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  1. Terminal

    Ambassador Hotel Sukhumvit

    Well, I completed my stay at the Ambassador Hotel, and I have to say, overall, it was a big disappointment. The location is good, close to a few important areas, and offers good access to the BTS. However, the first big letdown for me was the atmosphere. I didn't feel relaxed in the hotel's lobbies; it seemed more geared towards accommodating large groups. So an English guy smoking weed on the lobby steps stood out like a sore thumb. The room itself was a good size and had a small sofa and coffee table, which was a plus. However, the bathroom was terrible. The extractor fan was loud and made the entire ceiling vibrate. The shower head was fixed and sprayed water everywhere. I managed to address this issue by cleaning the head with a dental kit, but the lack of a detachable head was not appealing to the ladies, if you catch my drift. On my final night, the toilet malfunctioned; the flush wouldn't stop, and it took maintenance hours to come and fix it. So, I had one extra day in Bangkok and was determined to free myself from the Ambassador. I tried booking a room at Hotel Eleven, but unfortunately, they had no rooms available. Nonetheless, I did have a good look around, and it seemed much better, with a tucked-away location. In the end, I returned to my old faithful, Dynasty Inn, for my final night. Thanks for the recommendation of Hotel eleven, I will book it next time.
  2. Markm

    Air China

    Ever heard of the saying crash test dummies. Aeroflot , any thing Chinese . And that’s what you are. My flight into Singapore in singair was delayed because of a china air caught fire just before take off. No way get fucked fuck off would I fly Chinese . But I was looking fwd to your flight report lol
  3. jaredblanc

    Air China

    Yeah, agreed. Airlines are making so much profit over a huge uptake in travel and they're milking money with what they're charging for flights. Thai Airways re-scheduled my flight from Singapore to Bangkok on Christmas Eve and unfortunately that re-scheduled flight wouldn't had worked for me as I'd miss the flight once I arrive in Singapore. So I have to take a later flight (so stuck in Singapore for a bit longer) so instead of arriving at 6pm on Christmas Eve, I arrive at 10.30pm in the evening. It wasn't my plan to arrive in Bangkok too late in the evening for the Christmas parties. Not as bad as Knobby's experience with Air China though.
  4. whiteshirt

    Expat Health Insurance Recommendations

    “My expat budget “ thread seems to have some posts but with a search of insurance it is mostly covid crap , PM any of the long time members Petesie, Jimbo , Kwan, Young one all top blokes that would advise you mate
  5. Knobby

    Air China

    I have seen mixed reviews about the airline. Mind you I have used Cathay Pacific & Ethiad and while I didn't totally "hate" each of those flights I was very underwhelmed with the experiences. I am not expecting perfection, 5kg carry-on limit, maybe not the best meals and maybe the screen won't work (so I read) I can get around these factors, Get snacks to take on at the airport, take my laptop with movies loaded and kindle and do the neck pillow work around ( take out the stuffing and fill it with things like socks and t-shirts)
  6. Bimale75

    Best hotel in Bangkok if money is no issue.

    Last time I was in bkk with work. I stayed here and loved it. Bit far from the action though not massively expensive (if money is no object) around gbp300 a night Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok https://www.kempinski.com/en/siam-hotel
  7. Bwana_LB

    Best hotel in Bangkok if money is no issue.

    If money is literally no issue (nor is location), my neighbors (a very, very wealthy Thai couple) INSIST that the only choice is the Capella Bangkok, located on the river. Most of the truly exceptional 5-star hotels are on the riverfront (the Mandarin Oriental, the Peninsula, the Siam). My neighbors put me up at the Capella when I came out for their youngest daughter's wedding. It was spectacular, but a miserable location for bringing back LBs. I think even the most brazen of us would feel uncomfortable bring a LB in through their lobby. I've stayed at the JW Marriott many times (used to have a great govt. rate). It's fine, and the location is great, but the rooms are nothing special. I think the rooms at the Hyatt Regency are actually nicer. I'm perfectly comfortable with "lesser" accommodations now, and my go-to place is the Mercure Soi 11.
  8. Rocco

    Air China

    Based on 20+ years of flying worldwide while I was still working, I can safely say there are no bigger pigs on a plane than Chinese people. Use Air China at your own risk! The comment about hacking and spitting are spot on.