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  1. pennybridge

    Guest Friendly Hotels In Bangkok

    Thanks a lot for your input oliver17, really appreciate it.
  2. pennybridge

    Guest Friendly Hotels In Bangkok

    I will be in Bangkok dec 23 to dec 28. I'm really struggling to choose a hotel. I've stayed in Galleria 10 before with club benefits which i really liked. This time i'm choosing between Galleria 10, The Landmark, Doubletree (Soi 2) or Adelphi suites. I just can't decide. What i didnt like with Galleria 10 was the distance to Nana (well 10 minutes walk is not bad, but when being drunk it feels very far), i also didnt like that the elevators was just very near the reception. The less walk of shame effect the better. Does anyone have any other recommendations? My budget is maximum 6 000 thb per night. I would prefer a hotel with late check out option. My flight from Bangkok is dec 28 very late evening.