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  1. hkaus72

    Ladyboy outcall massage wanted

    I actually contacted Emma back in mid-Jan when I was in BKK. Asked if she was available for massage and made it known I was actually on the ground in BKK for a few days. Never got even a hint of a reply from her, doesn't look like she ever read it. Pity, she looks good.
  2. Had the same issue for a couple of weeks, except mine is stuck on expanded, I can’t switch to condensed
  3. hkaus72

    Samed Cabana Resort, Koh Samet

    Ahh yes fluorescent, got it. Like you, I don't see the attraction, even as a kid I never really got into the fluoro zinc. Mainly cause that shit got everywhere and was a bugger to get off.
  4. hkaus72

    Samed Cabana Resort, Koh Samet

    Nice report SAGuy, cheers. effervescent paint? Like, it was fizzing? That is bizarre. mosquito coils I know, but what are mosquito mars? I’ve never heard of these. Similar to fly paper?
  5. hkaus72

    S15 Hotel, Sukhumvit Soi 15

    Hahahah I had something similar a few months ago at Radisson Blu. I was waiting for a guest to arrive and I'd been fcking around with notes in my pocket and then placed the payment in the bedside table for later. I'd intended to get some extra towels and took B100 out of my wallet and shoved that in my pocket as a tip for the cleaning lady. Then I locked away all my valuables in the room safe. Anyway, I asked for the towels, minute or so later there's a knock at the door, I accept the towels, I then pass the cleaning lady the folded up tip. Her eyes go as wide as dinner plates, which I thought was weird, but just shrugged it off. I had a hard cock due to arrive soon, so had other things on my mind. Guest arrives, deed done, make payment, guest leaves. I'm standing there looking at the tv, slip my hand in my shorts pocket, pull out my B100 tip for the cleaning lady. I'm very confused at this point, "Why do I still have B100 in my pocket?", I say to myself. Go to the safe, grab my wallet and quickly realised I'd palmed her B1,000........and immediately her surprised face popped into my head. I had a good chuckle about it, what can you do? Nothing, just learn from you rsilly error. She was obviously extremely grateful for the large tip, as when I came back to my room after lunch the following day I discovered that she'd left me 14 bottles of water!! Again lots of chuckles.
  6. hkaus72

    Mimi (african lb) bkk

    I think I remember that one. Had a proper job as well? And was really difficult to meet up with mainly because I think she wasn’t really into it and was more looking for a boyfriend or just a release. Anyway, I never did manage to meet up with her
  7. hkaus72

    Any feedback about Zoe ?

    Wrong girl, that’s not Zoe. That’s Lookme/Mimi, ex-Charades.
  8. hkaus72

    Mimi (african lb) bkk

    Have been with her before, number of years ago now. She was pleasant enough, but nothing to write home about. Couldn’t figure out if she was shy or just disinterested.
  9. hkaus72

    Landmark Hotel (Updated 11/2014)

    Not saying that prices now (high season) are higher than prices 6 months ago (low season), thats a fairly obvious phenomenon. Im saying on average prices at this hotel have generally increased. 50% reduction between high and low season at Landmark Bangkok? I need to start booking on whatever service you are using!
  10. hkaus72

    Landmark Hotel (Updated 11/2014)

    Rates at The Landmark have definitely increased in the last 6-12 mths. I guess they've no finished all the renovations and they seem to be busy enough, so I guess why not. Personally I've switched to Radisson Blu.
  11. hkaus72

    Any feedback about Zoe ?

    Ha sorry, thought the tongue firmly-planted-in-cheek was obvious.
  12. hkaus72

    Any feedback about Zoe ?

    Standard fare for LBs in HK usually 1500. I have had a few quote 3000 and hold firm at that level. Far too rich for my blood! Id much rather save my cash in HK, take a quick long weekend to BKK or Pattaya, and make the most of my time there.
  13. hkaus72

    Any feedback about Zoe ?

    Currently in HK, asking and likely getting H$2000 (U$260 / THB8,500). At those rates 5000 in BKK seems like a steal!!! 😐
  14. hkaus72

    Any feedback about Zoe ?

    No, that's Lookme who works in Charades, different girl from Zoe.
  15. hkaus72

    Mistress Bianca in Bangkok

    Great girl, dick is as hard as a rock and stays that way. Not 7" though, probably more like 5"