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  1. whiteshirt

    Best Hotel with Balcony & Pool Bar

    Galleria soi 10 , 5 mins walk to check in bar over the road from Cindys and 10 minutes from NP … pool on the roof .. check in bar girls on first name terms with reception 555
  2. whiteshirt

    Travel Cost and Accomadation Q4 2022

    Flight price was double what I normally pay , Galleria soi10 which is 5 mins walk too CIB was cheaper by a couple of quid, great hotel , lady prices equal or less than pre covid £60/70 for a st shag of a hot little fuck stick on legs .. still the best country on the planet
  3. whiteshirt


    Galleria soi 10 fully booked ?
  4. whiteshirt

    Hotels with large bedside mirrors

    loved the mirror at ever rich hotel too...but sadly no more
  5. Had a wander through on my last trip , tree roots are a bit tricky down the bottom , but cool place , wandered out of checkin bar one evening stood by the fence opposite cozy at ten , and surprised to see a bloke carving a chicken on an old table and his mate stood next too him having a piss against a kiosk , needless too say I didn’t eat there , but nice atmosphere too the place
  6. whiteshirt

    Arriving In Bkk And Need Taxi?

    is it still okay to get taxi from departures anyone have up to date info please
  7. whiteshirt

    Accor Grand Sukhumvit (Formerly Sofitel)

    I e.mailed them to try blag an upgrade ,told them it was a special holiday and i was a keen photographer and wanted to photograph the city view 5555555,they promised me a "lovely room on one of the higher floors"..does anyone know the layout did i do good....
  8. whiteshirt

    Accor Grand Sukhumvit (Formerly Sofitel)

    1 deluxe room booked woohooo.. love this forum.. special thanks to lult great knowledge you (and others) share with us newbees,saved me a several baht to put to the barfine fund,thank you mate..told them its a special holiday and to keep me a nice room ..1650 a nite,bargain, ive paid 1700 for baboona and chuffed with that..+neung for making my day love you longy timey..i do review for you guys
  9. whiteshirt

    Accor Grand Sukhumvit (Formerly Sofitel)

    Sounds fantastic..first time bkk for me.. is it okay for lb newbees and first timers.great find lult thank you..i gonna book it
  10. whiteshirt

    BTS Skytrain open to Suvarnabhumi?

    you sir ..are a gentleman...precise instructions even a newbee could understand thanks..and by saying "high-way meter krap" the driver wont smell fresh meat i take it..plus one from me cheers...i do the sky-train next trip
  11. whiteshirt

    BTS Skytrain open to Suvarnabhumi?

    sorry mate newbee here...where will he drop you if you say that.. and how much please, im stopping near nana not decided yet which hotel..thanks