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  1. pennybridge


    I'm sure they are better than most european airlines. Check this review. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5o242VbsSn8
  2. pennybridge


    Not sure where in the world you guys fly from, but it also depends how flexible you are. Mondays and tuesdays are usually the cheapest days to fly on. Example, Stockholm to Bangkok. November 6 to November 20 is 570 usd with Royal Jordanian. (June to August are expensive months to fly from Europe)
  3. pennybridge

    Return flight needed to enter Thailand

    I've used it myself in the past. Its a legit ticket with assigned pnr. i would highly recommend in a case like this.
  4. pennybridge

    Is The Landmark Hotel Club access worth it?

    In my opinion, i rather put the extra money on a larger room. I stayed in the club room during month of june for a few days. Not sure if they have improved it now. View from the lounge is nothing special. Food, or rather snack options are just average. Drink menu is very limited. The service from the staff is really good though.
  5. pennybridge

    Travel Cost and Accomadation Q4 2022

    I've noticed many hotels have increased their prices. Was going to stay at Aloft or Mercure but for me it's not really worth what im getting for the money. There are still some hotels with good prices. Few examples Galleria 10 and Hotel Solo at soi 2. I'm sure there are others to find with good value for money. When it comes to flights i'm happy to have saved up a bunch of Avios and Eurobonus that i've used on my next trip. So i don't really pay too much.
  6. pennybridge

    Bangkok best hotel

    I was a little bit dissapointed with Landmark during my stay, maybe the fact that i think the executive lounge was a big joke. I did like the rooms at Mercure soi 11 more, just opposite of Cindys. Aloft is decent as well. Personally i would pick Mercure or Aloft instead of Landmark on my next visit. I understand they have their policies when it comes to early check in or late check out. At Aloft i arrived 7 hours before check in because of early flight. They didnt have any problem to find me a room, plus they also gave me a free upgrade for no extra charge. While on the other hand, Landmark i asked for late check out (3 hours later than my check out time). They were going to charge me for a half day extra for late check out.
  7. pennybridge

    Airline prices

    What dates are you flying? Maybe try different routing. If i check some random dates in november from Stockholm to Bangkok its 600gbp with return flight. I know it's easier when you can be flexible. Cheapest option from scandinavia seems to be Finnair, followed by Thai airways. Same dates from London around 730 gbp. Eva air slightly cheaper than Finnair. I still have a lot of frequent flyer miles with SAS to use on star alliance tickets. On my last trip all i had to pay for award ticket was 50k Eurobonus (2-4-1 amex voucher) plus 90gbp in taxes. I do think there will be a devaluation coming though, so if people are sitting on a lot of points with whichever airline or amex membership reward i think its time to use them. Considering current prices on economy tickets i dont see any problem booking such with award tickets.
  8. I know we are probably very few. If someone like it as much as i do, or is eager to try i could highly recommend Lola's Kitchen. Located closed to sukhumvit soi 49. In the picture. Lumpiang shanghai, lechon paksiw, pork sisig & lechon kawali. Masarap!
  9. pennybridge

    Guest Friendly Hotels In Bangkok

    @ARI23Is that hottie included in the room? i usually dont wake up in time for breakfast anyway, so im fine with that.
  10. pennybridge

    Guest Friendly Hotels In Bangkok

    Walked past citrus suites when going to analisa massage the other day. It looks really nice, and the street is ok. I checked the prices online for the bigger rooms, seems like great value for the money. Will give it a try on my next visit.
  11. pennybridge


    I stayed there 2 years ago, also 7 years ago. I usually never eat any breakfast as its too early. I tend to be back in the room very late, so breakfast is not an issue. I know the pool isnt the greatest, but its good for an hour or two to relax during the day. I agree abut the music in the elevator, haha its a disaster hearing same song on repeat. Before i used the club room, with the extras it came with. Not really worth it though since the hotel doesnt have a lounge. But the service was excellent in the rooftop bar. I actually haven't tried the hamburger, so i have to do it next time!
  12. pennybridge


    I stayed at Galleria for a week a few weeks ago and am now at S15 in a junior suite. Not much of a price difference. Galleria has an unused quiet pool. S15 has none. I am loving the S15. Obviously not as quiet but I'm fine with the rumbles of Sukhumvit. Has an outdoor bar on the street you can sit in evening - great for people watching. I'd come back here again. The Movenpick up the street was recommended to me by a certain LB. I checked it out and it looks good too, depending on rate you can wrangle on Agoda. S15 looks great, might give it a try as well. I do prefer a hotel with a pool. S15 looks promising though with great location. I got a good deal on Agoda at Galleria 10. Deluxe Chill Room, 820 baht/night (maybe its the normal rate?). Only staying 2 nights there though before i go to Pattaya.
  13. pennybridge


    Late reply, but i e-mailed them yesterday and got this reply: Dear Khun pennybridge Greeting From Galleria 10 Bangkok Hotel, Central Reservation Office Thank you for your kind email. In regard to your query, The Galleria 10 hotel is reopening from 10th May onwards and our booking engine will be live on the same date as well. I can help with the room rates and assist in making bookings. Could you kind advise the specific date check in and check out by return. Then, I will offer the special rate accordingly. Should you kind more information please do not hesitate to contact us. Best Regards,
  14. pennybridge

    Chiang Rai

    Thanks a lot for the input guys. I guess i will reconsider the day trip, i wish i had longer time in Thailand.
  15. pennybridge

    Chiang Rai

    Has anyone done a day trip to Chiang Rai from Bangkok? I'll travel to Thailand next month, and i always wanted to see wat rong khun (white temple). I saw prices on flights are extremely cheap, and a round trip is like 30-40usd from Bangkok. I'm not really interested in seeing anything else in Chiang Rai. Maybe im missing something else? Would it be possible to get a taxi straight from the airport to temple and then back to the airport? How many hours would i need? If there are other things that are a must to see or do while in Chiang Rai i could stretch it maybe to staying a night. I only stay 3 weeks in Thailand. 1 week for Bangkok, 4-5 days Pattaya. The rest i havent figured out yet. Maybe few days in Koh Samui or Koh Samet. That's why i don't want to spend too much time in Chiang Rai, unless there is something else i really should do or see when im there. All input is highly appreciated.