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  1. thanks but I pay a small amount to renew my retirement visa each year, sometimes it's a work permit - an agent gets my 90-day reports stamped for free - no need to leave the country. I walked into Bangkok Bank 2 weeks ago, they gave me a new a/c just by seeing my tourist visa. So basically I'm paying 60-65k over the 5 years and life is dandy. - but if you're under 50 or can't find a way to stay, I can see why people would pay that much. In special circumstances, sure.
  2. I've read that this elite visa is just a glorified tourist visa with no extra benefits - but if you've got the dosh, good luck
  3. 4skin

    Hiv In Ladyboy Scene

    possibly but I doubt such a responsible group would throw about wild statistics like that willy-nilly. They struck me as being dedicated to spreading good advice about how to stay healthy and were very well informed about the current state of HIV, STDs and how to avoid getting sick I wonder if what they really meant was that 35% of those tested were HIV+ ? that would make more sense - but it would still be a frightening stat
  4. 4skin

    Hiv In Ladyboy Scene

    are you a member of the sister forum? That's a shocking stat, might generate an interesting thread there too
  5. 4skin

    Hiv In Ladyboy Scene

    You still working out of Buakhao? Sent from my RMX1851 using Tapatalk
  6. 4skin

    Legendary pharmacy closes, what now?

    cheers mate, we all now have several options in that area
  7. 4skin

    Legendary pharmacy closes, what now?

    cheers! I was in that Foodland last night, will return 2moro
  8. 4skin

    Legendary pharmacy closes, what now?

    thanks - to be clear, I know many places sell these things at the same price. I just want to go to a place that sells the real thing, not fakes! so have you been to the places you mentioned and can you vouch for them?
  9. as someone mentioned here recently, the pharmacy well known to farang for 30+ years at the Sukhumvit/Soi 4 corner (b 7-11) has shut down few foreigners who've ventured to Nana Plaza down the years wouldn't have known about it I liked it cos their charges for Viagra/Cialis were reasonable and you could trust what they sold wasn't fake can someone recommend where to go instead?
  10. 4skin

    Current STD clinics

    I can't speak from experience about this place but they're expensive I can vouch for the Pulse - good service, market leaders in STDs, I would say
  11. Haven't had that problem cos I've had an a/c for ages but I have had trouble sending messages on my laptop. When I use my phone app instead all is fine. Maybe try using the TF app? Sent from my SM-G610F using Tapatalk