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  1. whiteshirt

    The Landmark

    Haha love it .. I always give them a visual as I walk past … just pop me hand down the back of pants and give the sheriffs badge a scratch and adjust your undercrackers apologies steely for going ot… back too the landmark
  2. whiteshirt

    The Landmark

    Stay at the Nana hotel .. you get a dirty look if you don’t bring one back with her bollox/arse hanging out the bottom of her dress
  3. whiteshirt

    The Landmark

    I just new it would have been you Nick haha …
  4. whiteshirt


    Royal Jordanian any good ?
  5. whiteshirt


    It’s a Shocker LJ …I thought it would have calmed down a bit since the world started getting back to some thing like normal ish … I have a flight that I watching for November it’s all over the shop … £115 up one day £2 down the next … let’s hope it’s not the new norm eh !
  6. whiteshirt

    Immigration queues BKK?

    Brilliant .. Pattaya is home ?
  7. whiteshirt

    Best hotel in Bangkok if money is no issue.

    Fantastic room /hotel Syd …the moaning “ how much “ brigade will be along shortly , brace yourself 5555
  8. whiteshirt

    Immigration queues BKK?

    Thanks Eric …it was 4 hours before flight in my notification email here in uk with emirates for check in in December , 3 hours is normal for most of us I think
  9. whiteshirt

    Immigration queues BKK?

    Anyone else been in or out the last 2 weeks all calming down or still a scrum ?
  10. whiteshirt

    Mercure Soi 11 Review

    Have a great trip Mr G …
  11. whiteshirt

    Heaven @ 4

    From what I remember a good few years back , Metal steps up to rooms( klip klop high heels all night ) and Indian owned, gobby girls in the bar , noise in corridors was awful, and a strange smell through out everywhere … it came off booking .com for some reason , not sure if it’s still on Agoda , rooms where old and tired 5 years ago .. dunno if it’s changed anyone stayed recently ?
  12. whiteshirt

    Mercure Soi 11 Review

    You should send this review to the hotel sir , it’s is exceptional they probably use it somehow and give you a nice upgrade , thank you very much Bwana
  13. whiteshirt

    45+ 30 day extension

    My 45 day stamp said 15 January I left swampy on that day no problems mate
  14. whiteshirt

    Best Hotel with Balcony & Pool Bar

    Galleria soi 10 , 5 mins walk to check in bar over the road from Cindys and 10 minutes from NP … pool on the roof .. check in bar girls on first name terms with reception 555
  15. whiteshirt

    Travel Cost and Accomadation Q4 2022

    Flight price was double what I normally pay , Galleria soi10 which is 5 mins walk too CIB was cheaper by a couple of quid, great hotel , lady prices equal or less than pre covid £60/70 for a st shag of a hot little fuck stick on legs .. still the best country on the planet