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  1. I just hope Air Asia don't get in in the act!!!!!!!
  2. For those who want to get there quick.....Just in-time for the end of Covid! Probably supersonic prices too. https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-57361193
  3. katana57

    Flight Credit. Anybody got a refund?

    Time to call your credit card company and state that the flight is the same as "Goods not received". Airline companies will have you going around in circles before you get a straight answer.
  4. Also luv green curry with fishballs
  5. katana57

    OTS's Hotel reviews

    Cheers. I checked it out on a few gg sites,and a lot of people complained about a joiners fee.I can't see D.Duke staying there if this is the case! Congrats. on the Charity Shield win(and ManU. losing at Everton!) Keep the reviews coming!!!
  6. katana57


    Ozigav's TR says yes! http://www.bangkokladyboys.net/forum/index.php?/topic/2618-2-chicks-in-a-tub/ Looks nice. Another hotel with a jacuzzi rooms is the President Solitaire on Soi 11
  7. katana57

    OTS's Hotel reviews

    Just a suggestion.....Might be a good idea to pin this thread.
  8. katana57

    OTS's Hotel reviews

    Nice one(s)!! On another forum,(Dr.) DaveDuke said this was the place he always stays when in BKK. How is it? http://www.thekeybangkok.com/ I know it's away from Nana,but I prefer to stay down that end.
  9. katana57

    OTS's Hotel reviews

    Subarashii!!!(excellent) Great news.You've stayed in so many,so slowly but surely. BTW...belated congrats. on City winning the Premier league.You should go on a trip to LOS to celebrate!!!!!
  10. katana57

    OTS's Hotel reviews

    Glad you're back. Your hotel reviews are priceless.BMs can see them before they go,and make an informed choice,thanks to you. Hope you put all your Hotel reviews back here too.
  11. http://bangkokscoop.com/2012/06/13/new-luggage-scanners-bomb-detectors-installed-at-suvarnabhumi-airport/
  12. katana57

    Accor Group Supersale

    Nice one! Ibis and Le Fenix are popular,and handy for LB mongerers.
  13. katana57

    Aspen Suites soi 2 (Updated 2015)

    I booked direct,last time I stayed there.But,as you stated, I think the Agoda rate rate is cheaper.Another good thing about Agoda is,that you can pay by PayPal.(secure!!)
  14. katana57

    Aspen Suites soi 2 (Updated 2015)

    I stayed there before,nice big room.Bit overpriced,I thought.But that was the only grumble.Now and again they send me e-mails with special offers,etc. http://www.aspenbangkok.com/offers-description.php?id=201
  15. katana57

    Compass Hotels campaign

    Yeah,I stayed at Aspen suites last time I was in Town.Wasn't bad at all,nice big rooms.