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  2. OneTrueSaxon

    Hanrahans Bar soi 4 Bangkok

    Last time I was there, was with you for breakfast before catching my plane back to the UK
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  4. Isn't Hanrahans now Fitzgeralds???
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  6. I also like going to Bully's pub once in a while. Particularly after a walk in the heat it's a great place for a cold beer in an air conditioned room. Apart from the usual pub grub, they also serve some quite good local Thai dishes, such as Panang curry with beef for 165B. Khao suay (pretty white rice) +35B. Excellent WiFi signal and some old fashioned paper newspapers are available for free. Of course they have also several large tellies where you can watch soccer. http://www.bullys-bangkok.com/about_us.php
  7. grego

    Server issues

    Hi I know there are server issues. My trip report updates seem invisible and no likes. No one likes me. Haha
  8. Thanks

    Guest friendly hotel Huay Kwang

    Have you looked at the Emerald hotel already? Should be +/- 50 USD. In walking distance from the HK MRT station. Don't know if they have rooms with balcony though...
  9. Thanks

    Hotel Icon Bangkok?

    I'm not sure what the reason for the price difference in my particular case was. I suspect however, that the hotel's revenue management system predicted 100% occupancy for my specific travel dates and automatically increased rates to optimize RevPAR. The hotel indeed seemed to be full when I arrived by the way... I also suspect that rates were either not automatically correspondingly increased on the zenhotels.com site or that they sell unused contingents or quota from travel agents and other consolidators that get lower than BAR (or even agency rates) than the two big online travel site groups Expedia on the one hand (with their brands hotels.com, Orbitz, Travelocity, trivago...) and the (former) Priceline group (with their Agoda, booking.com, kayak, momondo... brands). Also sometimes hotels simply want you to book through the big online travel sites (OTS). The more bookings an OTS is getting for a specific hotel, the more likely it is that the hotel will appear further up on their search results list. And the higher up on the list a hotel appears, the more people will book the hotel... It is located very close to the (former) Majestic Grande hotel, around the corner from where Annie's BJ bar used to be, near the cut-through to the Hillary bars on Soi 4. Getting from the Icon to the Marriott or the Ploenchit center on Sukhumvit will take about 5 minutes on foot. But the hotel also has a free on-request shuttle service to Sukhumvit. They stop by the Ploenchit center. Ploenchit BTS station is about 500 meters from the hotel. http://www.hoteliconbangkok.com/m/location.php Yes Taas. Also two bottles of water are free of charge every day. The Icon is also only 10 minutes away from Chaos 9 ladyboy lounge (their sign says Chaos 9 food & drink...):
  10. SAGuy

    Hotel Icon Bangkok?

    Thanks thanks for the detailed hotel review which was very good. 2 comments and a question: Very often hotels will have silly pricing policies, like the one you describe, where their rack rate is more expensive than via booking portal, for which they have to pay a 10-15% commission. Daft but true. Citadines is more sophisticated and so you will tend to get a better deal if booked directly, but that's not the case with many other chains. I always try agoda, booking.com and then directly and compare the rates that are offered. Just be careful that they are all apples to apples and include the ++ charges. In the third world and Spain, its always prudent to knock off 1 star from what they claim they are. Obviously this doesn't apply to the big Western chains such as Marriott or Sheraton etc. The question is how far down soi 2 is the Icon? is it close to Sukhumvit or a forced march to get to the main street? The pictures definitely look good and your room seemed to be in very good condition. Cheers SAG
  11. taaseesanuk

    Hotel Icon Bangkok?

    Looks pretty good value Thanks, I presume the tea and coffee is complimentary? You have done some fantastic reporting for the forum by the way, do you have much more time there left?
  12. Thanks

    Hotel Icon Bangkok?

    I've recently stayed for two nights at the Icon on Sukhumvit Soi 2. As usual I first checked the hotel's own website for promotions and deals and then compared it to some hotel reservation sites such as Agoda and Expedia. To my surprise, the best deal I could find wasn't available on the hotel's own site but on zenhotels.com. Price for a "superior" (standard) room w/o breakfast was 2100B including taxes. Officially a **** hotel, it looked more like a very good *** hotel. Anyway... doesn't really matter... The hotel has opened I think in 2014 and still looks and feels rather new. There's some minor wear and tear here and there but overall it's okay. A little bit of mold in the shower cubicle but really nothing dramatic. Reception / check-in was friendly and quick. I didn't get the desired upper floor room but instead a quiet second floor room away from the street. One of the front desk ladies is a ladyboy! There are two elevators (lifts). No key cards necessary! There's a 24 h security guard so when bringing back a girl he'll ask you to register her. Definitely no joiner fee for the first girl. I think they said they charged for the second girl - but am not sure. BM Madchild mentioned 800B for the second guest in a previous post. The room was bright and looked very nice to me. The hotel's favorite colors seem to be pink and white. I liked the large window front and the natural light that came into the room. Didn't watch TV so don't know what and how many channels they have. My room had a queen size bed that was very comfortable. A bit hard perhaps but not too much so. 2 soft and 2 firm(er) pillows. Room was very clean. Housekeeping lady was very helpful but didn't speak much English. I needed an ironing board and it was quickly delivered. A 10% service charge is automatically included in all bills. The pool area on the 6th floor was too small for all the people there. A big big minus for me... At least the pool bar had some cold beer available... I didn't eat there so cannot comment on the restaurant on the ground floor. I just know that brekkie can be had from 6:30 - 10 am. WiFi very good. A/C excellent. Location was the big plus: it's just 5 or 6 minutes on foot to NEP!! When leaving the hotel, I asked for a metered taxi. The taxis that are waiting on Soi 2 however are all fixed priced taxis. So they took me and my suitcase on a golf buggy cart up to Sukhumvit. One of the hotel staff even successfully hauled me a metered taxi! That's service! For the price (2100B incl. taxes) the hotel was okay.
  13. thippy69

    New site LadyboyPlay Produce by Ladyboy Thippy69

    Im Thippy wanna ask me anythings?
  14. Thanks

    Server Maintenance

    Is it just me who has experienced technical issues with this site since Saturday or has anyone else also been affected? I've seen SQL errors and unwanted double and triple postings. Also I apparently don't see anymore when a thread has been updated... ??? Thanks :-)
  15. Gympy

    Buying SIM card after landing?

    I've found it cheaper to keep the same sim and top it up online and then just buy a data package. You can get 5GB for a week for 149 baht from DTAC which was plenty for me and I found the 4G coverage in both Bangkok and Pattaya from DTAC was excellent with very good speeds. I used it as a hotspot for my other devices (laptop and tablet) and it was perfect. There is a DTAC app for the phone which makes adding a data package and checking usage very easy and it's all in English . I've had the same "tourist" sim for 5 years now. Actually I did have to have it changed at one stage to a nano Sim when I got a newer phone and I had to visit a DTAC shop to do that where they also took my passport details as it was not required when I got the sim originally. But I kept the original number. The big advantage of keeping your number is that you don't have to reinstall Line, Wechat, whatsapp etc. I know you can transfer your IDs when you change phone number but it's much easier to keep the same number all the time.
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  17. Totally agree, I'm just not buying it, I know the Thai mentality all too well and playing or receiving a BDSM role play just isn't really their thing. The only pain they like is when the six chillies kick in when their eating somtum.
  18. Am I the only guy who thinks that SE Asian gals make utterly unconvincing BDSM enthusiasts? They always look out of place and their bored facial expressions say "What do you want me to do now, farang man?". They don't convey any sense of danger or pain whatsoever. It's just......lame. It's like the BDSM equivalent of non-alcoholic beer. What's the point of it? Same-same goes for the "lesbian" encounters at places like Eden Club.
  19. Taas you forgot to add the word 'instant' to those 2 words! SAG
  20. That sends chills down the spine! SAG
  21. Now that looks like fun, I never really thought of Thai's getting into the pleasure and pain thing...pleasure and eating is more their thing!
  22. @SAGuy & @taaseesanuk: http://www.barbarfetishclub.com Ouch...
  23. I don't know if I would count that place as a 'gem', as by the looks of it, its more of a rough stuff kind of place! SAG
  24. Thanks loves the hidden gems!
  25. Thanks I think that place would sober anyone up very fast! SAG
  26. Thanks again @taaseesanuk, but there's only one real Pong expert on this forum and that is ropey! Greetings from the Pong ... Graffiti seen opposite BadaBing Patpong
  27. One thing for sure Thanks, I bow to your expert knowledge of the Pong!
  28. Hey Taas, even the fat stray cats from "The Ramp", the little walkway one floor up from the street level "upscale" BJ bars on Patpong 2, love the fatty, luxury cockroaches in "my" spit 'n' sawdust places... Image above: Fetish bar Patpong 2
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