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  1. flipflops

    Rabbit card

    When I first read about this a few months back I tried to remember if the gov't asked for passports when topping up your cell phone if you had not had to show your passport to get one. All of my cell phone sims I ever got I had to show a passport from 2014 onwards. I suppose it is intrusive but I think my country does the same thing. I don't think I can get a train or bus pass in the USA without some sort of ID, though I can get on a bus or a train and pay the fare cash without ID. Same as here. As we move to a cashless society......... Next time I'm in BKK I'll top up my card and if asked I'll show them my Thai drivers license and see if that works. It probably will as the license has my passport # on it.
  2. flipflops

    MJ Kiss on ThaiFriendly

    Sometimes girls ask for money in hopes the guy on the other end will leave them alone.
  3. I think one might follow OTS, davvid and other BMs approaches. That has been to develop relationships over time. Many of the BMs here keep continuous contact with the people they meet here. On their next trip they are sure to stop in and say hello ... even if just for a dinner and not a bar fine. Part of the success many of the BMs have is because they are interested in the girl for reasons other than sex. Get to know a few girls who will take you where the action is. Then one the next trip visit that place by yourself and see if it works. Pretty soon you'll be invited to a night of Mo Lam.. then you'll know you are in.
  4. flipflops

    Server issues

    All of the work put into making this forum work is greatly appreciated.
  5. flipflops

    Phone in Thailand

    If ladyboys and other professionals have your number the phone will be fast and furious!! If you have an unlocked (to carrier) GSM phone you only need to pick up a tourist SIM card.
  6. flipflops

    Buying SIM card after landing?

    I'm not sure how the tourist sims work but regular sim accounts will stay active for a year if there is even a few baht in the account. You might try logging in to the dtac website and see if it is still active or if you know someone in Thailand who can top it up for you either online or at 7-11 that would work. dtac website is dtac.co.th
  7. flipflops


    This is a good website about kinds of different privacy tools. Depending on your viewpoint they may have picked a better poster child but the information is good. https://www.privacytools.io/
  8. flipflops

    Visa Run Question

    Yes Thaivisa Forum is the place to go. While it has a horrible signal to noise ration there are some people there who truly know their shit. If UbonJoe answers your question it is pretty much gospel. There are no set limitations in and out as far as I know. When you have several back to back they authorities begin to question how you support yourself. At times it has been advised to carry 20K baht in cash when arriving if you have several in and outs. How long do you plan on staying? Why don't you get a visa that covers the amount of time you wish stay?
  9. flipflops

    Buying SIM card after landing?

    You can get any of the cell services at the airport. I have a friend who went to 7-11 when he arrived and they didn't set the new provider correctly and he got a bill for $200 for roaming on his home account.
  10. flipflops

    Cherry in Bangkok

    I decided to take one for the team. What a F*cking disaster. She didn't answer my messages until very very late so the next morning I messaged back. She replied and we chatted. I was on my out out of town and could not meet for sex but as I was passing her way I asked if she was hungry and she said yes. I said I'd get off the BTS at her station and buy lunch just to meet but no sex. Back and forth and back and forth... I said I'll buy lunch but cannot stay for sex. Her reply was delete my Line Account and never message me again..... OK! No problem.
  11. flipflops

    Recents Stats etc on HIV Thailand

    As sobering as these statistics are .... don't forget to support ladyboy water volley ball lbwvb.com
  12. with a big enough crowd you could employ a ladyboy to serve drinks and change the videos
  13. flipflops

    Suvarnibhumi Airport lockers or storage

    Thanks. And it is located in place one would need it. Just before getting on the BTS
  14. I spoke with someone the other day who said Swampy has lockers to store your luggage in. Last I looked about 3 years ago I could not find any. Are there any available now?
  15. This is one good way to see a side of Thailand many tourists miss. The food is much better when you get off the beaten farang path. Food is a very social event for Thais. After living here 3 years I have a hard time eating farang food. I feel stuffed and bloated when I eat farang food... so they will too. It also makes them feel good to know you have an interest in Thai culture. And ask her about Thailand (if she is Thai) and Thai food.