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Paradiso Suites near CIB

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The other day I tried to book a room at Paradiso on Soi 10 near Check In Bar on Agoda. There are no rooms available on several dates. Have they closed??


Are they remodeling? If so I hope they fix the elevator. Mardhi and I got stuck in that elevator on the same day at different times.

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I assumed it was closed. But just wanted to verify. It seems a good time to travel around Thailand and I really don't have much else to do.

It would not surprise to see a hotel taking reservations through Agoda or others when they are actually closed. 

Thanks for the info.

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I was there in Feb this year and it is being renovated. The building has been completely gutted and it looked like they were extending the hotel into the building next door as well. I'd be certain it is still going to be a hotel because I saw about 100 toilets being delivered in through the former lobby.

If you liked the locale, try Galleria10. It's only a couple of hundred meters down soi 10, quite modern and reasonably priced. Seems the girls from CIB are well known to the night staff at Galleria10. I went back three times with different LBs and the guys on reception just waived us through without asking for the LBs identification.

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