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  1. Knobby

    Flight Credit. Anybody got a refund?

    Yes if and when we can all travel we need to watch the flight prices. On the one hand, they could go sky high ( see what I did there) as airlines try and get some money back, or they could do some deals to get people back to travelling. Same goes for hotel prices and travel insurance.
  2. Knobby

    Flight Credit. Anybody got a refund?

    I got budget for a very good 2 weeks short blast of a balls-out trip and yes having a flight already paid for is good. (unless the prices go up that much and I have to top it up)
  3. Knobby

    Flight Credit. Anybody got a refund?

    Yea I got credit and its still got another year on it. I just fancied getting the money back is all.
  4. Knobby

    Flight Credit. Anybody got a refund?

    I got an answer from the card company. It's No. Fuck it Looks like I waited to long. Oh well I got another year so will now have to sit and wait.
  5. Knobby

    Flight Credit. Anybody got a refund?

    And I have done just that. Called them Tuesday and told them the details. I asked if this would be goods not received and was told yes. I have to wait up to 45 days but I got time to wait 555
  6. Knobby

    Flight Credit. Anybody got a refund?

    After 2 phone calls to get a person who had half a brain I got an answer from Ethiad........ they aint gonna give me a refund Not sure that's totally legal still?
  7. Knobby

    Flight Credit. Anybody got a refund?

    I got my tickets via credit card April 2020. I think a phone call to Ethiad is in order.
  8. I imagine I am not the only BM who had to cancel a Thailand trip in 2020. I was planning two, in fact. One in May, the other in November. The May trip I had paid for my flight with Ethiad. I have had a flight credit with the airline since and the value of said credit is £530. Anybody here got that credit money back? Is it possible? I will of course try and call Ethiad to find out if I can get the money back but I wonder if there is any good reason they can refuse? If they do refuse who would I then go to and escalate the issue with?
  9. Knobby

    Air Travel during the New Normal

    From one point of view, I wonder what will happen to Heathrow? Before all this shit the talk was of another runway and more.... everything there. The angle was the country needs this for business and jobs blah blah blah. Fuck the environment that we are constantly told about. Now overnight all this has fallen to shit. Air travel most of us can only dream of and not a word about Heathrow. I suppose at some point it will all start again? (the extra runway) So the airline industry and most things around it stopped overnight. Those once good-paying rather safe jobs working at Heathrow, and there were many either gone or won't be the same. That is unless something gets sorted out with the fake(I still think most of this is fake) virus situation. At the moment if I have to do several things just to board a plane that I didn't have to do I don't fancy it.
  10. Knobby

    Air Travel during the New Normal

    no good for me. am on a u.k passport
  11. Knobby

    Air Travel during the New Normal

    If so then I welcome this !! No more sitting next to that fat wanker 555
  12. Knobby

    Testosterone tablets

    Try Tongkat Ali capsules first perhaps?
  13. Knobby

    Etihad Airways

    Anybody got in contact with Ethiad to move their flights yet?
  14. Simple but tasty if cooked right. You fall out of a bar and get the munchies and see a stall selling these.... lush !!
  15. Yea Skyscanner is the first go to There are some apps that come close but Sky scanner I check then the airlines themselves.