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  1. Jonard

    Check Airfares for 2022

    oh yes 100%. For mongering though, I much prefer condo's. I feel more free without staff around me and ID checks :-)
  2. Jonard

    Check Airfares for 2022

    Crazy numbers, I got a fare of 450$ from Paris to BKK next month. Absolute bottom prices in Europe. A friend flying from Belgium, has a similar rate. Flying emirates.
  3. Jonard

    Testosterone tablets

    I agree, there are cases of lower bone density. Long term (+2y) has some risks. Dosing however isn’t difficult at all. Arimidex is very effective even at lower doses. Are there any other reasons TRT doctors advise against it? I’m not super familliar with TRT, did read some papers and talked to local collegues about it.
  4. Jonard

    COVID-19 Health Issues

    I assume he’s a nurse? I have worked in several countries (I consult and teach as well) and wherever I go, nurses, logistical employees etc are always squeezed like a grapefruit. During covid they work in super hot protective clothing and hard to breathe masks. Sometimes they work double or triple shifts. It’s absolutely shameful they get squeezed like this. They are the backbone of healthcare. 1.5% is very little imho. In my hospital most doctors pitched in to divide our bonus among them.
  5. Jonard

    COVID-19 Health Issues

    Thanks for that. I'll be humble though, beside volunteering to administer vaccinations and helping out with the research and data, I don't have any real contact with covid patients. The nurses having close contact with em are the real heroes of this crisis.
  6. Jonard

    COVID-19 Health Issues

    While younger people do die, they remain outliers even now. Everywhere I read newspapers, they are pushing the fact that young people die and get seriously ill to the point where there is the sentiment that this is common. It still isn't. The median age of people in the ICU is however decreasing. In my hospital the youngest person in the ICU is 47, out of 68 ICU beds that are all occupied. Even non vaccinated, I would worry a lot more about traffic than about covid in the LOS.
  7. Jonard

    Testosterone tablets

    the injecting part is not the dangerous bit lol.
  8. Jonard

    Testosterone tablets

    I would not recommend every guy over the qge of 40 to get T treatments. I'm sorry that's just idiotic. If you have low T, I would recommend aromatase blockers to most people. Arimidex for instance. If that does not help, then you can try T treatment. If and only if you have low T levels. T therapy has side effects. That being said, it's a free world and I'm very liberal. Feel free to reject my advice :-D
  9. Jonard

    COVID-19 Health Issues

    https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.03.11.20031096v1 not peer reviewed, very prelimerary. several weak points. This is not a causality but a correlative study. Too little subjects, all from two cities in China. The sample sizes is my biggest issue, for good data on blood groups you need 50000-100000 data points due to overrepresentation of some blood groups within participants. Summary: It’s not fake news but only slightly indicative at best. No reason to assume A+ is more at risk at this point.
  10. Jonard

    COVID-19 Health Issues

    A+ here too. Trump is spreading half fake news here. Yes Azithromycin + chloroquine have been effective on small scales with very ill people. Effects have been moderate at best. Much better medication will be found in the next few months. Would you want to take meds that could potentially make you sicker (both meds have side effects) when tested only on small samples? Think of how ill you would need to be for that to sound like a good option. Some extra info that I found out yesterday, J&J has a HIV vaccine in fase 3 of testing, primary results are looking good. (sorry if this is general knowledge, I didn't know)
  11. Jonard

    Hiv In Ladyboy Scene

    The testing bias will be strong with this one. I would bet money the actual stats are waaaaaaay less.
  12. Jonard

    Testosterone tablets

    Chula Bhesaj near Patpong sells anything you want. It's a big distributor who has a very large supply. If they have it anywhere in BKK, they have it there.
  13. Jonard

    Etihad Airways

    AUH is quite good. It's like every other major good airport. I had a really good sandwich there that I can remember. People treated me kindly, had short layovers. The flights itself were average in economy, as good but not better than KLM, Lufthansa, Austrian or emirates. Food in flight was average and movies slightly above, I remember they had a lot of them. I fly etihad if it's cheap the day I want to fly, I will fly any other major airline mentioned above if they are cheapest that day.
  14. I 100% recommend against it. Imagine someone tests positive on these tests that are less reliable. It can destroy someones life, people need care when they get tested. They need a professional to tell them what a result means and they need some level of comfort. Imho it's unethical to do home testing.