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  1. Hhrryyuu

    Test and Go Hotels

    Awesome. Novotel seems like a better option.
  2. Hhrryyuu

    Test and Go Hotels

    Trying to make a Test and Go reservation at Mercure on Soi 11. Price is 4,700 Baht for a 24 hour Test and Go stay, but the reservation process seems slightly suspicious. Cant’ make a reservation through their normal system. I entered my information on their website, mercurebangkoksukhumvit11.com, and they emailed me back saying I can pay with a transfer to a bank account or by sending picture of both sides of my credit card. They also requested a copy of the photo page of my passport and vaccination card (I understand why they would need this). The reservation process just seems sketchy and seems like a great opportunity for identity theft. Anybody have any luck making a Test and Go reservation and was the reservation process similar?