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I notice some flight prices are starting to come down a little. About time as £800 for an economy ticket is just over double what it used to be. :Yuk:

Yea before people say about fuel prices etc £600 for a 1 stop flight out of London is too high.  EVA Air is now a bit cheaper than Thai Airways so am hoping those two airlines drop their prices a little more. 

I am looking to book my second 2022 trip in November and I tell ya now, I ain't gonna be using Ethiad that's definite. My first trip in April was horrible (I thought) :NoNoTutTut:

KLM put up some better prices at first glance. But when you go into the prices a bit more the first price you see is for hand luggage only. When you then add luggage the price aint so good.:wacko: 


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Im planning a trip aswell in november, traveling from Scandinavia. Prices is throu the roof and so is the total time of travel due to closed airspace over russia and ukraine. I check prices constantly but my best bet is to wait around 60 days before going to place my bookings, as I bin told the 60 days is a key factor, or it used to be back in the days..... I gues all bets are off now these days.


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Just looking at Skyscanner for prices in November,EVA seems to have the cheapest direct flight to BKK at 575GBP.From that it goes up to 697GBP for Thai Airways flights.

Finnair has some good deals for a one stop flight at 450GBP.But a transfer and more time on the plane.Might be an idea to click on the "Get Price Alerts" button,if you haven't already done so.

Obviously prices will vary depending on the dates you can fly,and Friday Saturday and Sunday will be more expensive.Wednesday and Thursday always seem to be the cheaper days to fly.

Disappointed to hear that Etihad wasn't a good experience.I was thinking of using them for my next flight.What went wrong with the Etihad flights?

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I am looking to fly in mid-November coming out of Heathrow on a Wednesday.

Non-stop flights, so far EVA is the cheapest. 1 stop changes every time you look on Skyscanner. :blink:

Sometimes Finnair is the cheapest, other times KLM. It changes a lot. Gulf Air, Royal Jordanian, and Air France have all been the cheapest at one point.

While some prices look "better" when you go into the booking it's for carrying on bags only, no main luggage. So when you add this that price disappears real quick.:huh:

I have set up a price alert.

My situation at the moment and I would prefer a flight that gets into Bangkok before the EVA flight would land and also comes back into Heathrow.

Getting into BKK say lunchtime or mid-afternoon would be good. Coming back the EVA time of about 7 pm into LHR  is too late.  I would like to get back mid-afternoon.

If however EVA still remains the best price I may have to go with it.


As for my last flights with Ethiad.

Started out fine with me getting an upgrade to premium economy :) The good mood was soon destroyed when I got onto the plane. My seat was near the front of the premium section and I noticed the families with babies, Oh no this means screaming kids! Then about 4, fat middle eastern women all started complaining to the flight crew about their seats. They all wanted to move around to sit together. One stewardess would say yes, then another would come along a minute later and say no. This carried on for a while with musical chairs and also families with drying babies moving around. This also was stopping other passengers from getting on and there were a lot of pissed off people. In the end, the moaning fat women all got their way.:(

The flight crew did not have a clue.

The meal I had prebooked never happened and I ended up with some horrible food.:Yuk:

When landed in Abu Dhabi I did not like the terminal at all. No real idea why, just didn't like it. Ended up getting an over prived Burger King meal. 

Then back on the 2nd flight and this time in economy. The staff not much better, nothing like EVA or Thai staff.

Coming back once again staff rubbish and on one flight the screen did not work properly and kept cutting out every 20 seconds. 

Stop over once again rubbish. 

I just didn't like it, I was restless all the way. :(



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Sorry to hear about,and disappointed to hear about the bad experience with Etihad. I looking at flights going the opposite way,from Asia to the UK,and back via BKK.And I'm not exactly spoilt for choice(and ridiculous prices) due to the Ukraine and airspace situation.

Chances are you've already researched it: One  thing that I've found helpful on SkyScanner  is checking prices for one way tickets with different carriers.Used to be that a one way ticket was the same price as a roundtrip ticket.But not any more. Makes for a really flexible schedule, depending on the carrier(s).

I hear what you say about arrival times. Arriving back in the Uk in the evening and having to get home at that time is not only tiring/tiresome but also depressing as hell!

Arriving in BKK early afternoon or anytime in the morning is best for me. I like arriving in the morning because chances are I'm going north to Chiang Rai/Chiang Mai or south to Hua Hin.And can still arrive at my final destination with some of the day remaining.

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I did it. 

Flights booked. Prices keep going up so I did it. If they go down oh well, if they go up then all good.

My current situation means I need flights that take off and land back at Heathrow within certain times so EVA and Thai not really an option.

In the end, Cathay Pacific got my money. Taking off at 11:30 am from Heathrow is good and landing back there at 6 am is also good.




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