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  1. flipflops

    Bangkok During the Corona Crisis

    The PEA charges around 3.8 baht per unit in this area. Landlords often jack the rate up to 8 baht and even 10 baht. A couple of years ago a law was passed saying owners of 10 units or more could not inflate the electric/ water prices. My building has 250+ units and charges 8 baht. Must be some loophole as the same same company owns 3 other complexes as well.
  2. flipflops

    New Emoticons!

    You mean I have a reputation here? oh..let's not go there
  3. flipflops

    Antidiarrhea Medicine in Thailand OTC

    I do Imodium as well. Another Thai medicine for bad stomach / shits is activated charcoal. It absorbs anything it can in the stomach. Many hospitals use this with poison cases. Obviously you don't want to take 5 mins after your high blood pressure medicine. As has been stated diarrhea is nothing to mess with. When I use Imodium I am also preparing to see a doctor if I do not get immediate relief.
  4. flipflops

    Email Notifications

    I am still not getting email notifications of new posts that I follow. Is this an ongoing problem? Or is it just my lucky day???
  5. flipflops

    Line Messenger

    Where do you find 'other'. I have searched my app but do not find it so I must not have it.
  6. I was staying in Paradiso across Soi 10 when the workers were putting the finishing touches on this a few months ago. I went over a few nights later and was a bit bored. Maybe the vibe has gained some momentum since then. I was also alone and I'm sure this had an impact on my thinking. Nice ass the 3rd picture down ... lower right hand side.
  7. I think the camera is just above the finger print scanner.
  8. flipflops

    Free Hospitals ?

    You would get better response if you posted on https://www.reddit.com/r/Bangkok or Thaivisa Forum. (God help you if you have to post on ThaiVisa) reddit is generally a younger crowd. I suggest this because Bangkok is very big and to narrow down a hospital for you would require knowing what hospitals are in your location. You don't want to go to Bumrungrad if you are in Bang Na area. I did go to a hospital here once for something and they said they could not treat it and referred me to another hospital in the area. As has been mentioned clinics are everywhere and check with pharmacies as often times the chemist will suggest something and fix you right up.
  9. flipflops

    Getting Testosterone Levels Checked

    Most any hospital can do it. No need to go to Bumrungrad or the expensive ones. Be careful with testosterone replacement therapy as I did it for 1.5 years under a doctors care and some of my more recent health problems may well have been related to replacement therapy. My levels were 30% lower than my age range should be and the therapy increased my levels to normal for my age range.
  10. flipflops

    Rabbit card

    When I first read about this a few months back I tried to remember if the gov't asked for passports when topping up your cell phone if you had not had to show your passport to get one. All of my cell phone sims I ever got I had to show a passport from 2014 onwards. I suppose it is intrusive but I think my country does the same thing. I don't think I can get a train or bus pass in the USA without some sort of ID, though I can get on a bus or a train and pay the fare cash without ID. Same as here. As we move to a cashless society......... Next time I'm in BKK I'll top up my card and if asked I'll show them my Thai drivers license and see if that works. It probably will as the license has my passport # on it.
  11. flipflops

    MJ Kiss on ThaiFriendly

    Sometimes girls ask for money in hopes the guy on the other end will leave them alone.
  12. I think one might follow OTS, davvid and other BMs approaches. That has been to develop relationships over time. Many of the BMs here keep continuous contact with the people they meet here. On their next trip they are sure to stop in and say hello ... even if just for a dinner and not a bar fine. Part of the success many of the BMs have is because they are interested in the girl for reasons other than sex. Get to know a few girls who will take you where the action is. Then one the next trip visit that place by yourself and see if it works. Pretty soon you'll be invited to a night of Mo Lam.. then you'll know you are in.
  13. flipflops

    Server issues

    All of the work put into making this forum work is greatly appreciated.
  14. flipflops

    Phone in Thailand

    If ladyboys and other professionals have your number the phone will be fast and furious!! If you have an unlocked (to carrier) GSM phone you only need to pick up a tourist SIM card.
  15. flipflops

    Buying SIM card after landing?

    I'm not sure how the tourist sims work but regular sim accounts will stay active for a year if there is even a few baht in the account. You might try logging in to the dtac website and see if it is still active or if you know someone in Thailand who can top it up for you either online or at 7-11 that would work. dtac website is dtac.co.th