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  1. Jonard

    Monkey Pox

    Its not an STD. Some people have gotten it from other types of contact. Standing very close to someone in the BTS with touching is enough. For the wife, I’d worry about genital herpes long before monkeypox.
  2. Jonard

    Monkey Pox

    Again. In Thailand people got vaccinated for smallpox to a much later date than in the west. Plenty of people in the scene have the vaccine scar on their arm. Those vaccines are lifetime effective and cross protect against monkeypox. This is the current hypothesis of why some countries have almost no spread. I can tell you with absolute certainty that this disease is not strongly underreported. Those blisters are huge, very painful and very visible. If you simply don’t have sex with anyone with blisters, your chance to get monkeypox go from absolutely neglible to theoretically possible in Thailand. If you are still worried, get vaccinated. Several countries in the west have started vaccinating At risk groups. In France we get a lot of foreigners coming here for vaccination.
  3. funny thing is, I am absolutely not prone to stomach trouble :-D reverse world.
  4. Jonard

    Monkey Pox

    A side note. Many western people wear T shirts with the face of Che Guevara on it. That man was a real monster. I have always found that equally apprehensive.
  5. Everytime I take prep, I have pretty bad diarhea and stopach pain, taking it for a month makes side effects dissapear. Stopping prep makes them dissapear 3 days after. most people are more lucky.
  6. Jonard

    Monkey Pox

    Thats just… wrong. I get the swastika has more meanings than just nazi propaganda but to exhibit it like this on a flag is just bad taste.
  7. Jonard

    Monkey Pox

    9400 +Dengue cases this year in Thailand. 9500 road deaths in 2021 About 50 cases of Trichinosis a year Seems a bit silly to worry about the 4 cases of monkeypox of which 2 were foreign nationals when you accept the risks above. Context is everything. Only realistic preventure measure is to avoid contact with people who have blisters. I assume that goes without saying.
  8. Jonard

    Monkey Pox

    You can theoretically transmit it in many many ways of contact, I’m sure bedsheets is possible) In practice, it’s most often transmitted through intense physical contact (aka sex). Almost all victims are men who have sex with men. your chances of conteacting it in Thailand are very low in my opinion.
  9. Jonard

    Monkey Pox

    We stopped vaccinating for smallpox in the west 50 years ago because the disease was erradicated. Lesser developed countries stopped vaccinating much later than the west. In Thailand I have seen quite a few younger people with the typical smallpox vaccine scar. This vaccine works a lifetime and should at least strongly protect against monkeypox. Ergo. 1. If you are older and still got this vaccine, you really should not worry at all. 2. If (I have no info how many younger people Thailand are innoculated) a decent amount of sexworkers/civilians in Thailand got innoculated, chance of getting infected is very very low when mongering. As far as I know, Thailand has gotten very few monkeypox cases. Seeing this disease is pretty visible, I don't think there has been a huge underreported outbreak. I read they have 4 cases of which 2 are foreign nationals. If you come into contact with someone who has obvious blisters, go to the hospital and get vaccinated. The vaccines tend to still have effect when taken after the moment of (possible) infection.
  10. Jonard

    Bangkok Safe Clinic

    Chula Bhesaj pharmacy on Rama 4. They supply prep to Pulse but sell to individuals if you ask for it.
  11. Jonard

    Testosterone in Sukhumvit?

    Southeast pharmacy has Arimidex, 100% sure.
  12. Jonard

    So far,so good,so what?

    One thing to mention. These tests are quite unreliable when you don’t have overt symptoms. They don’t pick up tiny amounts of virus.
  13. Jonard

    Test and Go Hotels

    I uploaded my bill from agoda. It explicily states that it involves a quarantine packadge including pcr test. My thaipass got approved.
  14. Jonard

    Check Airfares for 2022

    oh yes 100%. For mongering though, I much prefer condo's. I feel more free without staff around me and ID checks :-)