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  1. ausmagoo

    Lb Friendly Hotels

    When I am in BKK I usually stay at the Dynasty Inn on Soi 4. This hotel is guest friendly (GG or LB) and close to Nana and Guess Bar. If taking a guest back they get their ID and always give you a call in the morning when they leave to see if everything is OK. I have not stopped at the Grande but went and had a look. Sister hotel of the Dynasty Inn just down Soi 4 a bit further, in a soi on the left but still close to Nana and Guess Bar. Also guest friendly. The Grande is dearer than the Inn. I am also sure you can take more than one guest if you are that way inclined. Just ask the staff as they are friendly in both places. The last time I stopped at the Inn it was 1420baht a night. Would recommend either of them.