box Bangkok: I didn't try it so cannot comment on the taste... Gayle - Brewed With Love Pty is an Australian brand & company with a subsidiary in the UK based in Fulham.
  7. The MRT Blue line extension from Hua Lamphong (currently still the main train station in Bangkok though that will change) to Tha Phra was opened today for a two month trial period to celebrate the new King's [emoji1242] birthday. The ride is free of charge for the trial period. However, currently one cannot travel directly from, say, Sukhumvit station to the Chinatown and Old Town stations. During the trial period one must change trains at Hua Lamphong station [emoji579] which is no problem however as the other train will be arriving at the neighboring track. The trains for the Blue Line extension are also brand new Siemens metro cars Made in Austria. I've traveled this morning to Tha Phra and what can I say, it was sheer madness! Long queues, TV cameras, and a huuuge crowd of curious Bangkokers made the journey a memorable one... For visitors to Bangkok it's now so much more convenient to travel from lower Sukhumvit to Chinatown. Wat Mangkon station is particularly well designed: Image above: wall painting at the new Chinatown station. Below: long queues at the five new stations for the inaugural service: http://www.xinhuanet.com/english/2019-07/29/c_138267285.htm
  8. Thanks

    Pulse Clinic - ASOK!

    Pulse clinic [emoji541][emoji382] seems to be on an expansion path: In addition to their Silom location and the upcoming Nana / Asok location, they also have or are about to open new clinics in KL (Kuala Lumpur) [emoji1157], Hong Kong [emoji1125], and HCM City [emoji1264]:
  9. Thanks

    Line Messenger

    I think what he meant to say was that if you have 2 sim cards you can set up two Line accounts... One regular one and one for "other" stuff...
  10. Thanks

    Line Messenger

  11. Thanks

    Line Messenger

    What has worked in my case is the following: Go to the search box (click on the magnifying glass). Enter a letter, if possible the one that is most likely the first letter of the Line ID. In my case the app suggested possible accounts / friends (auto complete) and one of the suggestions was indeed the one I was looking for... But there must be an easier way to get hold of someone's Line ID or Phone no. ...???
  12. Thanks

    Line Messenger

    And how do I see the mobile number? Usually they either enter their Line ID manually or they scan that stupid QR code... [emoji24]
  13. Thanks

    Line Messenger

    Can somebody please advise if (and how) it's possible to see the Line ID of an existing Line contact (and therefore already know the contact's Line display name - which can be different from the Line ID) without asking the person in question directly? Has anyone tried Line Pay to pay a girl for her services already? Apologies if this is a stupid question or if it has been already asked and answered somewhere else before... Thanks :-) --- and a happy world tequila day!
  14. That's an easy challenge, Drew! You just click on "Click to choose files" and then select the folder on your computer or phone where the picture is that you want to upload, select the picture and attach it to your PM... Once the picture is uploaded, you can click on the plus sign and the picture will be inserted into your message... If you picked the wrong image, you just click on the trash bin symbol... No need for a PhD in computer science... Even a computer idiot like myself can do it.
  15. Happy birthday, XCOM!