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  1. Edisto

    Heaven @ 4

    Do tried to find the reviews on Heaven@4 but wasn't as easy as I thought. Anyway. I booked 2 hotels for my stay in BKK in February. One in Sathorn which is fairly luxe and will be my base. And I booked also Heaven@4 strictly for raunchy guests business ;-). Will see how that works out. Never booked 2 hotels for same period of time before...... Sent from my SM-S901W using Tapatalk
  2. Edisto

    Small Bluetooth Speaker

    I just got the clip 4 fanfuckingtastic. Just hang it off my luggage Sent from my SM-G781W using Tapatalk
  3. Edisto

    Novotel Sukumvit 4

    "Brought Cake with me..." damn you. [emoji3] Sent from my SM-G781W using Tapatalk
  4. Edisto


    One more thing. Heated bidet toilet seats in bathroom of S15......a very nice touch.
  5. Edisto


    A couple other notes about S15, its next to Tom Tom's formerly Hollys if you need real coffee although I prefer going across to GC Cafe 4 min walk. Coffee is better but I do mix it up. Tom Tom is better to see and be seen. GC Café - Soi 8 098 090 9000 https://maps.app.goo.gl/uaUtH7iUiRrwqLHc8 Laundry is around the corner on S13. Shop around, rates are 60 to 95 baht per kilo. Hi Speed is the cheapest and best but you have to walk quite a ways to it . Fun as you are catcalled by all the massage ladies. There are also no frills salons for inexpensive mannies, peddies and foot scrubs on soi 13. On Soi 11, there is my favorite restaurant Vegaterie. Don't let the name scare you off. They have great wonderfully tastefully spiced dishes and purple rice bowls. One of the best fast food places I've eaten in Thailand. Not cheap but a great respite from all white rice and noodles. I also like Asok being a little closer to Ekkamai and Tonglor for my other activities. Terminal 21 has already been mentioned. Also great if you take transit from airport as you can get off at Makkasan and one stop to Sukhumvit on MRT. When I stayed at Galleria, or Soi 7, or Nana, I would take Skytrain to the end Playa Thai and double back on BTS to avoid 2 transfers (Skytrain, MRT, BTS.) - pain in the ass. And yes, you will walk the gauntlet at night but didn't matter to me as I had a different LB on my arm with the odd GG every night lol. I'm not a Nana guy, but I don't find the walk that bad when I choose to go, usually during the day for a special massage.
  6. Edisto


    I stayed at Galleria for a week a few weeks ago and am now at S15 in a junior suite. Not much of a price difference. Galleria has an unused quiet pool. S15 has none. I am loving the S15. Obviously not as quiet but I'm fine with the rumbles of Sukhumvit. Has an outdoor bar on the street you can sit in evening - great for people watching. I'd come back here again. The Movenpick up the street was recommended to me by a certain LB. I checked it out and it looks good too, depending on rate you can wrangle on Agoda.
  7. Edisto

    Novotel Suites soi 39

    "Big Mango"?? Lol. 0/10 for imagination. 1/10 for hyperbole 0/10 for sartorial disaster . 2/10 for interview salience. The jokes write themselves for this trope. No reflection on you Mikel!! Am glad to be informed about the Novotel.
  8. Edisto

    Test and Go Hotels

    Try another hotel like the Solitaire up the street. It's only for (hopefully) one night.....
  9. Edisto

    Soi 11 Hotels

    I always stay at the Salil on Soi 11. Always book a Deluxe room on top floor. I keep an eye on the sales on Agoda or Expedia and book when the price is right. No pool. Small lobby. Guest friendly. If you take a LB up she will have to sign in but not GGs - they go right up with you unless they look like ice smoking trouble trash. Room is sizable enough with large bathroom, soaker tub and separate shower.
  10. Edisto

    Makkasan to Nana - Taxi or MRT/BTS?

    Haha. Sorry but so many quotes about LBs fresh from the farm. I cant help but chuckle about all the inquiring mongers FOB. Lol. The Airlink and BTS arent that difficult. No brainers actually. If you can find this forum you should be able to figure out the public transit in BKK.