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  1. katana57

    Immigration queues BKK?

    Personally, I think it's best to book the fast track both ways.Always do. No dramas or stress on the way back.
  2. katana57

    Return flight needed to enter Thailand

    This might help you out: https://onwardticket.com
  3. katana57

    Cathay Pacific

    I hope this doesn't coincide with your travel dates: https://www.bbc.com/news/business-63510375
  4. katana57

    Cathay Pacific

    You should be transfer protected by Cathay. But having said that....Get it from the horses mouth. Call them and get confirmation for peace of mind.
  5. katana57

    Carry on Only Tips

    Exactly. But as I mentioned in an earlier post, if I take a checked in bag I still use the vest.That way I don't need a carry on.Everything I would usually put in a carry on fits in the vest.A breeze going through security too....No messing around emptying your pockets, etc. Another thing I bought from Scottevest was a windbreaker. I ride a motorcycle everyday , and because I can get everything I need into it,I don't need to hump around a rucksack or daysack/backpack. Just another option to think about.
  6. katana57

    Carry on Only Tips

    They're handy even if you take a checked-in bag.....no need for a carry-on.Everything you'd usually put in a carry-on will fit in the vest. And convenient going through security.
  7. katana57

    Sukhumvit to Hua Hin

    Bolt or Grab, or all thai taxi will give you a cheaper fare than a normal taxi. You can get an estimate fare on their website/app.
  8. katana57

    Bangkok best hotel

    Why not try an Airbnb. or a serviced apartment/condo. You'd get a nice place on your budget. No kids and discreet.
  9. katana57

    Carry on Only Tips

    When I do a carry- on only trip I always use one of these.... https://www.scottevest.com/products/rfid-travel-vest-for-men I get in my iPad,phones,chargers,cables,medicines,documents,passport,keys,sunglasses etc . You can really get a lot of stuff in.And it makes going through security easier too.Instead of having to take out your coins,keys,metallic objects...you just slip off the vest and put it in the tray and walk through the check while they do the scan.I put a pair of sneakers in ,one time! If you've got time before your trip, see if you can pick up a used one on ebay or amazon. They also do shirts , shorts, windbreakers with loads of pockets. A bit pricey, but well functional.
  10. katana57

    Airline prices

    Sorry to hear about,and disappointed to hear about the bad experience with Etihad. I looking at flights going the opposite way,from Asia to the UK,and back via BKK.And I'm not exactly spoilt for choice(and ridiculous prices) due to the Ukraine and airspace situation. Chances are you've already researched it: One thing that I've found helpful on SkyScanner is checking prices for one way tickets with different carriers.Used to be that a one way ticket was the same price as a roundtrip ticket.But not any more. Makes for a really flexible schedule, depending on the carrier(s). I hear what you say about arrival times. Arriving back in the Uk in the evening and having to get home at that time is not only tiring/tiresome but also depressing as hell! Arriving in BKK early afternoon or anytime in the morning is best for me. I like arriving in the morning because chances are I'm going north to Chiang Rai/Chiang Mai or south to Hua Hin.And can still arrive at my final destination with some of the day remaining.
  11. katana57

    New UK Airline coming soon

    I'm well interested in this.Especially if they fly Manchester to BKK(Or anywhere in Thailand) I think it will take time to get going. I sent them an email about routes and I'm waiting for a reply.
  12. katana57

    Airline prices

    Just looking at Skyscanner for prices in November,EVA seems to have the cheapest direct flight to BKK at 575GBP.From that it goes up to 697GBP for Thai Airways flights. Finnair has some good deals for a one stop flight at 450GBP.But a transfer and more time on the plane.Might be an idea to click on the "Get Price Alerts" button,if you haven't already done so. Obviously prices will vary depending on the dates you can fly,and Friday Saturday and Sunday will be more expensive.Wednesday and Thursday always seem to be the cheaper days to fly. Disappointed to hear that Etihad wasn't a good experience.I was thinking of using them for my next flight.What went wrong with the Etihad flights?
  13. katana57

    Hotel location

    Soi 11 is a great location to stay.Right between Soi 7 and Soi 4,and near to the BTS station. Also, if you want a shortcut to Soi 13 you just go through the carpark at the Ambassador Hotel and it takes you to Soi 13. (Some excellent Indian Restaurants on Soi13,and cheap laundry services!)
  14. katana57

    Hotel location

    Fair question,and gets asked a lot. How far will I have to walk back at the end of the night? I always recommend to watch this Youtuber's vids. on the Sukhumvit sois . You can see the real distance you'll have to walk from Sukhumvit to your hotel in real life. Soi 29 on this vid: Soi 11:
  15. katana57

    Some Recommendations Please

    Regarding the chiropractor ....Looked into it a bit back but never went.This Dr had some good reviews: https://www.drsambangkok.com