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Test and Go Hotels

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Trying to make a Test and Go reservation at Mercure on Soi 11. Price is 4,700 Baht for a 24 hour Test and Go stay, but the reservation process seems slightly suspicious. Cant’ make a reservation through their normal system. I entered my information on their website, mercurebangkoksukhumvit11.com, and they emailed me back saying I can pay with a transfer to a bank account or by sending picture of both sides of my credit card. They also requested a copy of the photo page of my passport and vaccination card (I understand why they would need this). The reservation process just seems sketchy and seems like a great opportunity for identity theft. Anybody have any luck making a Test and Go reservation and was the reservation process similar?

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Awesome. Novotel seems like a better option.

I booked a test and go with Solitaire. I arrived to Bangkok on a late midnight flight (11/8), there was a hotel rep that meets you after baggage claim, he then took me outside to the van which took me to the hotel, checked in around 1am. Was quite late, so I did not take the COVID test until 7:30am in the morning. Got my negative result around 7pm, and I was on my way to anywhere I wanted to go. The only issue I had was FOOD…. If you are arriving on a late flight like next, better bring food!!! Instant ramen bowl at least. If not, whatever food you have when you arrive will be extremely cold, as they bring dinner around 8pm. Overall though… not bad for around $120 USD.

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