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  1. whiteshirt

    Thai Airways BAD Customer Service

    Just a drama you don’t need after cancelling your trip mate … hope you can get back soon
  2. whiteshirt

    Bangkok Travel Warning!

    I got 100 baht on they spotted BM longjohn …
  3. whiteshirt

    Guest Friendly Hotels In Bangkok

    Always book a room for two Ross it’s the same price usually anyway , 99.9% of rooms are for 2 people even tho you usually check in alone mate
  4. whiteshirt

    Aloft Soi 11

    25 nights nice one !! You will be on first name terms with the staff !! …waking up too that view will be a pleasure mate , enjoy your holiday CV
  5. whiteshirt

    Cheapish , but ok hotel between sois 7 and 11

    Did Luna not do your laundry stud muffin ?
  6. whiteshirt

    Bangkok Travel Warning!

    Love- pants will be ‘knockin’ one out’ to that photo , he loves a dinner lady
  7. whiteshirt

    Bangkok Travel Warning!

    Thanks for the heads up mate … just cancelled my next trip , going to Benidorm instead
  8. whiteshirt

    Onward ticket?

    Bm limirl over on the pattaya forum has a thread on it recently might be worth a look Knobby
  9. whiteshirt

    Dynasty inn soi 4

    Haha … uk Thailand in June /July £800 ish mate
  10. whiteshirt

    Aloft Soi 11

    Storage is always crap on these new builds , thank you for the review , I usually tell the maid to remove the mini bar mate , enjoy your holiday
  11. whiteshirt

    AIRA Bangkok Hotel

    Sounds perfect for mongering , but read booking.com reviews first would be my advice
  12. Bm Ari is spot on , this lady( pattaya based ) opened my bank account last year as a non resident for me , She does all the paperwork / legwork with the bank and immigration etc etc , and is a mine of information …
  13. whiteshirt

    Expat Health Insurance Recommendations

    “My expat budget “ thread seems to have some posts but with a search of insurance it is mostly covid crap , PM any of the long time members Petesie, Jimbo , Kwan, Young one all top blokes that would advise you mate
  14. whiteshirt

    Expat Health Insurance Recommendations

    I will have a look for you ..
  15. whiteshirt

    Expat Health Insurance Recommendations

    There’s a thread on this on pattaya forum if your a member Rocco