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    Dentist recommendations please

    I can also report I got a great cleaning at Bangkok Smile in Asok earlier this month. Two things I particularly liked 1) on the telephone to make the appointment they quoted me 1,200-1,500 thb, dependent on how much work the hygienist decided she needed to do once she looked at my gnashers. Having accepted the quote I fully expected that once I turned up they’d charge me the full 1,500 - but no, when the hygienist/dentist took a look in person, she told me 1,300, which we settled on, before she started the cleaning. 2) I specified I only wanted a clean and not a dental check-up - but when the work was finished the hygienist/dentist said she’d checked my teeth at the same time and no cavities/no work to be done. I can only assume that if in fact I did have a problem needing dental work, she would have told me. So in effect - a free check-up thrown in with the high quality clean. I will definitely be going back.
  2. BangkokBacchanalian

    Dentist recommendations please

    Thanks for that.
  3. BangkokBacchanalian

    Dentist recommendations please

    Hi all @Mark22 how did you get on with this, and any further feedback for us ? A slight twist on your question : I am looking for a decent dental hygienist in Bangkok - ie it’s a good clean I need, not a dental check-up or dental work … do you or any one else here have any tips for that ? With thanks in advance
  4. BangkokBacchanalian

    Sukhumvit nightclubs

    Levels is still fancy. Mrs BB insisted we go a couple of months ago, basically she wanted to post it on her socials. It was a midweek night if I remember rightly. She was allowed in - but only if we took a table and bought a bottle. Didn’t spot any other obvious LB’s in the place to be honest. Would be interested to hear from other BM’s the current LB door policy at Sugar - having to get a bottle of spirits just to get into a place isn’t my definition of a top night out tbh,