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  1. george1515

    Immigration queues BKK?

    I concur with Oliver as they are nothing but professional. I’ve used their services on a few occasions before the pandemic as my plane always land around past 11 pm in BKK. After a 17 hours flight, the last thing I want is to be stranded in the immigration line for over an hour or more. If anything it is worth the price to be treated like a VIP by having a young Thai woman waiting for you by holding a placard with your name right as you disembark from the plane. You are then whisked through the immigration express lane in less than 5 minutes!
  2. george1515

    Bangkok best hotel

    I concur with ipartridge regarding Nana Hotel. It’s the grand dame of all the BKK hotels. Can’t beat its location as it is located right smack in front of Nana Plaza, it has a good size pool to lounge during the day, it offers a more than decent breakfast buffet (included with room). If you were put off by its old fashioned rooms, they were renovated around 2015. Their staff are very efficient and utterly professional and believe me they have seen and heard it all so no need to fret when walking thru the lobby with two lb’s by your side. I have found memories of staying there on my first visit to the LoS and I am glad that some things like Nana Hotel never change.
  3. george1515

    Small Bluetooth Speaker

    JBL Clip 3 https://www.jbl.com/bluetooth-speakers/JBL+CLIP+3.html
  4. george1515

    So far,so good,so what?

    I might be in the minority here but I was never asked or told either at the airport or at my hotel when checking in for my Day 1 Test and Go to upload the Morchana app. Regardless throughout my trip for my own safety and the safety of others I took a few self administered ATK tests. They are readily available at 7/11 and others Family Mart for 50-100 Bhts. Luckily for me and for my trip companions none of them came back positive.
  5. george1515

    So far,so good,so what?

    My 5th Day ATK test kit was handed out to me by the nurse when I took my 1st Day RT-PCR test prior to reaching my hotel. There was no further indication as to where to upload the result. Never the less I took a pic of it on said Day 5 just in case.
  6. george1515


    My room did have a full length mirror placed next to the desk. I didn’t mind it at all as I was able to ogle Ice (ex CIB) from all angles thanks to its placement in the room.
  7. george1515


    Yes thankfully. Ibis Styles is closer to Why Not Bar and Ibis 4 is closer to Chaos 9. Like you said not far at all from each other.
  8. george1515


    So they are two Ibis hotels on Soi 4! Who knew? Glad I got dropped off at the correct one though.
  9. george1515


    I am not sure as It was my first stay at Ibis Styles. Per a review of the hotel below it opened in 2018: Ibis styles Sukhumvit 4 Bangkok opened in October 2018 which makes it one of the newest hotels in Bangkok city. Hotel is part of Accor hotel’s “two-in-one hotel concept” which means that there is also another hotel in the same building (in this case Novotel Sukhumvit 4 Bangkok). They have a small infinity pool on the rooftop but it is decent enough to chill and catch some sun in the daytime.
  10. george1515


    No swimming pool to relax during the day sadly. Ibis on Soi 4 does have a rooftop pool and is closer to the action.
  11. george1515


    They appear right on cue at sundown. Some great lookers too I might add!
  12. george1515


    I concur with Rodrigo. I have nothing but praise for S15 as I stayed there for 5 days while in BKK. A nice little boutique hotel right in the midst of the action on Sukhumvit.