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  1. Knobby

    Air Travel during the New Normal

    From one point of view, I wonder what will happen to Heathrow? Before all this shit the talk was of another runway and more.... everything there. The angle was the country needs this for business and jobs blah blah blah. Fuck the environment that we are constantly told about. Now overnight all this has fallen to shit. Air travel most of us can only dream of and not a word about Heathrow. I suppose at some point it will all start again? (the extra runway) So the airline industry and most things around it stopped overnight. Those once good-paying rather safe jobs working at Heathrow, and there were many either gone or won't be the same. That is unless something gets sorted out with the fake(I still think most of this is fake) virus situation. At the moment if I have to do several things just to board a plane that I didn't have to do I don't fancy it.
  2. Knobby

    Air Travel during the New Normal

    no good for me. am on a u.k passport
  3. Knobby

    Air Travel during the New Normal

    If so then I welcome this !! No more sitting next to that fat wanker 555
  4. Knobby

    Testosterone tablets

    Try Tongkat Ali capsules first perhaps?
  5. Knobby

    Etihad Airways

    Anybody got in contact with Ethiad to move their flights yet?
  6. Simple but tasty if cooked right. You fall out of a bar and get the munchies and see a stall selling these.... lush !!
  7. Yea Skyscanner is the first go to There are some apps that come close but Sky scanner I check then the airlines themselves.
  8. Knobby

    Using Plus Codes in Google Maps

    use Google maps a lot so know about this feature.
  9. Knobby

    Etihad Airways

    Good intel. It will be nice to get off the plane, walk around for a while, grab a drink and some food and relax a short while before moving onto BKK. So far like yourself they are the cheapest with good flight times for me.
  10. Knobby

    Etihad Airways

    Any fellow BM's used Ethiad of late? I am after opinions. I see a nice flight time and price from Munich to BKK in May & November so a few questions if I May? The stop in AUH , whats the airport like? In-flight grub and films any good? Any other intel and tips welcome. Thanks in advance.
  11. Knobby

    Current Bangkok Clinics ?

    Interesting reading, if some BM's have time could they DM me with more intel on PrEP ? Interested to hear more on this and when to start taking it.
  12. Knobby

    Citrus Suites Sukumvit Soi 6

    on what floor are the suits? did you take photos?
  13. Knobby

    Citrus Suites Sukumvit Soi 6

    I am warming to the idea of using this hotel next trip. Its the location that's king for me and the fact I could take 2 birds back , well that's even better.
  14. Knobby

    Citrus Suites Sukumvit Soi 6

    Breakfast I never have so not problems there. What floor are you staying on? Are you on the soi 6 side or the backside of the hotel?
  15. Knobby

    Citrus Suites Sukumvit Soi 6

    The room in the photos looks very good. If they still allow 2 guests in September then this place will be at the top of my list