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  1. Im not an advanced member but I find the public info to be quite handy still
  2. prebss

    Citrus Suites Sukhumvit Soi 13

    Will report from Citrus soi 6 when I check in next week:-D
  3. Just canceled my room at Ibis and went across the road to Citrus and their premier suite. Ended up with same price tag as Ibis.
  4. Well I did not recognize her from CIB thread so maybe some other bar along the Sukhumvit road from soi 4 to 22 maybe?? But again that is a fair bit of road so it all depends how much of a runner she is:-D
  5. So to sum it up she is working in a bar within a radius of 3 minute walk from Soi 10 and Artbox?
  6. Wow, she was truly stunning! Do you mind me asking who she is??
  7. Thanks lads. Room is now BOOKED!!! I just love the excitement when puzzle falls togheter and trip to Los is closing for every day going by.
  8. Stayed in Pachara Suites 2 years ago and loved the location. Thinking about traying the Ibis styles in the same builing as Novotel (more pricy) Anyone stayed here?? Read sine rumors about pit-Hole from Chaos 9 has moved to junction soi 4/6 just outside the Ibis Styles Thanks in advance