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  1. Shaggy81

    Hotel location

    If money isnt an issue, Sofitel is by far the best location imho. Also has a direct BTS entry and itvis a discrete way of bringing someone back of you dont want to go via lobby. Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G991B met Tapatalk
  2. Shaggy81

    Novotel Sukumvit 4

    Ah, ok.... didnt know. The Ploenchit is by far one of the best Accor hotels in the world, by the way. Good to see another one.
  3. Shaggy81

    Novotel Sukumvit 4

    Novotel Ploenchit,I assume? Indeed, you can walk passing by. Please note that they do not charge and the ID is for OUR security. You do not always know what you bring back, 5555