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  1. Interesting. Am thinking of going back end of April. Always have thought it would be nice to have a fast track at LHR. When you used this Kingdomguy what terminal was it? I looked on their website but no "premium service" with fast track is mentioned?
  2. Knobby

    Miami Hotel Soi 13

    I had room 366 BTW.
  3. Knobby

    Miami Hotel Soi 13

    It was fine for me. Room over looked the pool on the 3rd floor. Kettle and cups but no coffee provided. Small fridge and safe. Shower was fine. Bed a little on the hard side for my liking but I manged to sleep. Joining fee, The higher cost room you book the more guests you can have with less cost. Room I booked meant 1 guest free but second guest was 500 baht. If I had booked the top level room then 2 guests free. I had no problems during my stay. Good location. 7-11 right there and places like the red lion for food and of course a short walk to any action and BTS. Sent from my SM-A805F using Tapatalk
  4. Knobby

    Was the Grand Swiss

    Any new intel on the hotel on soi 11/1 that was the Grand Swiss? In April it was being worked on and in November looking like the work was coming to an end.
  5. Knobby

    Immigration queues BKK?

    Look them up. All prices and services on their website. Sent from my SM-A805F using Tapatalk
  6. Knobby

    Cathay Pacific

    Didn't see much of it! Was only inside about 20 mins. By time the 1st flight landed and did a very long taxi run around the airport it was finally time to leave the plane. As we came off those of us going onto BKK were rushed to a security check that took about 30 seconds then straight from gate 35 to gate 28. Then we joined the back of the queue to the already boarding connecting flight. Cathay Pacific had cut it that fine. Sent from my SM-A805F using Tapatalk
  7. Knobby

    Immigration queues BKK?

    I landed on the 17th and I booked Bangkok Limousine fast track service. Am glad I did as my time of landing was 10:40 am and immigration was very busy. Fast track meant I was off the plane and out of the airport in 10 mins. Sent from my SM-A805F using Tapatalk
  8. Knobby

    Cathay Pacific

    I fly ourt on the 16th Sent from my SM-A805F using Tapatalk
  9. Knobby

    Cathay Pacific

    I hope not but if it is the case then I hope Cathay know what they are doing. It will be cutting it really fine.
  10. Knobby

    Cathay Pacific

    Yea Rocco I think so also. 50 mins is maybe the average person walking normally or with a family. A dude like me going at warp factor 9 to the next gate could make it.
  11. Knobby

    Cathay Pacific

    Update, I have called Cathay twice. 1st time was to ask about any covid restrictions and if need to go through any security. I was told no restrictions apart from wearing a mask and showing proof of covid injections. 2nd time was to ask about my flights, I got an e-mail saying one flight the times have changed. It was, CX 252 going at 11.15 and land 0700 at HKG but now it's 11.15 take off and land 0740 Now is where it gets interesting, the next flight from HKG to BKK is CX705, which takes off at 0830. The dude says Cathay recommends 50 mins to transit from one flight to another. I will have 45 mins. I have been looking at a map of terminal 1 and as far as I can tell I just have to go from one floor to the next and then to the right gate. I think I can do it as long as there is no need to go through security or any other hold-ups. I am only taking hand luggage which is a bonus. So, have any of you used that airport before? Do you think I can do it in 45 mins? Also, the flights coming back have changed meaning I have less transit time at HKG again. But then the dude says that if one flight is late taking off from LHR going or from BKK coming back then the next flight will have to wait. So then I wonder why he was eager to sell me another flight a few moments ago. If the LHR to HKG flight is late taking off and let's face it LHR aint the best airport by far, then I got nothing to worry about. The next flight based on what he said will have to wait.
  12. Knobby

    Cathay Pacific

    I am gonna call them and see if I can get some intel.
  13. Knobby

    Cathay Pacific

    Yes, they carry loads of people. And also yes some reviews are to be doubted but some of the reviews don't paint a good picture of that airport at all.
  14. Knobby

    Headphones Recommendations

    I ended up getting Sony 1000XM4 in the end. Am very happy with them.
  15. Knobby

    Cathay Pacific

    So right yea, Trip # 2 of 2022 is with Cathay Pacific. Never used them before. I know they have been around a good few years. At the time of booking, they were the cheapest at £752. Flight times for me are good. A generous allowance for checked-in luggage of 2x23kg cases. And the ticket I chose came with free seat selections. However, they have already changed one flight on the outward-bound leg. I mean I now only have 50 mins to transit HKG (Hong Kong) Looking on Google Maps and the reviews there seems a right-shit show at HKG. Some said they had to go through security even though they were transiting it took 2 hours! I hope Cathay know what they are doing. It's a good thing I am only going with a carry-on case this time so I don't have the worry of wondering if my checked luggage made it to the next flight.