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  1. ethanhunt

    Immigration queues BKK?

    Precisely, specially if concurrent flights arriving from East Asia/Sub-continent & now after China's reopening.
  2. ethanhunt

    Mercure Soi 11 Review

    Thanks for the in-depth review, you do paint a picture apart from the snaps you added. Soi 11, does get incredibly busy during the peak business hours, crossing that narrow stretch can be quite difficult. The Thai street food arcade serves well into the night as well, a bonus for finding late night nibbles. As you say, lot many FLs/bar girls hanging around the soi, possibly available for pick-up even late into the night, I suppose. Will look for a ST opportunity next time am there, as my flight lands pretty late in the night at BKK.
  3. ethanhunt

    Sukhumvit nightclubs

    Good topic & thanks for these recommendations. In Pattaya, nightclubs remain open even beyond the current closing time of 2 AM, occasionally the music volume is lowered to avoid police intervention, but they carry on after a while, regardless. In your experiences, what's been the situation like in BKK. Do they more strictly adhere to the closing mandate. Not much sense being a nightclub/after hours club, if they shut too along with the rest of the entertainment zones.
  4. Okay, I have seen this place while on a stroll from CIB, reasonably busy too. However, think it closes a tad too early (my perception), went back to try it & was shutters down.
  5. ethanhunt

    Bangkok best hotel

    Am assuming its okay with overnight LB joiners?
  6. ethanhunt

    Monkey Pox

    All I said was, Laos to my knowledge didn't have any skin in the game (Nazis vs Allies), the US certainly did. Seems it's easy to be condescending towards a semi impoverished SEA nation, when in most cases it's pure ignorance on their part.
  7. ethanhunt

    Monkey Pox

    Well, am not so sure if Laos fought the Nazis in WW-II but USA sure did & yet plenty of people in the US march on the streets carrying this emblem on a flag.
  8. ethanhunt


    Other than CIB, soi 10 in general looks very desolate, probably very limited food/snacks options too. I know some like the quiet but I guess it would get boring very quickly say as compared to soi 8 or 11.
  9. I have traveled on the BTS Sky-train a fair few times, be it the Sukhumvit or Silom line, very convenient for some of the major hot spots. On the other hand have never actually used to Bangkok MRT underground service. Hence this silly question, as I look at the MRT map it shows me that the blue line (seems to be the main arterial line) is kind of a loop, crossing the river twice. What I want to know is whether the train lines move in a singular direction or there are lines in the opposite direction too. Looking at the map I can understand, for example that I can go to Silom/Lumpini or any other station in that direction from Sukhumvit but can I travel in the reverse direction too, i.e from Silom to Sukhumvit or do the trains move one direction only going all the way across the river & then looping back from the northern end of the city touching stations like Bang Sue/Lad Phrao etc etc. Kind of a silly question but TIT.
  10. ethanhunt


    Did your room have a big ass mirror awkwardly placed, mine did, found it very odd. Stubbed my toe one night after a drunken binge at CIB.
  11. ethanhunt

    Test and Go Hotels

    This booking is under the new process rules?, Day-1+Day-5?, did you book both days at Mercure
  12. ethanhunt

    Sidegra – Generic Viagra

    Has the generic 'Apicialis' been discontinued now?
  13. Given the location wouldn't it be too brazen to defy the alcohol with food ban.
  14. That's a positive news, at least some semblance of normality returning back. Food is such an important aspect of their culture, should be a welcome news.
  15. The first half of the year seems to be a write off, they might as well stay for the foreseeable future.