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  1. Edisto

    Soi 11 Hotels

    I always stay at the Salil on Soi 11. Always book a Deluxe room on top floor. I keep an eye on the sales on Agoda or Expedia and book when the price is right. No pool. Small lobby. Guest friendly. If you take a LB up she will have to sign in but not GGs - they go right up with you unless they look like ice smoking trouble trash. Room is sizable enough with large bathroom, soaker tub and separate shower.
  2. Edisto

    Makkasan to Nana - Taxi or MRT/BTS?

    Haha. Sorry but so many quotes about LBs fresh from the farm. I cant help but chuckle about all the inquiring mongers FOB. Lol. The Airlink and BTS arent that difficult. No brainers actually. If you can find this forum you should be able to figure out the public transit in BKK.