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    • Yes I agree on all your points and yes I do regular tests back home. And yes, I may just go into pulse or the Red Cross this week to get some more tests done as it never hurts.   Here’s my reasoning for getting Prep in LOS:   My concern is the cost of Truvada back home is upwards of a few thousand USD per month. Thus requiring the use of medical insurance and thereby piercing the veil of anonymity.   The implication here is that on some levels this could affect access to medical insurance in the USA. One’s HR department finding about the use of Truvada due to high medical costs paid out by your employer. Less likely but definitely possible.   And having a supposed pre existing condition or being in high risk group makes you less desirable and potentially a liability in the eyes of health insurance companies in the USA. This could affect career opportunities. In an age of record keeping, I’d prefer keeping a level of anonymity.   Hence why I prefer getting some Prep/truvada/it’s equivalent from LOS seeing that I will only use it for a short period of time. Starting a few days prior to my trip to wherever I am mongering, during the trip and for several days after the trip.      
    • I know most pharmacies are lax about things like prescriptions but are they really handing out ARVs over the counter?

      I'm assuming you do test for hiv on a regular basis. If not then do yourself a favour and go test. Taking Truvada on its own if you were hiv positive would be a bad mistake.

      In silom pulse, if you come armed with a couple of recent hiv tests showing you are negative and you take a quick pin prick test they will give you Truvada there and then. They will take a blood sample and email the results of your liver function test within a day. It's not exactly as rigorous as the red cross I suspect but it's better then nothing.

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    • I’ll answer my own post. Been researching the availability of truvada in LOS and there’s some really good things that I came across in the fight to prevent HIV.   Firstly, Truvada is owned by Gilead Sciences. They own a monopoly over the Prep anti viral drug. In first class countries, they’re the sole providers and creators of Truvada.   In LOS, India, elsewhere that is developing there are quite a few generic versions. Out of the goodness of their heart, Gilead does not pursue the generic versions for patent infringement.   In LOS, Truvada can be found be is upwards of 20,000 baht per month for 30 pills.   The generic versions are identical in compounds/ingredients and range anywhere from 600 baht to 1,500 baht per month.   Ricovir-Em is one such generic version created in India by the largest drug manufacturer in the world.   Teno-Em is a generic version that is created under the guidance of the Thai govt. easily available for 600 baht for the Thai masses.   There are a couple more as well.   Thailand has committed lots of money and research towards protecting its citizen against HIV.   The easiest way to access these drugs is to go to the Thai Red Cross Anonymous Clinic - close to Lumphimini Park.   I also canvassed many pharmacies in the lower Sukhumvit area and the majority don’t have Teno-em or Ricovir-em in stock but can order it and receive it with 24 hrs.   That’s how I got myself some Teno-em.      
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